Magic King In A Certain Magic Academy Chapter 34

39 Chapter 34: Victory For The Royal Pudding Fanclub

When the mediator announced that the battle begins, Elizabeth and her opponent quickly activated their personal magic modes and enter their combat stance.

Elizabeth who is famous for her very quick invocation instantly cast her magic towards her opponent.

"Wild gale that shakes the earth, pierce through themLance of Tempest!"

Instantly, the battlefield was surrounded by fierce winds. Few silhouettes of lances made of wind suddenly also appeared and began to move to take down the guy from Extreme Assault Magic Department.

Elizabeth's opponent quickly defended against her instantaneous magic by creating a small dome of earth shield. At the same time, he counters the attack with earth element magic which is also instantaneous magic and area-of-effect magic .called Dark Swamp.

The sandy grayish ground with a radius of ten meters under Elizabeth suddenly turned dark brown and started to melt at a very fast rate.

Elizabeth swiftly activated her magic and brought herself up in the air to avoid the magic. But the moment she started to float, numerous big sizes of rocks entered her view. Her opponent was standing on one of the floating chunks of rocks.

"-Wha?! Instantaneous Earth Fall magic? This many?!" Elizabeth was surprised by what she saw.

It appears that her opponent is also thinking of ending the match early. After all, even this fight is an exhibition match, it is best to hide their true strength in fighting to prevent a future opponent knowing what magic spells you can use.

Earth Fall, an intermediate earth element magic that creates a number of big chunks of solid, round and sharp rocks in the air to crush their opponents.

Usually, when using this magic, a normal earth element user can only create five to six big chunks of large rocks but this time Elizabeth's opponent created more than twenty rocks. It's like they are battling an opponent at the Grand Master Magician level.

"This is bad!" Elizabeth gritted her teeth as she prepares her defensive magic to survive the attack.

Elizabeth is not very confident if she will be able to withstand the attack but she will not give up if there's a little chance. It's her first exhibition match after she was accepted to this academy. So many students are watching, including her best friend.

And the match had only just begun, to think that she will lose to her opponent this early Elizabeth's heart sunk at that thought.

'I won't give up! Princess Arias is watching me!'

Elizabeth quickly revolves the magic she has inside her body. Her magic mode, Tempest Mail, that should be covering and protecting her whole body like a suit of armor changed shape and it formed a gigantic golden lance. The golden lance is emitting a loud screeching sound as if there was a huge amount of wind in the place and causing friction that produces that sound.

Even before the numerous Earth Fall descended from above, a golden-white light flashed in the arena accompanied by a single word from the person who is utilized her magic to the fullest.


Crackling noise soon can be heard from everywhere after the golden light flashed. Then, the whole battlefield was ravaged by wild storm as if a typhoon came.

After the tempest died down, silence fills the arena. Everyone was shocked at the scene. The whole field instantly becomes frozen with magic, and it took only but a single word!

All the floating huge chunks of rocks was missing. Elizabeth remained standing but slight fatigue was apparent on her face because of mana exhaustion. On the other end of the field, her opponent's body was lying face down on the ground unconscious.

"Since the student from Extreme Assault Magic Department cannot continue the battle, it's the students from Royal Pudding Fanclub's victory!"

On the arena, it was Robert's voice who shattered the silence with his announcement that the match was already concluded in place of the dumbfounded mediator. After that, he begins to give commentary on what happened just now. What a powerful attack!

The match ended in an instant!

After the announcement, the collapsed student was carried to the infirmary. Although the guy was hit by that powerful attack, everything happened on the field with a special barrier so in reality he's not physically hurt and only fainted due to mental damage. In reality, their bodies were not affected in the slightest.

"Elizaaa~! Your magic is very amazing!" Arias yelled excitedly from the crowd.

Although Elizabeth is somewhat disappointed at her own performance since she was forced to use one of her trump cards, she's also glad that she won the match against a senior student. She was able to turn that situation instantly by using her magic! That only proves that she deserves to be the vice representative for her year.

"Thank you, princess! FufuI'll tell you about it later." replied Elizabeth with a smile.

After she exited the arena, Elizabeth quickly left to meet up with Arias and the rest.
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