Marvel Began Shuttling The Heavens Book 2 Chapter 746

Vol 2 Chapter 746: Aquaman's Strange Performance

Although Li Yue's power at this time does not seem to have reached the level of the multiverse in the Marvel world, he still cannot rely on his own powerful power to forcefully break the barriers between the multiverses and swim in the multiverse.

However, the special abilities that Li Yue possesses can also give him the ability to travel to various universes.

Therefore, even if Li Yue's true strength has not reached the true multiverse level at this time, there is not much difference.

According to the comics, Thanos, who had captured six infinite gems, reached the level of a multiverse powerhouse when he used the infinite gloves.

Of course, this is not the power of Thanos itself, but the power given to him by the six infinite gems.

If he loses the Infinite Gloves, he will revert back to Heavenly Father.

And this situation, Li Yue has also experienced it!

When he entered the universe of the Women's Federation IV, he once put on an infinite glove studded with six gems, and snapped his fingers twice.

Li Yue remembered the feeling that the entire universe was under his control after gaining a powerful force.

So at this time, he can more clearly figure out his own strength at this time, and he has not yet reached the multiverse level.

Because he personally felt the existence of the multiverse level, how powerful it is.

That is anything that can easily change the entire universe, whether it is reality or a different dimension.

Even if you want to destroy the entire universe, you can do it.

That kind of power to control everything is very fascinating, even Li Yue at the time had a plan to keep such power as his own.

However, in the end Li Yue gave up this idea.

In Li Yue's view, compared to this powerful force that can only be obtained from foreign objects, it is far better than what he owns.

However, although only a few years have passed, Li Yue's power at this time has already reached him when he was close to using the Infinite Gloves.

Li Yue even had a feeling in the dark, if he could sink his heart next, sort out the various energies in the body, and then develop these high-level energies to the extreme.

Then he stepped into the level of the multiverse, it will no longer be something difficult to achieve.

Moreover, the multiverse level can never be the end of Li Yue.


Li Yuean endured the waves in his heart and quickly calmed down the excitement in his heart.

At this time, although he could not wait to find a period of time to settle himself and develop himself to gain energy.

But he naturally knows that there is no need to rush for a while. After the current things are over, he has plenty of time to settle himself and create a way to become stronger only for himself.

"I have to say that in the face of attacks after being transformed by himself, Aquaman seems to have an advantage over Clark!"

After calming down his mood, Li Yue once again turned his attention to other people.

He saw that at this time, almost everyone was doing their best to resist the attack.

The huge energy beam enveloped everyone in an instant, and the dazzling light almost made people unable to open their eyes.

If it is an ordinary person, if you still have your eyes open at this time, let alone seeing the surrounding situation, I am afraid both eyes will be instantly blinded by such dazzling energy rays.

However, Li Yue naturally does not need to worry about such things.

Under such a powerful energy attack, he didn't need to make any defense at all, and he even had to watch other people's situation leisurely.

Li Yue couldn't help feeling very strange just the scene he saw.

Among the people present, Clark and Wonder Woman are undoubtedly stronger than Aquaman!

Perhaps only in the sea does Aquaman have the power to fight other people.

However, it was in space at this time, where there was the sea to let him use his power.

However, what happened at this time was very strange.

The weaker Sea King turned out to be the easiest to resist the attack at this moment!

Even Clark, who has superhuman powers, does not seem to be as relaxed as him!


This situation is naturally very strange.

Even Clark, facing such an attack, needs to do his best to defend, but his body is also pushed back slowly by the powerful impact carried by energy.

Although the retreat speed is not fast, it is enough to show that the impact caused by this energy attack even exceeds the power of Superman himself.

Faced with such a powerful attack, Wonder Woman and Batman chose to resist together, and Superman also stood with them.

Gathering the strength of the three people, finally barely blocked the powerful impact of the energy attack.

Their bodies slowly stopped retreating, like a warrior advancing against a hurricane, and the dazzling energy kept passing by them.

However, although they have been able to stop such energy attacks ~wuxiaworld.online~, it does not mean that the crisis has been completely passed.

Because of Li Yue's action, the energy attack they need to face at this time, although not all the power burst out in an instant, but they will continue to output energy for a period of time.

Therefore, although they successfully defended it at this time, they still need to persist for a long time to completely overcome this crisis!


Compared with the situation where three people can barely resist the energy attack, Aquaman's performance is undoubtedly surprising.

With his own strength, he successfully blocked the energy attack.

The weapon in his hand was constantly dancing quickly, and even formed an energy barrier emitting golden light in the void.

Of course, this is also due to Li Yue's help, otherwise the power in the energy will be released instantly, and his defense will eventually be defeated in an instant.

However, it is also the reason why Li Yue made the move that caused the current situation with strong contrast.

Li Yue even noticed that when Batman was struggling with other people to resist the attack, he felt the seemingly "relaxed" appearance of Neptune next to him, with an incredible expression in his eyes.

It can be seen that such a contrast makes Batman unable to believe it.

He can proudly say that for every member of the Justice League, he even knows them better than themselves!

Batman couldn't be more clear about the strength of Aquaman.

If it is on land, the strength of Sea King will be greatly reduced.

However, the performance of Aquaman now makes him feel a little skeptical. Is the information he collected before is all wrong?

Or is the previous Sea King hiding his power again? Can he also exert a very powerful ability on land?


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