Magical Ties Chapter 109

109 Christmas 3

Yona was amazed at how there are over twenty children and they all have something to do. Some are building gingerbread houses,while others are baking cookies. When finished inside they come out and either play in the snow or help clean the driveway. Even all of the adults have duties,two of the cousins help each group of the kids. While the older adults either help the with the kids or helping prepare dinner. He notices Astila heading to the woods. He calls out to him. Astila waves him to come with him. They are making their way down a path when they come to a clearing he finds a group of the men putting up lights on the evergreens around a lake. Looking around there are tables being placed under a large gazebo style building with an old stone fireplace. Astila looks at his brother and explains

"This was where Onacona lived and died before. Aisling wants to have it decorated for tonight. The lake is frozen enough for ice skating . She doesn't want to make him wait till spring to see it. "

Yona thinks about his sister in law.

"I've been wondering something, does she do all of this all the time? I mean she seems to have everything run so smoothly that I can't find fault at all. Like up at the house. Everyone is busy. The kids haven't cried, or melted down not once. There hasn't been any screaming or fighting of any kind. How can she have this many people around and there not be no drama at all."

Astila begins to laugh .

" Have you not noticed that there in every room is a small bowl with a burner under it. Inside the bowl is sage and lavender simmering with moon water. Most in the house never notice , others think it's just think it's a air freshener. She will do this with every gathering to help balance the energy in the house. " Yona thinks to himself he truly has a very special sister-in-law. They start helping the others get things ready for later. He and Astila chop wood for the fireplace to warm the area. He hears a horn beeping and sees Sam coming with the truck. On the back of the truck is a large cast iron pot. He gets help from two of the others to place this pot on the hook of the fire place do it can start to get warm. In no time you can smell the cider getting warm. They hear the kids laughing as they get closer. The woman are bringing pots and baskets of food . Before long everyone is there. Aisling is yo bring Maureen and Onacona down any minute. John motions for everyone to be quiet as they approach. When the hear Aisling signal John flips the switch to light everything up. They see ther take the blindfold from his eyes. Onacona is just staring at his old home. Looking at all of those that are his family sitting in front of his fireplace. The trees sparkling in the dusk. Maureen looks at her husband noticing the tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

"So what do you think of what our girl did? " he looks at Aisling and just hugs her tightly.

"Thank you it's more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. " with that they all cheered and John said grace . The rest of the evening was fun and games with the family skating and just singing carols. For Astila watching how happy his wife is makes the entire day priceless.

Yona has never laughed or smiled so much in his life. He has never seen his Uncle so happy either. He has to say that he is very happy that his brother met Aisling. She has brought what was missing from their family she has brought joy into their lives.

Debra goes and turns on the radio in the truck. One of Aisling's cousins ,David grabs her and they start to dance . He hears one of the aunts yell remember there are children present . Not knowing why they would say that he looks at Astila with a puzzled look.

"If you come out with us New Years Eve you will understand. My wife can out dance a stripper. Believe me I was more than surprised the first time I saw her in a bar. "

"Looks like I'm going out with you on New Year's Eve then . I have got to see that with my own eyes. I cannot imagine her dancing that way. She seems to proper." He watches the family face and laugh till late at night finally Aisling reminds everyone that it's Christmas Eve the next day and she has an early day . They all say their good nights while cleaning up everything as they leave. Astila hops in the back of the truck placing Aisling on his lap. Sam drops them off back at the house. Aisling is asleep before they even get there. Astila carries her upstairs and puts her to bed. Snuggling up beside his wife thanking the universe for sending her to him. He places his hand on the small mound of her belly. Saying good night to the twins he falls asleep.

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