Martial Peak Chapter 1540

Chapter 1540 You Can Die Conten

"Liang Yong ah, Liang Yong. Dont tell this Sect Master you knew nothing about this," Yang Kai smiled maliciously towards Liang Yong.

The latters body trembled and a frightened expression filled his face as he said in a panic, "Sect Master, please understand. Subordinate truly didnt know about this. It is the first time that subordinate has heard about the situation here in Blue Wave City."

He didnt dare admit anything. He had seen Yang Kais methods before, so he knew if he admitted to everything, this would be his burial place.

Since he couldnt admit it anyway, Liang Yong decisively rejected.

"So you wont show regret unless you see your coffin? Good, seems like I must find evidence before youre willing to give up. In that case, this Sect Master will satisfy you; hand over your Space Ring," Yang Kai coldly commanded.

Liang Yong broke out in a cold sweat, but he still didnt agree, trying to talk his way out of this, "Sect Master, please reconsider! Subordinate is truly loyal to Sect Master and has never disobeyed any of Sect Masters wishes or done anything to tarnish the Sects reputation. This Space Ring holds all of Subordinates most intimate secrets, so even if it is Sect Masters request, Subordinate cannot agree to it. Please be reasonable, Sect Master."

"Enough nonsense," Yang Kai snorted coldly, reaching out to take the ring from Liang Yongs hand.

A trace of struggle flashed across Liang Yongs face before his eyes became determined. Seeing Yang Kai reaching out towards his hand, Liang Yong pushed the Saint Qi in his body and turned around, wanting to escape.

But the moment he took action, the surrounding space suddenly became extremely viscous and a crushing pressure pressed him from all directions, making it difficult for him to even move.

Innumerable crackling sounds rang out as millions of tiny Void Cracks began swimming around him like a school of fish.

Liang Yongs courage broke completely as he no longer dared to move, for fear that he would be swallowed by these Void Cracks if he did.

A moment later, Liang Yongs Space Ring had fallen into Yang Kais hands, and his face went pure white.

Holding this Space Ring, Yang Kai sneered lightly and swept its content with his Divine Sense, his expression gradually becoming gloomy.

Soon after, Yang Kai waved his hand and a loud clatter rang out.

In front of the City Lords Mansion, a hill-like pile of High-Rank Saint Crystals appeared.

The surrounding people looked at the huge number of Saint Crystals and couldnt help exclaiming in shock while gulping hard.

When had any of them ever seen such a great fortune?

Although no one knew the exact count, this many Saint Crystals would no doubt have to be counted by the hundred million. If one could obtain this treasure mountain, they wouldnt need to worry about cultivation resources for a dozen lifetimes.

Besides Saint Crystals, there were also various boxes and containers. No one could see what was inside these boxes, but even the containers themselves were made of valuable materials, so the contents were clearly even more precious.

"Where did you get so many good things from then?" Yang Kai looked at Liang Yong with a calm face, "If you can give me a reasonable explanation, I wont kill you!"

Liang Yongs face was ashen as he had no way to explain.

The evidence was already in front of him. If he hadnt lined his pockets with the wealth from the nine cities under Heaven Battling City, how could he possibly have amassed such wealth all on his own?

No one had such ability!

"Mercy, Sect Master, mercy please! Subordinate knows his wrongs! Please give this Subordinate another chance to make up for this mistake! Subordinate will definitely live up to Sect Masters trust!" Liang Yong shouted.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, "Everything deserves a chance or two, but three is asking too much. Liang Yong, this Sect Master spared your life on Fallen Emperor Mountain, and didnt take your life in Heaven Battling City because you still had some use, but now you can die content!"

As soon as his voice fell, Yang Kai stretched out his hand towards Liang Yong.

Liang Yong seemed to want to dodge, but for some unknown reason, he was unable to. Yang Kai grabbed his head directly and pushed his Saint Qi strongly; Liang Yong screamed as a bursting sound erupted inside his body.

As his voice faded, Liang Yongs vitality rapidly disappeared.

After Yang Kai took back his hand, Liang Yong no longer had any life aura and collapsed to the ground, dark red blood flowing out of all his orifices.

Everyone was silent as they stared towards Yang Kai with complicated looks.

What kind of strength Liang Yong possessed, many of them knew well. As a peak Third-Order Origin Returning Realm, even if Liang Yong wasnt as powerful as the fallen Heaven Battling Union Union Master, he was not far off.

But such a master was pinched to death by Yang Kai with one hand.

Like pinching an ant.

Although most people had long heard about Yang Kais extraordinary strength, those were only rumours after all. Seeing that it with their own eyes though, everyone realized that not only were the rumours true, they underestimated how terrifying Yang Kai was.

Dan Ying had already collapsed to the ground, his eyes glossed over.

He had pinned all his hopes on Liang Yong, thinking that City Lord Liang could teach this arrogant youth a good lesson.

But the situation had developed in a way he had never imagined.

First, Liang Yong called this young man Sect Master, which made Dan Ying vaguely guess his true identity, then Liang Yong, whom Dan Ying regarded as his support, was actually pinched to death.

Dan Ying had always relied upon High Heaven Sect as his backer, but how could he have known he would inadvertently offend the Sect Master of this backer!

How was he supposed to survive now?

