Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 360

Chapter 360: God Sister Ran

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Qin Ran paused.

She took advantage of her quick reflexes and expressionlessly rejected the invitation.

The next second

[Your good friend OST Yang Fei invited you to play in the arena]

As the two God-level eSports players competed with their hand speed online, the group of people standing at the side still hadn’t recovered from the Twenty-stars Supreme-level, and once again fell into a trance at their hand speeds.

Qin Xiuchen, who had never been very interested in games, watched clearly as his little niece very impatiently opened her friend list.

She clicked on Yang Fei’s name and directly blocked him.

The friend list was online, and all of her friends were ranked accordingly.

Their ranking could be seen from top to bottom.

CJ (Twenty-star Supreme-level)

OST Yang Fei (Twenty-star Supreme-level)

OST Yi Jiming (Eleven-star Supreme-level)

They only noticed 20 friends on the first page, but Qin Ran’s hand speed was too fast, so they could only read the first two or three accounts. If there was a pause button, they definitely would read through all of her friends

Not one of them was below the Supreme-level!

Tian Xiaoxiao, who knew this game, was speechless.

Jing Wen’s cousin also lost his voice.

Bai Tiantian stood behind Qin Ran, stunned.

Everyone who played the Kyushu Tour knew OST Yang Fei, the God who occupied the game’s homepage every year, whose popularity on Weibo was comparable to first-rate celebrities.

They might not know the rest of the team, but they definitely knew Yang Fei!

Looking at the twenty-stars on the Friends page no one would think that this was high imitation

After all, those who scored twenty-stars were all professional-level Great Gods. Who could imitate such a level of skills

After blocking him, Qin Ran turned to the hotel owner to let him check.

The owner was silent.

She reached out and knocked on the table, her eyebrows raised. “You can check it.”

Still unable to return to his senses, the owner just stared at the “First District” written in the middle of her computer screen. “No No need to check”

Nodding, she directly opened the arena to play as a solo player.

She took nearly two minutes to be ranked with players since she was twenty-stars.

The four columns on the left showed the card selection page

Land cards (Full)

Human cards (Full)

Sky cards (Full)

God cards (9)

Jing Wen’s cousin was flabbergasted. “ What the f*ck! Am I blind??”

9 God cards??

He didn’t have time to figure it out.

Qin Ran scanned her cards. She had made a few extra God cards to give to class 3.9 last time, and they were still in her card collection. She casually chose three offensive cards and entered the arena.

In this rank, everyone was very cautious. The cards they brought were mostly supportive, and none of them brought three attack cards.

Seeing Qin Ran’s selection of cards, the players originally scolded her for not knowing how to play the game.

Her teammate’s mentality collapsed. It hadn’t been easy rising to this position.

Two minutes later.

Teammate: [Father, let’s form a duo!]

Seven minutes later.

Teammate: [Father, remember to add me as a friend!]

Eight minutes later.

End of game.

The ultimate Supreme-level all-kill in eight minutes.

At the end game page, Qin Ran had contributed 92% of all moves.

Those who didn’t know much about the game were also transfixed and at a loss. If this was a live-stream or a bullet screen, netizens would certainly explode!

After logging out of her account and closing the page, Qin Ran stood up and looked at the owner. She raised her eyes and asked, “Is it free?”

The owner’s hands trembled a little, and he stuttered, “I- I”

Last year’s match in Shanghai had been the most unforgettable match for the first generation OST fans, even more so than the international match where Yang Fei first became famous.

Because in that match, OST QR had appeared.

After the game, Cheng Juan had changed Qin Ran’s name back, but the district service and her twenty-stars remained unchanged, so the game points were still accumulated in the First District.

She was still a solo madwoman.

There was only one QR in the First District, and even if other people couldn’t recognize her, the owner definitely could.

He was one of the few first-generation fans.

Fans who joined later didn’t know, but the first generation fans always knew that QR had been the one who built the team. This unknown team had played from the city tournament to the international competition and had indeed seen victory, but the first generation players had never seen “QR.”

After so many revamps, the game increased in major copies and also in cards. The decoration facilities in the owner’s shop were of the original Kyushu Tour.

Speechless, he took off his microphone, went straight back to the counter, and took out a mission card from the drawer. Then, he took out a bunch of keys, opened a cabinet inside, and took out a photo, which he handed to Qin Ran.

It wasn’t a particularly new photo of a group of five people.

