Martial Peak Chapter 1541

Chapter 1541 All As Before

"Feier!" The old man was startled and glared at her quickly.

In response, the young girl couldnt help pouting.

Yang Kai chuckled, nodded and said, "Yeah, I am High Heaven Sects Sect Master. Why were you wondering if I was pretending?"

"I was just asking," The girl stuck out her tongue. Next, she seemed to gather her courage, bit her lip, and asked, "Since youre High Heaven Sects Sect Master, your word should carry a lot of weight, yes?"

"En, it should be useful!"

"Then can you accept me into High Heaven Sect?"

As soon as this remark came out, the old man was shocked and quickly begged for forgiveness.

He knew that High Heaven Sect never accepted outsiders.

A master like Liang Yong, who was also Heaven Battling Citys City Lord, had not been officially admitted into High Heaven Sect, so how could his Junior, Liu Feier, who was just a Saint Realm cultivator, possibly join such a Sect?

Although he was apologizing in a panic, the old man was also feeling somewhat expectant inside.

If Feier could really join High Heaven Sect, her future was guaranteed to be bright! Now on Shadowed Star, High Heaven Sect was the dominant force, with no Sect comparable to it in the slightest, how could it be bad to enter such a Sect?

Yang Kai stopped the old mans apologies before turning a serious look towards Liu Feier and asking, "Do you want to enter High Heaven Sect?"

The girl nodded.

"Why?" Yang Kai asked.

"Under a big tree one can enjoy the cool shade!" The girl replied without the slightest hesitation.

The old mans face twitched when he heard this, and even Yang Kai was startled for a moment before he burst into laughter.

"If I become a High Heaven Sect disciple, no one will dare to bully my family again," The girl blushed and added.

Yang Kai laughed even more happily as he nodded, "Good, although your motives are a bit selfish, your personality is also reasonable and straightforward. Since you want to enter High Heaven Sect so much, this Sect Master will accept you."

"Huh?" The girl looked dazed, seemingly not having expected happiness to come to her so suddenly. She had thought she would definitely be rejected and had mentally prepared herself for such an outcome.

"Stupid girl, why havent you thanked Sect Master Yang for his kindness yet!" The old man quickly urged.

Only then did Liu Feier come back to her senses and hurriedly knelt, giving a formal salute.

The other youths who had accompanied her here all stared at her with envy.

"Alright, get up. Ill give you one day to deal with any unfinished matters you have at home, after that you will leave for the Sect together with me," Yang Kai declared.

"Yes!" The girl bit her red lips, flushed, and replied excitedly.

There was no need for Yang Kai to worry about Blue Wave City or Heaven Battling City, so one day later, Yang Kai took Liu Feier through the Space Array of Blue Wave City, passed directly through Heaven Battling City, then proceeded to Demon Blood City!

By now, however, Demon Blood City had been renamed High Heaven City.

High Heaven City was High Heaven Sects link to the outside world as its headquarters were located deep inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field. High Heaven City was also under the direct jurisdiction of High Heaven Sect.

A few years ago, inside the Emperor Garden, Demon Blood Temples Great Elder and Temple Master had both died at Yang Kais hand. As a result, Demon Blood Temple had been plunged into a constant state of infighting with numerous Elders dying, causing the Sect to decline greatly in strength, almost to the point of collapse.

Ye Xi Yun had not missed this and taken action to quell the situation. At the same time, she took the opportunity to occupy Demon Blood City, which was the closest major city to High Heaven Sect, and rename it High Heaven City.

Even if Demon Blood Temple hadnt been on the decline and was still at its peak, with the current strength of High Heaven Sect, if they wanted to occupy Demon Blood City, Demon Blood Temple wouldnt have dared to resist.

Demon Blood City thus easily became the private industry of High Heaven Sect.

All materials and cultivators that passed through High Heaven City were now subject to fees and taxes levied by High Heaven Sect, so although High Heaven Sect still resided inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field, its connection with the outside world was much more pronounced.

