Martial Peak Chapter 1537

Chapter 1537 Have You Seen Clearly

Yang Kai looked as if he didnt even fear the Heavens, his tone was wild and arrogant.

The old man looked at him with an aghast expression, and after confirming Yang Kai wasnt just drunk, he couldnt help shaking his head, "I really dont understand how you young people think."

"Rest assured, since Ive come here today, all the garbage in Blue Wave City will be cleaned up. Just sit back and watch carefully."

"Haa I dont know what you have to rely on, but this matter is still partly my responsibility, so I will accompany Little Brother all the way. As for what happens next it will be what it is."

He was obviously not optimistic about Yang Kai, feeling he was too young and impulsive.

Even so, he chose to stay with Yang Kai and not let him fight alone.

"Many thanks, Old Sir," Yang Kai smiled lightly.

"Big Brother Yang, we pledge to live and die together with you too!" Liu Feier flushed and exclaimed with excitement, the other young members of her clan nodding with her, a type of fearless light flashing across their eyes.

"Alright!" Yang Kai nodded, "En, you all can accompany me into battle this time."

"Nonsense!" The old man anxiously stamped his foot, "You you troublemakers!"

He was willing to stay with Yang Kai and face death just to give his juniors a chance to escape, but how could he have anticipated that they would instead make such a reckless choice?

He was furious!

"Old Sir need not worry, Ill keep them safe and sound," Yang Kai said with a grin filled with confidence.

"This young man really doesnt know how high the Heavens are."

"Is he still ignorant of the disaster he caused? Does he not know who he killed?"

"Heh heh, this is interesting, someone actually dares to oppose the City Lords Mansion, theres bound to be a good show."

"How could the City Lords Mansion let him go? Such a pity that a talented young man will die today in Blue Wave City."

Whispers from the onlookers came from all around, as many pointed at Yang Kai and talked about him with their friends. More cultivators who heard the disturbance were also arriving all the time, wanting to join in the fun.

Soon, the entire street became crowded, and Yang Kai and the others were surrounded by multiple layers of people.

Meanwhile, the extremely arrogant burly man from before wore a dull expression on his face. When he saw his companion killed by Yang Kai with a wave of his hand, a chill came over him from head to toe and a look of terror filled his face.

He never dreamed that someone would dare to kill people inside Blue Wave City, much less someone from the City Lords Mansion.

The sunlight suddenly seemed to get blocked, and when he looked up, he saw Yang Kai standing right in front of him, his arms crossed, looking down at him condescendingly from above, like a proud dragon overlooking an ant.

"Little Brother, mercy!" The big man struggled to get up before suddenly falling to his knees and kowtowing, "Little Brother, forgive me, I was blind and failed to see. I had no intention to offend Little Brother, I only ask Little Brother to be the bigger man and not care about a lowly dog like me."

Compared with his life, a little shame was nothing to him.

He no longer had the guts to challenge Yang Kai.

"You want to live?" Yang Kai smiled at him.

The big man nodded repeatedly.

Yang Kai nodded back and his expression softened, "Good. Then, I dont have to kill you."

"Many thanks, Little Brother, many thanks Little Brother!" The big man cried bitterly, "What is it that Little Brother wants in return?"

He wasnt stupid, Yang Kai being willing to let him go obviously had some kind of price.

"Is your City Lord currently in his residence?" Yang Kai asked.

"Yes, Sir City Lord is present."

"Alright, then lead the way!" Yang Kai gestured.

"Uh" The big man was dumbfounded, his expression turning extremely strange.

"Hurry up!" Yang Kai kicked him and shouted.

"Yes, yes!" The big man quickly got up, no longer daring to delay, and quickly led the way.

"Feier, come with me, were going to the City Lords Mansion to raise a ruckus!" Yang Kai beckoned to Liu Feier and the others.

"En," The several juniors immediately followed.

The old man was dumbfounded and didnt react until Yang Kai and his familys juniors disappeared into the crowd, stomping his foot after he recovered and following after hurriedly.

The onlookers were now in an uproar.

This young man really didnt know how to write the word death. After killing someone from the City Lords Mansion, instead of escaping from Blue Wave City, he wanted to go to the City Lords Mansion to make trouble.

There was actually such a fearless and reckless person in this world?!

What were his origins? Did he really have something to rely on, or was he simply tired of living?

Full of curiosity, everyone wanted to know what the fate of this young man would be, so they all followed after him.

It was not long before all of Blue Wave City was whipped into a frenzy, with a massive number of cultivators, led by Yang Kai, rushing towards the City Lords Mansion.

However, all of these people were just coming to watch the fun rather than fight with the City Lords Mansion because none of them had such guts!

In the centre of Blue Wave City, in front of a magnificent palace, dozens of cultivators were standing guard.

With such a big event happening in the city, it was natural that news made its way back to the City Lords Mansion. Blue Wave Citys City Lord was furious and immediately brought his men out to meet the enemy. He wanted to see which bastard had eaten the gall of the bear and the heart of a leopard to dare challenge him!

As a city attached to Heaven Battling City, Blue Wave City also had a large number of cultivators in its City Lords Mansion, making it a powerful force unto its own. There were also a large number of cultivators scattered throughout the city to deal with some unexpected events.

