Marvel First Chapter 3

3 Chapter 3: Tittle At The Bottom

Thor laughed but he looked hurt. opps i didnt mean to but hey want can say his nothing much he looks like the original guy who played im the movies Whats his face Chris harm , holmes, herms something worth or wolthy whatever.

Who are you friend he interrupted my thoughts.

then this must be aftrr thor the movie right? i mean he looks godly dont get me wrong the pride is there but so is the humble.

so you're my uncle right?

Thor looked confused. "what nothing"

then a gate radiating power opend infront of me about 5 7 metres away. a old guy with an eye patch on his left eye walkes out looked at me stayed silent observing me and me him

so this must be odin his definitely strong alright

"who are yo..." " before he could finish i said you must be the my grandfather odin right?

who are he said his voice carrying power.

Thats intimidating sh*t i thought.

you know Father said you're an old grumpy white headed all-powerful grumpy controling old man he wasn't lying i joked trying to bring the tension done a notch.

but his eyes bore into me like his looking into my soul "who are i sense Tyr in you.

I called grandfather and you sense Tyr 2+2=4 old man

i was gonna keep talking when i felt empty looked around my back ooh shit where is it.

Zoom where are i stick my hands out and whoooosh a staff come flying towards me. "looks like the one from the monkey king.

it landed into my hand it shrank to something about the size of a pen i put it into my pockets.

like i was saying im the son the asgardian God of war Tyr " my name is Ashley Odinson '.

"where is brother? thou asked. odin kept his eye on me lol.

i dont last i seen he was going samewhere with my mother.

i sense other Goldy powers in you boy who are you i wont ask again. Father Thor tried to calm odin a bit

grumpy like the old man said i mumbled. he had me " and im waiting boy.

You know you can try to intimidate me all you want its not like you can defeat me. he glad at me then strike the grand using his spear or spear halberd or whatever.

"i wont repeat my self he said" those of you readers who wanted to know my wish hear is your chance.

like i said my name is Ashley odinson ' .

"the only son of tyr odinson and Emily ' the daughter of Zo ' and sasha the daughter of Adonis the demigod of Zues the king of the Olympians lord of the skies

and Phoebe the demigod of Poseidon God of the Sea.

Odin was quite for a bet. i decided to do a deadpool for you readers my wish for god when i reincarnated was to make my own family tree

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