As soon as he appeared atop the Space Array, Yang Kai heard a loud roar of voices.

"Subordinates welcome Sect Masters return to the Sect!"

These voices caused Liu Feier to jump in fright, and in a fluster, she quickly hid behind Yang Kai.

Yang Kai swept his eyes around and found that almost all the high-level executives of High Heaven Sect were present, led by Great Elder Ye Xi Yun.

Obviously they had received news he would be arriving today and had been waiting.

Ye Xi Yun couldnt help breathing a sigh of relief when she saw that Yang Kai wasnt missing any arms or legs.

During the battle atop Star Ascendance Peak, Yang Kai, Qi Tian Che, and Fang Peng had suddenly disappeared. This disappearance lasted a whole three years, during which all of High Heaven Sect worried constantly about Yang Kai, expending much effort to inquire about his whereabouts and status, but unfortunately learnt nothing.

It was as if Yang Kai had suddenly disappeared from Shadowed Star altogether!

Now that he finally returned safely, Ye Xi Yun was naturally quite happy.

A moment later, her beautiful eyes couldnt help shrinking as she suddenly realized that Yang Kais cultivation had actually reached the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm! Even Ye Xi Yun, who had experienced countless storms, felt shocked by this discovery.

It had only been a few years since he reached the Origin Realm yet he had already taken another step forward. Wasnt the cultivation speed of this Sect Master of hers a bit too exaggerated?

"Great Elder, its been hard on you!" Yang Kai faced Ye Xi Yun and gently nodded, "All of you have worked hard too."

"Sect Master is too polite, weve done nothing worthy of note, it is Sect Master who has been facing difficulties these past few years," Ye Xi Yun smiled, her beautiful eyes finally turning to Liu Feier before turning back to Yang Kai curiously, wondering why he had brought a little Saint Realm girl back with him.

"This girl wants to join High Heaven Sect, and as Sect Master I took the liberty to accept her," Yang Kai explained casually.

"So thats how it is," Ye Xi Yun nodded.

"Come on, dont hide, greet your new Elders," Yang Kai fished Liu Feier from behind himself.

Liu Feier blushed greatly as she swept her eyes across the faces before her, clear excitement and admiration covering her face.

These were the strongest masters of the strongest Sect on Shadowed Star! Anyone here could cause Shadowed Star to tremble with a stamp of their foot.

She had never seen such a grand scene before!

Quickly stabilizing her mood, Liu Feier cupped her fists and bowed reverently.

"Theres no need for excessive courtesy, since Sect Master has admitted you already, you are now a disciple of my High Heaven Sect. Cultivate diligently in the Sect. If you perform well enough, you may have an opportunity to worship one of the people you see before you and become their disciple," Ye Xi Yun looked at her kindly.

"Yes!" Liu Feier nodded excitedly.

"En, lets head back before we talk," Yang Kai motioned.

Half a day later, inside High Heaven Sects main hall, the various Elders gathered together to report to Yang Kai about the Sects current condition and the events that had transpired over the past three years.

The best description would be to say that the Sect had grown by leaps and bounds.

Without mentioning anything else, the simple addition of the more than two hundred cultivators from Star Emperor Mountain alone caused the overall strength of High Heaven Sect to reach the number one position on Shadowed Star! This was an undisputed fact; no Sect could compare with todays High Heaven Sect.

Also, led by Heaven Battling City, the various cities and industries owned by High Heaven Sect generated a massive amount of income every year. Today, High Heaven Sect did not need to worry about cultivation materials in the slightest.

The Sects population wasnt very large, but materials were constantly being delivered to it from all directions. High Heaven Sect currently had three grand storehouses, each one filled with various cultivation resources, but that was still not enough. Ye Xi Yun was even now planning to open up several more.

The Sect also had two close allies, Clear Sky Sect and Shadow Moon Hall.

