Marvel First Chapter 2

2 Chapter 2: Youre Nothing Much

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Let me guess most of you are probably thinking what wish i chose well it wasnt that much i one simple to make my family tree.

2nd p pov:

It was a normal day on Asgard well as normal as it can be on a flying world were Gods are the norm.

thunder fire picked fire picked up in the skyies above a gate no more like a portal opened a boy come throw i couldn't see his face. but the aura he released.

the man flow through the skies towards the golden castle landed out side like his waiting for something...

Ashley pov.

I was actually impressed by the castle wow i thought nothing could impress me anymore. when i hear " Stay where you are dont move".

I turned to my to see sixtie to seventie gurds wearing armor holding swords, axes and spears

Who are? "me ? i said pointing at my face. yes you. who are. oooh i dont know why but ever since 14 years i go when come to this world i have been taking this slowly.

Why are u here? what do want too know how am i supposed to answer you, demigod legacy when you asking so many questions at once.

The gurd looked confused then enraged. "you think you can come here and taunt us" be was gonna go own when a guy using a hummer to fly come towards us and landed on the ground.

so you're the God of thunder you're notching much... @@
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