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  • Genres : Reincarnation -  System -  dc -  marvel -  op mc -  xmen -  acg -  haremseeking mc
  • Status : Ongoing
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Marvel Dc Harem summary:

A man has crossed over to the Marvel Universe with power to devour abilities and stabilize them. He starts to devour super powers to become the king of Marvel and to conquer the different females.Author's note:This story is Chinese which I started reading with google translations.Warnings:Do not read this story is you don't like harem. This will contain a very huge harem. The MC will catch almost all beautiful females like pokemon with very less character development so if you don't like this don't read or write a shitty review complaining about this as you have been already warned.The MC has a system whose main function is for travelling to other Movie or TV series Universe.This is just for fun or casual reading so if you are expecting serious character development please go back. It will have a lot of grammar mistakes as I am google translating this.If you are okay with all of the above you can proceed.

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