In the photo were Yang Fei and Yi Jiming, and in the middle stood a girl in a peaked cap whose face couldn’t be seen clearly.

The owner blocked the camera and flipped to the back, revealing four people’s autographs.

He had gotten Yang Fei’s signature after the international competition.

“It has been almost four years.” He smiled and walked over, pretending to be relaxed. “Can I finally complete my collection today?”

When Qin Ran first entered the store, she had seen the three God cards and recognized this store owner to be a first-generation fan.

Without replying to him, she just glanced sideways at the camera, and indifferently said, “Don’t come here.”

Then, she walked over and picked up the black pen on the table.

She signed “OST Qin Ran.”

The cameramen, about to step forward, became stunned and didn’t dare to.

They just stood from afar and took a long shot.

Finally returning to his senses, the assistant director stared at the screen and slammed the table, feeling the intense urge to personally head to the scene. “Shoot it! Aim all the cameras at them! Why aren’t you shooting it?! Why are you afraid of her! Go on! Instigate!”

Very good. The success of this show would attract a large number of Team OST’s fans!

He simply wanted to go to the scene and aim all the cameras at Qin Ran!

After getting her autograph, the owner quickly placed it into his drawer and locked it.

The still cameras placed on the cabinet by the director team couldn’t record anything.

Then, he took out the task card and handed it to her. “Qin Erm, this is the clue from the production team. This is a hidden mission point, and this clue is obtained as long as the game level exceeds mine.”

Yan Xi glanced at the owner and then at Qin Ran, his voice sounding slightly confused. “So, do we still have to wash the plates?”

“Wash the plates? Everyone present today doesn’t have to wash a single plate, it’s my treat!” The owner felt refreshed and turned to the cameramen. “You guys have yet to eat, are you hungry? Everyone, eat anything you like. Production crew, eat anything you like!”

Qin Ran seemed to return to being indifferent. She lowered her head and turned over the high-level clue in her hand. “Don’t lose money.”

The owner nodded quickly and changed his tune. “Then, I’ll give you a 50% discount!”

The director team was speechless.

Qin Xiuchen and the others were also speechless.

Qin Ran took the other three high-level clues from Jing Wen’s cousin and casually flipped through them. They had almost collected all the clues, and she managed to figure out the escape route. “Let’s go.” She lifted her chin.

She led them forward.

Qin Xiuchen appeared calm on the surface. “Have you found enough clues?”

“We have four high-level clues, it’s almost done.” She handed the cards to him. “Take a look.”

Jing Wen also pretended to be calm and came over. Her legs couldn’t help but soften upon hearing about the “four high-level clues.”

The production crew’s clues ranged from: low, medium, to high-level.

All they found were low-level clues. As for the middle-level clues, it was already very difficult. Just look at Qin Xiuchen’s shooting, for example. Eight-in-four shots on the red hearts were required for a middle-level clue, and the high-level clue required all eight shots. For such a long distance, it was already impressive if he didn’t miss the target. But to hit all eight targets was no different than climbing to the sky in Film Empress Jing’s eyes. This was the difficulty designed for Olympic shooters.


High-level clues were almost unobtainable in their eyes.

Walking over to Qin Xiuchen, she glanced at the mission card in his hand. On it was written “high-level clue.” She was speechless.

The town was too strange, but four high-level clues were enough for their escape.

It was currently 2:30 in the afternoon.

The production team ended work ahead of schedule.

Everyone had to go back and calm themselves down.

Had they hired a Great God?


In the hotel.

The director was busy preparing a room for Tian Xiaoxiao and Yan Xi. They were Qin Ran’s guests, and one of them was even a member of the Beijing Association, so they naturally wore halos over their heads.

“You don’t have to prepare hers.” Qin Ran unscrewed the thermos cup handed over to her by Qin Xiuchen’s manager and took a sip.

“Is she leaving today?” the director asked nervously.

Qin Xiuchen and Tian Xiaoxiao both turned to Qin Ran.

Shaking her head, Qin Ran swallowed and screwed the cap back on. “She’s staying in my room.”

Tian Xiaoxiao was shocked. “What about you?”

“Xiao Ling will continue the recording. I’m not staying here.” Qin Ran went upstairs with the thermos cup.

After Qin Xiuchen left as well, the director actually heaved a sigh of relief. “Xiao Ling’s doctor said he can’t record the show until a week later”

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