Martial Star Ocean Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Great And Honorable Li

Chapter 19 Great and Honorable Li

"Congratulations My Lord, you have suppressed the Divine Orchard Gang and also eliminated the two culprits Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing in a single day. From this day forth, Alabaster County City is in the control of My Lords hands." County registrar Feng Yuanxing followed behind Li Mu, subserviently smiling as he spoke.

Li Mu turned and suddenly looked at Feng Yuanxing.

"Do you think I killed them in order to seize power?" Li Mu asked.

Feng Yuanxings smile froze.

Li Mus gaze swept over the numerous kneeling soldiers.

Since he had this chance, why not put on another little play?

He should show that this young county magistrate was a righteous individual with a strong sense of morals.

"All of you, make sure you listen well to my words. The reason I killed these two people was in order to enforce the laws of the empire, impartially. It was to remove these two cancerous tumors that have haunted the citizens of Alabaster County City for all this time, and also to take revenge for all the innocent people that tragically died in the hands of the Divine Orchard Gang. Everything I did was to protect the citizens of Alabaster County and to cleanse the administration of my great Qin Empire" Li Mu passionately said, completely displaying the spitting image of an unselfish official. Then, he asked everyone, "If Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing truly loved the people, then even if they tried to undermine me, would I kill them?"

Feng Yuangxing immediately responded.

"Yes, yes, yes, My Lord is heroic and benevolent, devoted to the betterment of the people. Your existence is the greatest blessing of all citizens in Alabaster County. This lowly one was trying to gauge the heart of a gentleman with the thoughts of a commoner. I truly deserve death." He suddenly changed his tone, his face filled with the color of shame, "For the hundreds of thousands of citizens in Alabaster County to have My Lord as their loving county magistrate, it is their greatest stroke of good fortune."

Li Mus lips twitched.

Damn, this old man didnt care about face at all when he tried to flatter others.

"Then I will let you deal with everything after this. The sins of Zheng Longxing and Zhou Wu must be cleaned up, but make sure you do not implicate the innocent. Do not let anyone go. Everything must be done according to the laws of the empireas for what happened today, county registrar Feng, make you sure draft a report and state everything that occurred. I cannot be bothered with such things."

Li Mu turned around and left.

"I obey." Feng Yuanxing piped up, a smile on his face.

Did this mean that the lord county magistrate had accepted him?

There was a sea of people outside the Divine Orchard Gang headquarters.

Concerning what happened here, it had already spread out like a raging storm. Of course, this didnt include what happened in the cave.

Besides the upper level influences of the city, many ordinary citizens also heard the news.

Ever since Li Mu broke past the gates of the Divine Orchard Gang, news of him had disappeared, as if he had grown wings and flown away.

In the past 10 years, the Divine Orchard Gang had colluded with numerous officials and committed all sorts of evil and vicious crimes. They had committed theft, murder, blackmail, kidnapping, and all kinds of wicked thing. The citizens of Alabaster County had been tormented and harmed by them, and although the citizens hated the Divine Orchard Gang and felt rage in their hearts, they still didnt dare to speak out.

But now, many of these citizens heard that the current lord county magistrate had gone and destroyed the Divine Orchard Gang. Their first reaction was disbelief, but as news grew stronger and stronger, more and more people gathered here.

By this time, all signs indicated the Divine Orchard Gangs destruction had been completed.

But everyone wanted to know what was occurring deep within the stone forest.

They didnt dare to enter, so they could only wait outside.

Thus, when Li Mu rode out on a white horse led by a county guard, he was shocked by the seas of people waiting outside.

"Shit, why are there so many people here?"

Looking from afar, one could see that there were 4000-5000 people waiting outside the gates of the headquarters, all of them densely packed together.

And as these people saw Li Mu emerge, the originally noisy crowd seemed to fall silent as if dark magic had been cast on them. The atmosphere suddenly turned quiet.

He had come out!

The high level figures of the various influences felt their hearts race as they saw this.

Although they had already mentally prepared themselves, they were still shocked to see Li Mu ride out on a horse.

This was because it meant that this young county magistrate had utterly suppressed the Divine Orchard Gang with his strength alonethe Divine Orchard Gang that was one of the four great factions of Alabaster County. And besides a minor wound to his shoulders, he seemed completely unscathedjust what sort of strength and bravery did he have to accomplish this?

This also meant that from this point on, Alabaster County had welcomed a strong and ardent county magistrate.

The entire political scene would be completely changed.

For many factions and for many rich and wealthy people, this wasnt good news.

But the many common citizens were all surprised and overjoyed as they saw Li Mu. This was because the new county magistrate was far younger than they expected, and although his body was stained with blood, with his looks and with his large eyes and thick eyebrows, he actually exuded a certain kindness, just like the boy next door. He didnt possess the high-spirited and unapproachable majesty that the previous officials seemed to wrap themselves up in.

It could be said that the common citizens had an extremely good first impression of Li Mu.

However, no one dared to break the silence.

Li Mu used the silver bow to knock the horses butt. The horse began to gallop and accelerate forwards.

The crowd opened a path.

Li Mu rode through them.

"What a pity. This was a good time to put on an act." Li Mu sighed inwardly. After the events that just happened, he should have faced the people of Alabaster County and given them a flaming speech filled with righteous passion. After all, the minds and hearts of the people could be used in his favor at some time. But currently, the strength of the snake blood was still boiling within his body like a brewing volcano. He couldnt waste time here; he had to hurry back and refine this strength.