He saw Yang Kais gaze sweep over him but not stop, completely disregarding him, as if he was of no threat or his very existence wasnt even worth paying attention to.

"Heh heh, I dont know how many of you are related to this matter, but dont be too nervous. Liang Yong is dead, and this Sect Master doesnt feel like slaughtering indiscriminately. This matter will end here then. If you still want to survive, you should know what to do," Yang Kai looked at the cultivators who followed Liang Yong.

Most of these people were originally Heaven Battling Union cultivators while some were later recruited by Liang Yong, and all of them were Origin Returning Realm masters.

"Subordinates thank Sect Master for showing mercy!" All of them shouted in unison before turning to stare at Dan Ying.

"No!" Dan Ying yelled in horror.

But it was too late; all of these masters rushed forward and swarmed Dan Ying, bombarding him with various Secret Techniques and artifacts, granting him a quick but tragic death.

"Xiao Qi, handle matters here as quickly as possible then report back to me," Yang Kai turned to Ge Qi and ordered.


"Who is Blue Wave Citys Vice City Lord?" Yang Kai swept his eyes around again.

"It is I," A gloomy-looking old man quickly walked out, his legs still trembling slightly as he nodded and bowed to Yang Kai.

"Good, take me to see Blue Wave Citys treasury."

"This way please, Sect Master!" The old man didnt dare to neglect and quickly led the way.

A short time later, Yang Kai stood in front of Blue Wave Citys City Lord Mansions treasury and saw a dazzling array of materials, as well as a large number of Saint Crystals.

This was the manifestation of the blood and sweat of Blue Wave Citys people.

"Have your subordinates empty out this treasury and hand everything over to Ge Qi, he should know how to process them," Yang Kai gave an order before turning around and leaving.

The old man nodded and got to work.

Three days later, in the City Lords Mansion, Yang Kai sat on a chair and listened to Ge Qis report.

"Sect Master, the contents of Liang Yong and Dan Yings Space Rings, together with what was stored in Blue Wave Citys treasury, have all been catalogued. Subordinate has arranged for all of Blue Wave Citys cultivators to report the amount of Saint Crystals they were forced to pay over the past three years and, after verification, had the appropriate amount returned. I have also ensured that everyone knows that what happened here was not ordered by High Heaven Sect but was a result of Dan Yings unauthorized actions. Everyone who heard this news cheers and praised Sect Masters righteousness and kindness."

"Stop with the needless flattery," Yang Kai glanced at him and didnt know why, but the more he saw Ge Qi, the more dreadful he seemed. Yang Kai was really curious why Ye Xi Yun had picked this guy up and raised him as a disciple.

Ge Qi laughed embarrassedly.

"Liang Yong is dead, so Heaven Battling City lacks a leader. Youll assume that role for now, and if you can train a capable and reliable replacement, you can have them take over as City Lord then return to Sect where you wont need to concern yourself with these trivial matters."

"Good, thats what I planned to do," Ge Qi nodded.

"What about the other cities under the jurisdiction of Heaven Battling City? Was the situation the same as here?" Yang Kai asked.

"Not exactly. The situation was different in each city, some good, some bad, but Blue Wave City was the most severe case."

"Good, thats good. Handle things according to your own judgement."

"Sect Master may rest assured; Xiao Qi will not allow such dishonourable matters to occur again. By the way, Sect Master, I have sent news of your return back to the Sect. Great Elder wishes to know what your current status is."

"Me? Im doing well, tell her that I will return soon so she doesnt have to worry."

"Yes," Ge Qi nodded, "There is one more thing, Sect Master."


"Outside the City Lords Mansion, there are several people who had been asking to see you. They say they know you," Ge Qi looked at Yang Kai with a strange expression.

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before figuring out who these people were and nodded, "Let them come in."

Ge Qi nodded and left. A short while later, an old man leading several young people nervously entered.

Yang Kai got up and greeted them with a smile.

"This old man greets Sect Master Yang!" The old man hurriedly saluted.

"Old Sir doesnt need to be so polite," Yang Kai laughed, his gaze sweeping the youths behind the old man where he saw Liu Feier staring at him with a pair of big eyes, her face filled with curiosity.

"What are you doing in a daze, hurry up and bow! Such disrespect." The old man shouted.

Yang Kai, however, just waved his hand, "No need, its fine like this."

The old man smiled bitterly, "Please dont blame them, Sect Master Yang, these few young ones are ignorant of how the world works. If they have offended you in any way, I ask you to please forgive them. En, this old man is here today simply to thank Sect Master Yang for upholding justice on behalf of all of Blue Wave Citys residents and for avenging the death of my familys Fourth Elder. Please accept this old mans worship."

"Old Sir, please dont say such things, if we really examine this matter, the fault lies with my High Heaven Sect for being negligent in its oversight. Fortunately, the situation here came to light before it was too late, and I can only hope to make up for the damage already done in the future."

"It is our blessing to be able to live in Blue Wave City under the rule of High Heaven Sect," The old man said solemnly.

Yang Kai gently nodded before turning to Liu Feier and smiling, "Why do you keep staring at me, dont you recognize me?"

Liu Feier blushed and spoke hesitantly, "Are you really High Heaven Sects Sect Master? Youre not lying, right?"
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