Magic King In A Certain Magic Academy Chapter 33

38 Chapter 33: The Event In The Great Battle Arena.

"I specially summoned you five, my Origin Shadows Corps, to let you witness the awakening of the "Queen" on the next few weeks and for the security of this academy since the remaining bastards will target the Magic Festival."

Allan squinted his eyes at the mention of the remnants of a certain group that made a lot of chaos in the world. The forbidden magic practitioners are also his target of revenge and that's one of the reasons why he pledged to follow Regis. Randolf did not have much reaction and Jonathan nodded his head in understanding the situation.

"Ara ara~ How foolish they are to deliver themselves to our king," Cecil reveals a luscious smile as her cheeks slightly redden at the thought of hearing the delightful screams of the dying enemies they'll have.

The quiet Clarabelle who is eating her healthy lunch set since the start of the meal conversation suddenly looks at Regis and Arias, widening her eyes.

"Do you mean her, Milord? As in the Magic Queummff!"

"Shhhhii!!!!!!. Don't get too loud, you excited fool!"

Reena quickly covered Clarabelle's mouth to prevent her from speaking in a loud voice. Thankfully that the cafeteria that time is crowded that their surrounding is already noisy and busy that no one even paid them any attention. But the person whose name was mentioned, Arias raised an eyebrow and looked at Regis doubtingly.

"Please don't ask me for now. We'll talk about that later." Regis assured Arias as he slowly takes a hold of her hand and gives it a gentle squeeze.

"It's rare for you to be that surprised, Clarabelle. There is only one candidate for that ever since I become a king and there's no way that I won't find her. Arias is my childhood friend and she's the Magnus of the Light's, King Edward's only daughter."

"Hmm So this princess is the Queen to be We didn't know about your encounter with her during your childhood, Milord." A saddened expression flashed in Clarabelle's face as she looks at the couple.

A pang of jealousy and disappointment swirled in her heart but she quickly suppressed it. Clarabelle knew what will happen if she let her feelings cloud her mind and do a big mistake.

"Of course you won't. Only a handful of people know about that. Anyways, since Arias already heard about this, I will fill her in about the details later. As for those guys who target the festival in a few months, keep it in your mind that I won't tolerate any mishap. This is an Order. After all, I had a premonition since I read a letter from Edward."

A cold aura flashed from Regis and his expression darken. This appearance of Regis, the five members of Origin Shadows Corps will never forget the day when they attacked the base of operation of the forbidden magic practitioners.

"Of course, Milord." Clarabelle gravely answers.

"Worry not my King. I'll take care of the safety of this academy." the scholarly young man responds in complete confidence.

That day after the dusk, a tenfold magic barrier with a very sensitive detection was erected and encircles the academy.


In the afternoon on the same day, since the classes for today are suspended, most of the students including the very recently returned second year and third-year students headed to the Great Battle Arena. Arias invited the siblings to the arena to watch Elizabeth in her performance for her department.

The Great Battle Arena is like a big coliseum, like the arena for a gladiator's fight that can accommodate nearly a few thousands of spectators. Everything about the Great Battle Arena is fortified by strong magic which makes it very suitable for events like this. At the center of the arena is a large field covered with sand and flat soil where the contenders are gonna fight until someone loses.

A piece of news about a few pairs of students wanting to have an official duel with their rivals to update their ranking and gain recognition of their peers and the new batch of freshmen. Some second-year and third-year students will even conduct an exhibition match to show the strength of each department they came from for more recruits.

The Great Battle Arena today is very crowded. With most of the academy students present, the arena now has its half of the seats occupied. There's also some academy instructors including Robert, to monitor the happenings in the arena.

The time Regis, Arias and Reena arrived at the arena, the set of official duels are already settled and what left are the exhibition matches for magic department recruitment.

Arias heaved a sigh of relief as she sees that they came just in time for Elizabeth's department performance. As expected of the stern personality of the Elizabeth, she's already at the arena a few minutes before the exhibition.

From the appearance of freshmen vice representative, anyone can see that she's really prepared for the match. Her body is brimming with dense mana and her eyes are blazing with fighting spirit.

Look! The gal is from Royal Pudding Fanclub! She will have a match with a guy from Extreme Assault Magic Department and it will start in just a few minutes!

She's beautiful like that. That concentrated mana around her is dazzling!

She looks very focus! This will be a good fight!

Oh my goodness! The guy from Extreme Assault Magic Department looks very strong and handsome. I wonder if he has a girlfriend~

With the two contenders coming into view, the spectators are suddenly become rowdy and chattering about their prediction of the outcome is can be heard from everywhere. Some students were even trying to make some bets for their predicted winner of the match.

"Damn! I never heard of that brilliant Royal Pudding Fanclub before. Looks like my magic department is already decided." Regis' eyes began to twinkle as he thought about the possibilities the department have.

'A sacred place to enjoy the royal pudding with other crazy fans of the said food. What a blissful place it is. I wonder who the founder is...'

"As expected of you, Regis. I had a hunch that you definitely enter this department once you know of it and here we are. You only heard the name and it's already decided that you will enter the club." Arias can only look at Regis with a wry smile.

"Hehe~ Reena will join that department with her big brother! Together we will make the Royal Pudding Fanclub the most popular and the strongest department in this acadno, in the whole continent!" Reena chortled and she bounces excitedly as shakes Regis hand.

"That, I will definitely do!" Regis declare grandly as he emits an aura of righteousness. It was as if he was a hero telling the world that he will defeat the demon king! How grand!

After the siblings finished their grand schemes, the mediator of the duel finally triggered the cue for the start of the match.
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