The City Lord and his inner circle were all Origin Returning Realm masters, with two of them even having reached the Third-Order.

For a City Lords Group, it could still be considered quite a powerful lineup.

At this moment, City Lord Dan Ying was furious as he stood outside the City Lords Mansion with his hands behind his back, staring out at the bustling crowd which was approaching from afar, his eyes narrowing as they honed in on a particular young man.

He knew at a glance that this young man was the one who was the source of this trouble.

Additionally, one of Dan Yings subordinates, whose face was covered in blood, was walking ahead of the crowd in a hunched-up posture, seemingly leading the way for the young man.

The sound of a few gulping could be heard when the cultivators of the City Lords Mansion saw the massive crowd of cultivators following behind this youth, many of them beginning to feel a little uneasy.

"Stop panicking!" Dan Ying roared, "Those people are just following the crowd, they wont dare pick a fight with the City Lords Mansion so boldly. All we have to do is kill the young man leading them and the others will scatter like chickens and dogs!"

"Sir City Lord is right, dont panic!" One of the Elders agreed.

Hearing this, the other cultivators managed to calm down.

Soon after, Yang Kai and the crowd arrived in front of the City Lords Mansion, but aside from him and the few members of the old mans group, everyone else stopped to watch the fun from a thousand metres away.

This was per the laws of Blue Wave City. Anyone who stepped within a thousand metres of the City Lords Mansion without permission would be killed without mercy! Those who wanted to watch the excitement were still fearful of the City Lords Mansion, so they dared not step beyond this invisible boundary.

"That man is your City Lord?" Yang Kai cast his gaze towards Dan Ying and asked the man leading them.

The big mans eyes glanced over quickly before he nodded very slightly.

"Deacon Liu, what happened? Why did you bring so many people to the City Lords Mansion to make trouble?!" Dan Ying stared at the big man with an imposing glare and asked.

The big man raised his head towards Dan Ying and his eyes flashed, as if he suddenly made a decision that was to decide his fate. Pushing his Saint Qi, this Deacon Liu shot out like a bolt of lightning.

In an instant, he rushed to Dan Yings side.

Seeing this, Yang Kai just smiled meaningfully, not making any attempt to stop him, seemingly having expected this to happen.

"Sir City Lord, please forgive me!" The big man yelled, "Its not that subordinate wanted to lead these people here to make trouble, I was forced to!"

"Who dares to force you!" Dan Ying shouted coldly.

"It was that little brat!" The big man turned around and pointed straight at Yang Kai. After escaping from Yang Kais control, and standing next to Dan Ying, this man seemed to gain a sense of security and no longer had any scruples, grinding his teeth as he continued, "Subordinate was just doing his duty, collecting taxes with Deacon Zhou, but out of nowhere, this arrogant boy used his superior cultivation and attacked us, injuring me and killing Deacon Zhou. He did not put the City Lords Mansion in his eyes at all! To survive, this subordinate had to compromise and agree to lead this boy to the City Lords Mansion to seek justice from Sir City Lord!"

He had just been kowtowing and begging for his life, but if one had not seen that scene and simply heard him speaking, they would think he was a man of courage who braved great risk to bring Yang Kai to face punishment here.

Yang Kais eyes remained calm as he listened, finding this big man somewhat amusing.

"Good, well done!" Dan Ying nodded lightly.

"Idiot, do you think you are safe if you stand next to your City Lord? If I want to kill you, your City Lord cant protect you!" Yang Kai sneered.

"Impudence!" Dan Ying roared, "Boy, youre far too arrogant. Dont think that you have the ability to not put the world in your eyes. This City Lord wants to see how you can kill Deacon Liu while he is here!"

"As you wish!" Yang Kai grinned and a golden light suddenly appeared in his left eye, after which a lotus bud manifested and shot forward, disappearing a moment later.

Screams suddenly rang out, as the big man standing beside Dan Ying put his hands on his head, dropped to the ground, and rolled about frantically.

His cries were miserable, as if he was suffering some kind of unimaginable torture, causing everyone who heard his voice to shiver in fear.

No one knew what had happened to the big man to cause him such pain.

Three breaths later, a dull thud sounded.

The head of the big man burst open like a ripe watermelon, splattering blood and brains all around, completely dying the surrounding area red.

Audible gasps echoed from all directions.

Dan Ying and the leaders of Blue Wave City all shivered when they saw this and their faces turned pale, clear signs of fear flashing across their eyes.

Standing behind Yang Kai, Liu Feier was stunned for a moment, as if she hadnt realized what was going on, but soon, her pretty face turned pale and she rushed to the side to vomit the entire content of her stomach.

"Did you see it clearly?" Yang Kai looked over at Dan Ying contemptuously and chuckled mockingly.

Dan Yings face was extremely ugly and gloomy, but he didnt say a word.

He didnt know what kind of method Yang Kai used, but with his Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation, he at least noticed that this boy had used some kind of powerful Soul Technique to silently kill Deacon Liu.

But just how strong would this boys Divine Sense have to be to make Deacon Lius head explode!?

Dan Ying quickly determined that he would not have been able to achieve such a feat.

A powerful enemy had appeared!

Dan Ying no longer dared to underestimate Yang Kai, his expression growing extremely solemn.
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