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Magical Ties summary:

She is descendent of both a Wiccan and a shaman. Unaware of her powers she attracts both good and evil . He is a descendant of strong powerful shaman who can communicate with the spirits. Can he guide and teach her before she gets herself in trouble.

Disclaimer: Neither the picture nor the content belong to me. They are uploaded here, not for any bad purpose but for entertainment only.

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Magical Ties Chapters

Time uploaded
110 Christmas 42 weeks ago
109 Christmas 32 weeks ago
108 Christmas 22 weeks ago
107 Christmas2 weeks ago
106 Uktena 22 weeks ago
105 Uktena2 weeks ago
98 Road Trip43 weeks ago
97 Road Trip 33 weeks ago
96 Road Trip 23 weeks ago
95 Road Trip3 weeks ago
94 Family Time3 weeks ago
84 Little Lotus4 weeks ago
83 Yona4 weeks ago
78 Trip Home4 weeks ago
69 Homecoming4 weeks ago
57 Lynx Secrets4 weeks ago
49 New Treasure4 weeks ago
47 Hand Fasting4 weeks ago
44 Sister Love4 weeks ago
43 Special Gif4 weeks ago
42 Alone Time 24 weeks ago
41 Time Alone4 weeks ago
40 Night Out 34 weeks ago
34 New Arrival4 weeks ago
31 Daniel House4 weeks ago
16 The Woods4 weeks ago
9 Cat And Mouse4 weeks ago
4 Dream Walk4 weeks ago
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