Martial Peak Chapter 1386

Chapter 1386 Flying Shark Battle Shuttle

The reaction these people had obviously satisfied Lu Ye greatly. Even if he knew that their words carried no sincerity, Lu Ye didnt need it.

In the face of absolute strength, what did unwillingness matter?

Grinning wickedly, Lu Ye nodded, "Good, since you are so sincere, its not a bad idea to spare your lives, but the Saints are too weak, theyre useless to me. Kill them all!"

Hearing this, the faces of everyone present changed dramatically, especially those of the few Saint Realm cultivators who began to panic. None of them had expected that even after kowtowing and pledging allegiance to this man, they would still be unable to escape death, so they immediately began begging for mercy.

The two Origin Returning Realm masters also wore incredulous looks; after all, these Saints were their Juniors. How could they just kill them?

Lu Ye was unimpressed by this sight, however, and coldly uttered, "Do I have to do it myself?"

Cheng Dong and the other Origin Realm master were dazed when they heard this, but remembering what the fate of the elderly man and exchanging a knowing glance, they steeled themselves and pushed their Saint Qi towards the few Saint Realm cultivators.

With a series of cracking noises, all the Saints had their heads crushed and died on the spot.

"En," Lu Ye gently nodded, satisfied with this and commanded, "This Senior has a task for you all."

"Please command us, Master!" Cheng Dong said reverently.

"No matter what method you use, whether through force or temptation, find some more Origin Realm masters for this Senior. Their strength should not be lower than yours. Find some more Saint Kings as well."

"Yes," Cheng Dong heard this and immediately understood what Lu Ye was going to do. This young man clearly wanted to use the same method he had used on them to gather subordinates, something Cheng Dong felt no reluctance to do.

A persons psychology was usually like this. After suffering a loss, they were quite happy to see others suffer with them.

"But Master, where should we bring these people?"

"The Xie Family!" After Lu Ye finished, he summoned his Star Shuttle and flew off towards the Xie Family residence.

After he left, Cheng Dong gasped for breath. When he was tortured by Lu Ye just now, he was certain he was about to die, but unexpectedly he had survived, so he felt naturally somewhat fortunate.

"Brother Cheng, do we really have to take orders from that little brat?" The other Origin Realm master stared in the direction Lu Ye disappeared and frowned, his face filled with unwillingness. Although he was the first one to kneel down and pledge allegiance, he was clearly still unconvinced.

Lu Yes cultivation was lower than his, and Flowing Cloud Valley, which he belonged to, wasnt any more powerful than his own background, so what skill or ability did he have to command his loyalty?

"What else can we do? Would Brother Ren like to try the pain of that Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insect?" Cheng Dong recalled the torture he had just suffered and couldnt help shivering in fear.

Ren Zhus face turned ugly as he hesitantly said, "But this little brat"

"Its strange, right?" Cheng Dong said thoughtfully, "Flowing Cloud Valley isnt a very strong force, so how could they produce such an extraordinary character? His methods are simply extraordinary, even that Black Snake Sword was unable to harm him. Brother Ren, do you have confidence that you could withstand a sneak attack from that Black Snake Sword?"

Ren Zhu shook his head slowly, the Black Snake Sword was elderly mans most powerful artifact so Ren Zhu didnt dare take a hit from it, but Lu Ye did. Now, in retrospect, there were many strange aspects to this brief confrontation, but Lu Yes strength was obviously not low.

"Neither you nor I would be a match for him alone, yet hes only a Third-Order Saint King. If he reached the Third-Order Returning Realm one day, heh heh, Brother Ren, dont you understand the concept of finding shade under a great tree?"

Hearing this, Ren Zhus eyes flashed.

"Furthermore, both of our families arent very powerful, and now that the Emperor Garden has appeared, everyone wants a cup of soup from it. If we join hands with that little brat, perhaps we can obtain some benefits. Most importantly, this Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insect is too strange, Ive never even heard of it before, so there obviously arent many people who would be able to remove it."

"What Brother Cheng says makes sense; it seems we might as well take orders from that kid for now. In any case, the future is still far away."

"En, my thoughts exactly!" Cheng Dong nodded.

Now that the two of them had reached an understanding, they quickly started planning how to carry out the task assigned to them by Lu Ye: Finding some Origin Returning Realm masters and luring them to the Xie Family to let them be implanted with the Ten Thousand Poison Evil Insect.


Half a month later, inside his cave mansion on Dragon Cave Mountain, Yang Kai stared at the blood-red Star Emperor Token in his hand with a look of joy on his face.

After half a month, he had finally finished refining this intact Star Emperor Token and could now take it into his body. He had heard of one-time use artifacts before and understood that each one was incredibly powerful, but because of the limited number of uses, ordinary Artifact Refiners wouldnt easily refine them.

Yang Kai never expected to obtain one, much less an incredibly famous one like this Star Emperor Token!

Sealed inside of this token was one of the Starry Sky Great Emperors Divine Abilities, one powerful enough to make him invincible on Shadowed Star; however, the consequences for using it were equally great. The Starry Sky Great Emperors Divine Ability was not something ordinary, and if one didnt possess enough strength to withstand the backlash from using it, they would very likely die together with the enemy he used it on.