These two great forces had been on good terms with Yang Kai since long ago, and during the past three years when Yang Kai had disappeared, both great forces had provided great assistance with High Heaven Sects development. As such, Ye Xi Yun decided to make a formal alliance between the three Sects.

With strong cooperation, mutually beneficial developments and exchanges could be achieved.

Countless other great forces wanted to ally with High Heaven Sect; however, none of them had any form of prior relationship they could use as an opening, so they could only stare jealously at the opportunities that Shadow Moon Hall and Clear Sky Sect had gained.

Yang Kai listened to these reports and nodded with satisfaction.

[The High Heaven Sect is currently on the right track.] When he founded this Sect, he hadnt expected it to reach its current scope and scale.

Back then, he had simply brought Wu Yi and the others here in their Starship to settle down.

It could be said that the destruction of Heaven Battling Union, Thunder Typhoon Sect, and Star Emperor Mountain had provided an unimaginable impetus to the rapid rise of High Heaven Sect. Without the demise of these three great forces, there would absolutely be no High Heaven Sect today.

These three great forces had become stepping stones on High Heaven Sects rise.

Half a day later, the other Elders dispersed, leaving only Yang Kai and Ye Xi Yun.

The Great Elder also knew that Yang Kai must have other important questions, but before Yang Kai could speak, she took the initiative to say, "If Sect Master wants to ask about Madams situation, Subordinate can only say that all is as it was before!"

"So nothing has changed, huh" Yang Kai murmured.

"Yeah, Sect Master need not worry, since Madam said she would need ten or twenty years more, we simply have to wait patiently until that time."

"Okay," Yang Kai nodded, not asking any more questions.

"In addition, Sect Masters Artifact Spirit is currently resting and building up its strength inside the Earth Lung Fire Pond in the fifth layer. As for the Verdant Bone Sword, Subordinate brought it back and placed it inside Sect Masters First Heavenly Palace."


In fact, there was no need for Ye Xi Yun to explain these points as Yang Kai was able to sense his two helpers after he returned to the Flowing Flame Sand Field; after all, whether it was the Firebird or Dragon Bone Sword, both shared a connection with his Soul.

When Qi Tian Che dragged him into the Small Sealed World within the Sealed World Bead, the Verdant Dragon Bone Sword was left outside. Later, the Firebird Artifact Spirit had been expelled during the battle, resulting in Yang Kai being left with only Xiao Xiao.

Ye Xi Yun naturally brought the other two back to the Sect with her.

"What happened back then? Why did Sect Master suddenly disappear? Does it have anything to do with that Emperor Artifact?" Ye Xi Yun pondered for a moment before asking seriously.

She only knew that the Sealed World Bead was an Emperor Artifact, but she didnt know what kind of powers or abilities it possessed.

No one from Star Emperor Mountain had ever been able to refine the Sealed World Bead, so Ye Xi Yun did not know its details.

"Yup, I was dragged into a Small Sealed World by Qi Tian Che," Yang Kai replied.

"A Small Sealed World" Ye Xi Yuns eyes narrowed.

"Fortunately, it only took me three years to find a way to escape. Great Elder need not worry about it any longer."

Seeing him not want to explain further, Ye Xi Yun naturally didnt ask anything more.

After thinking for a while, she suddenly took out something and handed it to Yang Kai, "Madam sent me a message while she was still in a state of deep sleep, asking me to hand this to you to keep."

"A Star Emperor Token!" Yang Kai looked at what Ye Xi Yun handed over and couldnt help exclaiming.

Reaching out to take it, Yang Kai gently caressed this Star Emperor Mountain with a solemn expression.

He already had four of these tokens in his hand. The first was given to him by Gui Zu and still had the Great Emperors Divine Ability sealed inside, the second piece was something he found in the loft in the sixth layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field. The third piece was brought to him by Ge Qi, and this fourth piece was the one currently in his hands.

Silavin: If you think about it, it is ridiculous that he can get even two. After all, these tokens are spread out through all of the whole Starry Sky.

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