Master Of The End Times Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Leaving for Sea City

"Mayor Qin, what a shame you have to go! Here's to hoping that we'll be able to go out like this sometime in the future!" Yang Sanhu was visibly reluctant to send Qin Feng off. After all, throughout the time Qin Feng worked alongside the Wilderness Rangers, they had surprisingly suffered zero casualties which was definitely a rare sight to behold.

The hardest pill to swallow was the fact that virtually all kills were carried out by Qin Feng alone!

While a large portion of the loot was reserved for Qin Feng, the Wilderness Rangers were still able to rake in 300 million in total, which was the same amount as what they had earned in their previous year. Though, after dividing the total sum up, the amount each ranger got was rather insignificant.

Still, Qin Feng's performance on the field earned the respect of these Wilderness Rangers.

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