Yang Kai couldnt withstand such backlash currently, and even if he reached the Origin Returning Realm, he would have to think twice about it. Perhaps he would need to reach the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm just to be capable of using it.

After happily playing with this token for a while, Yang Kai took it into his body. Just as he was about to begin cultivating his Golden Blood Thread Secret Technique though, his expression suddenly changed as he turned to stare in a certain direction, a look of surprise on his face.

A moment later, Yang Kai got up and disappeared like a ghost from his cave mansion, concealed his aura, and silently flew out of Dragon Cave Mountain.

With it being night time and with Yang Kai deliberately hiding his whereabouts, no one on Dragon Cave Mountain noticed he had left.

Half an hour later, Yang Kais figure landed in a patch of wilderness about three hundred kilometres from Heavenly Fate City.

Not far away stood a graceful figure, seemingly waiting for him. Aware of his arrival, this figure glanced over at him and helplessly said, "I knew I wouldnt be able to hide from you."

"Of course not!" Yang Kai coldly snorted, "You gave me a control token for the Mountain Defending Array, of course Ill notice if you activate it!"

It was Yang Yan who had quietly left Dragon Cave Mountain in the middle of the night!

"What did you come out here for?" Yang Kai asked suspiciously.

"I want to go somewhere," Yang Yan didnt conceal anything.

"Where do you want to go? Why didnt you tell me first?" Yang Kai looked at her with dissatisfaction. Nowadays dragons and snakes mixed together all around Heavenly Fate City. Every great force on Shadowed Star had masters here to monitor the Emperor Garden, but the Emperor Garden hadnt done anything for quite some time, so many had become idle and were now beginning to stir up trouble; after all, many of the forces gathered here had grudges between them.

Every day, fights occurred near Heavenly Fate City and many people died each time.

Shadow Moon Hall wouldnt interfere casually with these grievances, so the situation near Heavenly Fate City had become more and more chaotic.

Yang Yan leaving alone at this time was very dangerous, so Yang Kai would naturally be angry.

"Didnt you follow me anyways?" Yang Yan pouted.

"Tell me, where do you want to go by sneaking out?" Yang Kai looked at her helplessly.

"Youll know when we get there," Yang Yan grinned, and before Yang Kai could ask any questions, she continued, "When I get there, Ill know much more and I may be able to answer all of your questions. Dont ask now, because I currently dont have those answers."

Yang Kai frowned, but still nodded gently after a long silence, "Let me explain to everyone back on Dragon Cave Mountain, then we can set out."

"No need, I already sent a message to Wu Yi and Qian Yue," Yang Yan spat out her tongue, causing Yang Kai to realize that she never had any intention of leaving alone.

Unable to stifle it, Yang Kai let out a laugh.

Yang Yan next wiped her Space Ring and took out a shuttle-like artifact.

Tossing it up, in an instant, a brilliant light flashed and this shuttle-like artifact rapidly began expanding, growing to a length of ten metres in the blink of an eye while quietly floating in front of the pair, looking like a long shark.

"This is" Yang Kai stared in shock.

"My improved flight type artifact, the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle. This should be a good test for its maiden voyage," Yang Yan smiled lightly before injecting some of her Saint Qi into the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle, causing a door in its side to open.

Yang Yan flew up to the door and beckoned to Yang Kai before hurriedly disappearing inside.

Still in a state of shock, Yang Kai flew up and circled the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle several times before following Yang Yan inside.

Upon entering, Yang Kai abruptly froze because, from the outside, this so-called Flying Shark Battle Shuttle was only ten metres long, but inside it actually had the appearance of a ship with several rooms, and although the space wasnt too large, it wasnt small either.

A familiar power fluctuation came from all around Yang Kai, allowing him to realize what was happening.

[Space Force!]

After briefly examining the interior of this Flying Shark Battle Shuttle, Yang Kai located Yang Yan and walked over to her, arriving at a room filled with a variety of Spirit Arrays.

The entire room was filled with a dense aura and many objects that resembled Saint Crystals were densely placed in various grooves.

Saint Crystal Sources!

These were Saint Crystal Sources that only the Stone Puppet could condense, existences on a higher level than High-Rank Saint Crystals.

At this moment, Yang Yan was fiddling with an array in front of her. When Yang Kai looked over her shoulder, he found that this array actually displayed a giant map with many glowing points on it, similar to a Star Chart.

Yang Yan chose one of these glowing spots and in the next instant, Yang Kai noticed that the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle jerked slightly and shot off like a bolt of lightning.

Releasing his Divine Sense to check, Yang Kai was again dumbfounded.

He found that the flying speed of this Flying Shark Battle Shuttle was several times greater than that of a Star Shuttle, reaching quite a terrifying level.

"A while ago, you had me infuse Space Force into a number of objects, were they used as components for this thing?" Yang Kais eyes flashed a surprised light.


"You can even refine something like this?" Yang Kai was thoroughly shocked.

This Flying Shark Battle Shuttle was nothing short of a miniaturized Starship, one of an extremely high grade at that.

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