Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Your Good Friend Yang Fei Invites You To Play

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The director team felt very uneasy seeing the three computer bugs team up with Qin Xiuchen.

“ Yan Xi and the others wouldn’t mess things up, would they?”

The assistant director hesitated for a moment this time. “ We’ve talked through this with the hotel owner before. He’s just a game fan, not a fan of anyone here.”

Many online famous shops liked doing this kind of activity.

Things like the barbecue shop asking for an autograph wouldn’t occur again.


While looking at the menu, Qin Xiuchen turned around upon hearing Qin Ran’s voice. His dark pupils faintly lit up at the sight of her. “Not yet, we’ve just found this restaurant. We have to wash the dishes for lunch here, but we can get a discount. Come and eat with us.”

He took a step back.

“No need.” Qin Ran glanced at the hotel with interest. This hotel was built entirely according to the Kyushu Tour’s cards. There were three God cards in the middle, and five black shadows under them. “We just ate some barbecue.”

Still holding the can, Jing Wen’s cousin walked over to Bai Tiantian.

Qin Ran, Yan Xi, and Tian Xiaoxiao had come in to look at the Kyushu Tour’s decoration facilities. There weren’t many tables and chairs in this hotel, but the venue was very large and had many copies of the Kyushu Tour cards placed around.

“I’m completely at my wit’s end. One yuan equals washing two plates. The food here is extremely expensive, and we’ll have to wash hundreds of plates later. How could the director team be so harsh on us?” Jing Wen glanced at Qin Ran. “Ran Ran, let’s eat together, and then wash the dishes.”

The boss sat on the stool, looking lazy, not wanting to give them any discounts.

Jing Wen’s cousin took the can over to Bai Tiantian, who was sitting in front of the hotel computer. He paused, and then shouted, “Cousin, Tiantian is in the Supreme-level. Can we get a 50% discount?!”

Several cameramen hurriedly aimed their cameras at her.

The owner of the restaurant was a 30-year-old man, and only his side profile could be seen from this angle. He was obviously not interested in celebrities, but he immediately jumped up upon hearing Jing Wen’s cousin.

Walking over to Bai Tiantian and confirming her grade and records, his attitude became much more enthusiastic. “You’re indeed in the Supreme-level. But you have to play a qualifying match to confirm that this account belongs to you.”

Everyone knew that players in the one-star Supreme-level had different skills.

There were crazy monsters who could play professionally as a solo player all the way to the one-star Supreme-level, and there were also some who achieved this by playing in teams of 3 or 4. There was a big difference between one-star in the solo category and in the team category, but being able to reach the one-star Supreme-level was already enough to prove one’s strength.

At this time, everyone surrounded her, and all the cameras zoomed in on her.

Bai Tiantian’s records had indeed been played by herself. Instead of pretending, she straightened her back and directly took the mouse to click on the qualifying match.

Many people played the Kyushu Tour, so she found players within a second even if she was on the one-star Supreme-level.

She selected the cards once she entered the game.

The four columns on the left of the game page showed a row of her character cards

Land cards (Full)

Human cards (Full)

Sky cards (Full)

God cards (0)

“Oh my God, she actually has all the cards” the hotel owner exclaimed. A few Land cards could only be obtained through the top-notch copies, and generally, only a few people in the district could obtain a full collection.

Bai Tiantian just smiled indifferently, and then chose three Sky cards to rank.

She had achieved one-star Supreme-level not by playing solo, nor was she on the level of professional competitors. However, she indeed had fast hand speed and supreme consciousness.

The qualifying match lasted half an hour. Most of the people present played games and didn’t get tired of watching.

But Bai Tiantian still lost after half an hour.

The people present inevitably felt regretful, but after confirming that it was indeed her own account, the boss’s expression improved, and he still gave them a 50% discount.

“What the f*ck! Tiantian, you’re too impressive. You’re actually on the Supreme-level? And you have all the Sky cards?” Jing Wen’s cousin chattered like a firecracker. “I’m not even on the Guru-level!”

“It’s indeed impressive.” Tian Xiaoxiao lowered her voice and whispered to Qin Ran, “I’ve been playing for three years, and my account is at its full level, but I’m only on the Rookie-level.”

Qin Ran: “ You’re also very impressive.”

Jing Wen took the menu handed over by the restaurant owner. “Yes, Tiantian. You’ve worked hard. We’ve worked all morning, let’s replenish ourselves with some delicious food”

Her voice faded.

Any bowl of dish here cost more than 60 yuan. Even if the four of them ordered two of the cheapest dishes and a few bowls of rice, it would still cost 400 yuan in total. Furthermore, even after a 50% discount, they would still have two hundred plates to wash, and it couldn’t even fit on the table

Already expecting to wash the dishes for an hour, Jing Wen blankly glanced at the boss. “You haven’t washed dishes for a year, right?”

