Magic King In A Certain Magic Academy Chapter 38

37 Ss 1: Regis Falna Life After The Nightmare

I need to get stronger as fast as possible!

That was the thing the boy repeatedly thinks about whenever he wakes up from his slumber.

It's been a month since the tragedy happened to his village. But every time the boy falls asleep, he always sees it in his dreams. Everyone died that night, even the animals and insects were not spared from it. There's not a single night he did not relive that nightmare.

'My sister, the old priest, my friends, the villagers'

The was the only survivor from that tragedy. He doesn't know how and why but the boy miraculously survived. Maybe it was the will of the Gods that he survived so that he can avenge his village to those people to those Forbidden-Magic Users.

It was a female magician named Manaria who found the boy that night. He was lying down near the forest of the burnt village. The boy was barely conscious and his body bathed in blood belonging to himself and someone else. For an unknown reason, Manaria took the boy with her to the royal capital of the Edinburgh Empire to save his life.

A few days after the boy recovered from his injury, he told Manaria that he accepts her offer to teach him magic. Hearing what the boy said Manaria made him hold a crystal that can accurately measure his magic aptitude.

The result was favorable. During the night she saved him from his burning village, she already told him that he has something and it is strong enough to rival of her magic. The crystal said he can use magic but the element he has is unknown even to Manaria so she can only teach him how to utilize it.

'Even if it's unknown magic, I'm very glad I already have someone to learn magic from. With this, I'm already one step towards my goal.'

"U-uuhn~! It's time to begin my training again." The boy said after he stretched his arms upwards before leaping down from the bed and head out to wash his face. As soon as he was ready, he went immediately to the training room in Manaria's big mansion.

Yes, it is a big mansion, a very large one to be precise.

When she took him in, the boy was rendered speechless the first time he saw it.

'Woah! What a big house Manaria has. Everyone in our village can surely fit to live in this!'

The boy was thinking something along those lines. Even the despairing child like him was amazed at the size of the place at that time. It's like a small palace for princes and princesses. It has many big rooms and other facilities. It also has a library with so many antique books and training rooms.

Speaking of the training rooms, Manaria's mansion has two varieties of the training room. One is for magic training and one is for martial arts training.

In the past two weeks since the boy officially started on his magic studies under Manaria, he only used the library to learn the history and the basics about magic. The boy was yet to step his foot on the training rooms to begin his real training in magic.

During his first week in this mansion, the boy not surprised to find himself lost inside of it. But as the owner's newly adopted student, he was forced to memorize every part of the mansion in just two days. Manaria is a very strict teacher, but it was a good thing because she's very knowledgeable about magic. The boy is very also very attentive and was able to easily understand everything she was teaching him.

"Magic is the center of everything in this world. It can be said that everything around us is magic itself, but it doesn't mean that all Magic is the center of everything. There's only one magic that is the center of everything. A magic that is very different from the other magic. It's not elemental magic and it's also not a non-elemental magic. It is the neutral magic that gave birth to all magic. You can say that it was the origin of everything. It is called the Origin magic. It is said in the legends that Origin Magic is the magic of Gods!"

-is what Manaria told the boy. He was honestly amazed by what she is talking about and the boy started to think about his unknown magic.

'Maybe I also possess very amazing magic.'

He was very excited that time. The boy came to know that he might also possess very strong magic since it is rare unknown magic. With Manaria as his master, the boy was certain that he will have his revenge sooner than he expected.

'Maybe I won't need to wait for more than five years based on my estimation

Or so I thought...'


After learning everything the boy needed to learn about general knowledge, magic, and martial arts through reading books and lectures from Manaria for almost four months, he, Regis Falna, is finally entitled to truly learn magic and martial arts!

"Focus now your consciousness on the surroundings. Feel the presence of the mana around you."

Manaria said as she watches Regis begin his training on the basics of magic. The energy particles in the atmosphere that fuels magic are called Mana. Mages are said to be containing mana inside their body and was able to control Mana from their surroundings so they can use magic.

Regis spent a day to grasp the feeling of mana on the surroundings. After that, he began to absorb it to his body and learned how to apply the usage of mana on every single movement he makes. Regis applied mana on walking, writing, reading, and even in sleeping and eating. He literally used mana on everything, to learn it faster. Because of that, it only took him a week to perfect it.

The next thing he learned is invoking simple magic.

After learning to perfectly manipulate mana, invoking magic should be very simple. But for Regis, it was very difficult at first. He conducted many experiments to try and see what is the effect of his magic. After a few days of trying everything, Regis finally see a result.

"Bring everything back to its origin[Reverse Origin]!" Regis chanted as he pours his magic on an old rusty sword. The sword emitted a faint light and its appearance slowly returned to its former glory. It's like a newly made sword.

Regis decided to try it many times and on other objects too, and he learned that the result may vary depending on the amount of magic he injected to it.

There was one time that he accidentally poured a large amount of magic in a large wooden barrel. It became like a newly-bought barrel but as he still pours some more magic, the barrel slowly breaks and disappear as if there was nothing.

Manaria told him that he has a non-elemental magic user. He is a type of magician that can't use any magic belonging on the six basic types of elements. She said his magic is rather special and she warned Regis not to carelessly use it for other people to see. Because of that, he decided to hide it from the others.

Well, it's not that there are many people who will see it aside from Manaria, her servants and Regis himself. Ever since that Regis live in this mansion, he never stepped outside the plot of land where this mansion is built.

Regis never saw other people aside from the ones inside this mansion but it's not that he being lonely or anything. It just suddenly entered his mind when he was resting while gazing at the window. Regis only wanted to see what the royal capital looks like. With those thoughts in his mind, he asked Manaria if she will allow him to go outside.

"H-Hey Master It's been a whole month since I started to live in this mansion and I never had a chance to go outside. So, I was just thinking if I can now go outside for a change of pace?"

Regis was rather nervous when he asked the question, but Manaria surprisingly answered him

"Kid, I never forbid you to go outside. It's just you who is thinking that."

And so, Regis excitedly strolled around the royal capital of the west kingdom.
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