Marvel Cultivator Chapter 5

4 Plot Twis

After that for a few days all he was to do was eat, sleep and shit. There were no disturbances in life. His dad, the famous Howard Stark, never visited him again. Also his mother, Maria Stark, was same as he saw in first day. She was pale as a ghost.

Then on the faithful day arrived. His dad came to see him or that was what he thought. At morning he came to the room where Tony was sleeping with his mom. He didn't spoke to his mother. Just looked at for a second and then took the sleeping Tony from her and walked away. While they were going he heard Maria crying. He didn't looked back nor he said anything.

When Tony woke up from his sleep he realized that he was moving. When he looked up he saw his stern father. He wasn't even looking at him. Tony then looked around. What he saw was a laboratory. From what he saw it looked like a medical laboratory. His father then put him on an iron table. It was very hard. Then he came to Tony and pulled a new syringe from his pocket. He then fitted a needle at its end. All this while Tony was looking at his father with a curious expression. Then he saw his father inserting the needle into his hand and start to draw blood. At that time Tony began to cry. But Howard didn't even looked at him and pulled the needle back. Then Tony saw his father do some tests.

After sometime he saw his father looking at him with an angry face. Then he called his butler, "Jarvis, come here."

A old man came in. He asked, "What is it master?"

"Take the child and bring it to its mother. Then sent her away."

When he heard his master's order he nodded. Then took Tony in his hands and walked away. All this while his father wasn't even looking at him.

....Jarvis POV....

When I heard my master's order I can only nod at him. How can I speak anything to him at that time. I was sad. Master order me to sent Madam Maria away. It seems that their marriage have ended. I am sad. I wanted to correct my master. I wanted to tell him go not sent Madam away. But what can I do..I am only a butler.

....Someone's POV...

After some time the reached the mansion. Jarvis slowly entered it. Then he saw Maria sitting at the couch. Her eyes were red. She became more paler than what she used to be. She looked at them like a robot. Then Jarvis said, "Master told me to sent madam away."

There was a pindrop silence there at that time. Then she began to cry. But it was of joy. True she looked somewhat sad. But more than that she was happy. She took Tony in her hand. Then walked to her room to prepare to go. At that Jarvis called a taxi. After all the packing miss Maria came down. She wore a white dress. She was holding her child in a white cloth.There was a suitcase with her. At that time the taxi came in front of house. Jarvis opened the door. Then he gone to the gate to open it and allow the taxi to enter. But Maria reached the gate to. She then walked out. She opened the taxi door herself and entered. Then he looked back at Jarvis and said "Thank you Jarvis, for all that you have done for me until now. I will be going. Tell that man that I won't be coming to him ever again. Once more, thank you Jarvis. "

After that she closed the door. Then to the taxi driver, "Brooklyn please."

All this time Tony was awake. He saw everything, he heard everything. All he can think about now was, 'Plot twist....Big plot twist.' When he thought about his eyes became wide. He have changed the plot. He was repeating 'plot twist' in his mind. He was surprised. He was thinking 'how did this happened? '. But all the while he couldn't see or remember anything. After sometime he fell asleep.

After sometime, he don't know how much time have passed, but he woke up again. When he looked around he saw that his mother was standing in front of a house. It was a small house. But she didn't go in. After sometime she decided against going in. So she looked at the house and decided to walk away. But at that time the door of the house opened. They saw an old woman running towards them. She was crying too. Behind her was an old man. He was standing at the doorstep of the house. The old woman looked like old Maria. But Maria's eyes where that of the oldman.
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