Man and horse, the two of them vanished into the distant streets.

A moment later.

Feng Yuanxing led a hundred some soldier guards out of the Divine Orchard Gang headquarters.

A flurry of movement occurred in the crowd.

A figure separated from the masses of people and walked close to Feng Yuanxing. This person cupped his hands across his chest, saying, "Lord Feng, what happened to Sikong Jin? How come county deputy Zhou and county commander Zheng havent come out?"

Feng Yuanxing looked up. He calmly said, "So its Skystar Martial Halls Hall Master Wei. Divine Orchard Gang Master Sikong Jin broke into the medical hall and killed innocents, completely disregarding all laws and morality. He affronted the lord county magistrate, and his crimes were unpardonable. He has already been personally executed by the lord county magistrate. As for county deputy Zhou and county commander Zheng" Feng Yuanxing paused for a moment and then continued, "Those two colluded with the Divine Orchard Gang to plague the citizens. They plotted to murder the county magistrate and their sins were exposed to the light. They have already been executed by the lord county magistrate as demanded by the law!"

"What?" Skystar Martial Halls Hall Master Wei was shocked. He thought he had misheard. "Lord Feng, youare you making a joke here?"

Feng Yuanxing coldly coughed. Without any expression, he said, "At such an unusual time, I have no mind to joke with you."

As he spoke, he turned and waved his hand, loudly shouting out an order, "Men, have the corpses of the three criminals Sikong Jin, Zhou Wu, and Zheng Longxing brought the city morgue and tightly guarded. The others will accompany me to Zhou Mansion and Zheng Mansion to confiscate their property. The lord county magistrate has ordered that no criminals of the Divine Orchard Gang can be let go, neither can those that collaborated with Zheng Longxing and Zhou Wu."

As he spoke, he hurriedly led the troops away.

Behind him, 20 elite soldier guards carried the corpses of Sikong Jin, Zhou Wu, and Zheng Longxing away from the stone forest.

Immediately, the crowd of thousands immediately burst into a frenzy as if a bomb had been tossed into their midst.

Wei Zilong stood where he was, completely frozen. His mind had gone blank.

How could this happen?

How could a situation like this happen?

How could something like this possibly occur?

Within Alabaster County Citys four great factions, Besides the Divine Orchard Gang, the others were Raincall Temple, the Deepwind Escort Company, and Skystar Martial Hall. Raincall Temple was a Buddhist temple and thus they had no connections with the Divine Orchard Gang or the likes of Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing. However, when it came to the Deepwind Escort Company and Skystar Martial Hall, they actually had all sorts of complicated connections to Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing. Although they were better organizations that the Divine Orchard Gang, they werent paragons of virtue.

Now hearing that these two county heads had been unexpectedly killed, Wei Zilong felt a chill in his heart.

An indescribable cold raced up his spine and through his head, making him feel as if he were trapped in an ice cave.

Several monks from Raincall Temple were watching from afar. Their skin was fair and clear, and they were chubby and tall. As they heard the news their complexions also changed. They whispered amongst themselves and then turned to leave.

There were also several tough-looking men wearing the standard issue flexible armor of the Deepwind Escort Company. They were mixed into the crowd, and as they confirmed the identity of the corpses being brought out, their faces were also filled with shock. They quickly left.

Wei Zilong forcefully suppressed the alarm and fear in his heart. He hurriedly turned and left.

The heavens had collapsed atop Alabaster County.

It was already certain that the major powers would be completely reshuffled.

The designation of power was also going to undergo a dramatic shift.

Where would Skystar Martial Hall go and what choices would they make?

He had to hurry back to decide.

And at the same time, the discussions of the crowd became even more heated, so loud that it turned scorching hot.

Up until now, many people still didnt believe what they had heard and they also didnt dare to believe their own eyes. There had simply been no indication that such a major event would occur today; it was like the weather had suddenly changed out of nowhere. If it was said that the Divine Orchard Gang had been destroyed and Sikong Jin had been killed, this was still within the expectations of some people. But with Zhou Wu and Zheng Longxing also being killed, this was simply a great storm that appeared out of nowhere, leaving them all stunned by the howling winds.

So the young county magistrate that rode away on a horse had done something so major?

"Great and Honorable Li!"

Someone in the crowd suddenly shouted out.

Many of the common citizens shouted out in response.

"Great and Honorable Lord!"

"WuhuhuCuier, are you watching this from heaven? The lord county magistrate has taken revenge for you. Those beasts of the Divine Orchard Gang have all diedwuhuhu!"

"Father, Mother, Sikong Jin has died. You may rest in peace now."

"The lord county magistrate is truly a great and honorable official. A good official has finally come to our Alabaster County!"

"Justice has returned!"

"If any family has an injustice, quickly go to the County Administrative Hall to hit the drum of injustice. The great and honorable lord will surely uphold justice for us."

The people began to boil over with a frenzied zealousness.

There were even some people that found firecrackers from somewhere and lit them in front of the Divine Orchard Gang headquarters gates.

The whistling sound of the firecrackers spread outwards for miles.

The atmosphere was warm and pleasant. Many people cried hot tears of joy, as if they were celebrating a holiday.
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