Marvel First Chapter 4

4 Chapter 4: Just Passing By


For you reader's what i was saying my wish was to make my own family tree. Zues + wife = great grandad Poseidon+ wife= great grandmother

great GF+ great GM= to grandmother who + Zo ' kryptonian who woke in marvel with no memories both he and his wife killed in action = my mother Sasha + Tyr Odinson = to me your mc savvy.

I see odin said. why do you use ' as your last name thor asked?.

Odinson is long i tried shortening the name to OD but sounds like a deases. Odin looked realy scary when i said that i called out my staff made it stretch i set on it ignoring him

nephew then thor said?. yes i replied you must come in. sorry nah said as i stood up opening a portal to earth " havent been on in like 6 years" the gurds tensed behind Thor and Od im going to earth for school i said as i jump in I saw Thor try to get in but i closed the portal.

that was easy nownthe house should be in Boerum Hill Brooklyn. time to go

when i walking home i might just as well tell about my powers i got all the

kryptonian powers super strength speed flight hearing heat vision cant see throw walls haven't figured it out yet


Zues i got the lightening and wind super flight strength immortality unless im killed


Poseidon l got water and i can breath under water strength immortality super healing on par with deadpool or better curse i can curse any mortals or any human with or without powers anyone below apha class 3 from the to 10 i cant curse omega i cant even think about it

from dad i got strength speend Superhuman strength, endurance, and longevity thou I'm immortal.

i also found that i was the only one who can use all the powers from all the the gods in my family my mother can use Zo ' and her mother can use water so I'ma first. @@
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