Master Of The End Times Chapter 210

Chapter 210: King Class D-tier

Turns out, this was where the energy which fuelled the hollow bamboo shoots' growth originated from.

Qin Feng picked the fish scale off the floor.

The moment he made physical contact with the piece of scale, he could feel the overwhelming amount of energy that was contained within.

"King tier!"

This must have been a massive beast king.

Theoretically speaking, even if it were an aquatic creature, a beast king could survive for extended periods of time away from water. What was more, these granite walls should pose little to no resistance to its ability to pass through.

However, Qin Feng soon found the reason for this beast king's demise. Backing away, he discovered that what laid in front of him was just the tail-end of the creature's entire body.

The frontmost section of the skeleton appeared to have been crushed by something immensely powerful.

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