However, she still reluctantly ordered two dishes.

This store’s food was expensive for a reason. Other than good plating, the dishes were also aromatic and delicious.

She ordered a plate of greens and a plate of boiled meat. A layer of chili floated on the boiled meat, its aroma wafting in the air.

Qin Ran remembered this plate of boiled pork cost 120 yuan.

It looked much better than the one served at Enyu Hotel.

“Are you still hungry?” Qin Ran suddenly glanced at Yan Xi and the others.

Yan Xi thought about it. “A little.” Then, he turned his back to the cameraman. “But it’s too expensive.”

“Don’t worry, just eat if you’re hungry.” Qin Xiuchen sat on the table opposite Qin Xiuchen and then casually ordered two large dishes from the menu. She then threw the menu to Tian Xiaoxiao and Yan Xi, propping her legs up, and slightly raising her chin. “Order anything.”

They ordered a pot of tea for 200 yuan.

Seeing her nonchalance, Tian Xiaoxiao also ordered a Buddha Jumps Over TheWall1for 666 yuan.

Yan Xi ordered a plate of seafood for 588 yuan.

While holding the can, Jing Wen’s cousin was still finishing the barbecue, and she almost knelt down after seeing this. He stared at them, crying without tears. “Are we going to wash the dishes until night?”

“Don’t worry.” Tian Xiaoxiao comforted him kindly. “Do you think the boss can take out 2000 dirty dishes? We’ll finish the meal on credit, and then pay with our mobile phones after eating.”

On the opposite table, Jing Wen glanced over. “Can we do that?”

She suddenly glanced at the menu on the table.

The director team was speechless. A loophole!!

While looking at Qin Ran and the others expressionlessly, the boss’s mouth finally twitched.

Qin Ran even kindly invited Qin Xiuchen and Jing Wen to eat with them.

“They don’t have 2000 dishes here, but we’ll have to wash all the dirty dishes in the restaurant.” Jing Wen took a sip of soup and finally recovered her spirits. “We’ll just wash them together later.”

Slowly picking up his chopsticks, Qin Xiuchen glanced at Qin Ran’s fingers and pondered for a moment. “I’ll wash it for you later.”

Qin Ran took a bite of boiled pork, glanced at him, and casually poured him a cup of tea. “Don’t worry, eat slowly.”

The group of people ate without a hurry, making the director lose his soul.

Pressing his headset, the director gritted his teeth and glanced at the split-screen. “Go and find some dirty dishes. If you don’t have 2000, then just find 700 or 800 plates. Don’t they like washing dishes? Let them wash!!”


The group of people slowly ate and chatted about life in front of the scrumptious food at the dinner table.

The director team had to admit it was indeed a scene to watch.

Qin Ran even boldly asked Qin Xiuchen when he wanted to get married.

No one in the entire entertainment industry dared to ask him this question.

The most important thing was Qin Xiuchen actually answered truthfully.

After that, Qin Ran also asked Yan Xi if he was single, and asked him to go out more often instead of cooping himself up at home to write songs.

The director stared at the split-screen and suddenly felt like he was going overboard asking Qin Ran to wash 800 plates.

For this meal, he was willing to excuse them of even 10,000 dishes

[Film Emperor Qin talks about marriage]

[Yan Xi discloses his girlfriend]

These two top superstars in the two circles occupied the headlines every minute and could even accidentally paralyze the whole system.

The days when their program exploded all over the Internet was just around the corner.

“Director, we’ve found 800 plates.” The staff came over to find the director.

He glanced at him hesitantly.

Qin Ran and the others had already finished their meal.

The boss glanced at Qin Ran and reached out to calculate the money without looking up. “Two tables add up to 2,300 yuan. After a 50% discount, the total is 1,150 yuan. Go to the back kitchen to wash the dishes.”

Qin Xiuchen, Jing Wen, and the others took off their coats, eager to wash the dishes.

“Wait.” Qin Ran suddenly glanced at the boss and asked, “This is a mission point too, right?”

The boss glanced at her. “It’s a hidden mission.”

Grabbing Yan Xi’s sleeves to stop him from going to wash the dishes, she lazily said with relaxed eyebrows, “Wait a minute, I also have a discount.”

Jing Wen’s cousin watched as she approached the computer.

She was stunned. A discount?

Sitting down in front of the computer, Qin Ran opened the game icon and entered her account.

The group watched as she seemed to log into an account.

Jing Wen pinched her fingers. “Little Ran Ran, we already have a 50% discount”

As she finished speaking, Qin Ran pressed “Enter.”

Account information popped out.


Account Level: Supreme (Twenty Stars)

999+ people wanted to add her as a friend.

Soon, an invitation box popped up again

[Your good friend OST Yang Fei invited you to play in the arena]

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