Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 358

Chapter 358: Continuously Exposed

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Beijing Association’s popularity in Beijing was entirely due to Master Wei’s status in Continent M’s Association. This was because every year, he was the only person from the Beijing Association who could enter Continent M’s Association for further studies.

Some big forces in Beijing would have to give him face.

As a strong man in the art world, his title as “Master Wei” was very resounding.

He wasn’t an entertainer who suddenly disappeared from the Internet after ten seconds of fame, but a “master” in the art world. He was the first domestic master who could perform in Continent M’s Royal Concert Hall.

The director didn’t know anything else other than the Beijing Association and Master Wei

He was the originator of the art world

The Beijing Association’s official website could be searched on the external website, and there was also a registration system on it.

The director clicked on it.

No advertisements popped up, and the page showed all the internal members and notifications of the Beijing Association. After a few clicks, he clicked on the content of the Beijing Association’s members, which seemed to be ranked.

1. Senior student, Qin Ran. (7th grade)

2. Senior student, Wang Zifeng. (5th grade)

3. Junior trainee, Tian Xiaoxiao. (4th grade)

“This is the Beijing Association’s internal violin grades, which is not the same as the domestic amateur grades. I’m only in the sixth-grade.” Teacher Hai glanced at the director. “Although I’m still two grades higher than Tian Xiaoxiao, she scored 85 points for an original composition, and my highest score is only 81 points. As for Qin Ran don’t look at it. I can’t even bear to watch her live performance at the exhibition competition.”

He was too embarrassed to lose face in front of the camera at such an old age.

Especially in front of Qin Ran.

The director asked, “Isn’t Qin Ran the school tyrant of Beijing University?”

“She’s a school tyrant at Beijing University?” Teacher Hai was shocked, then he muttered, “No wonder she doesn’t even come to the association anymore. She stopped coming since September. It turns out she was attending school at Beijing University. What’s so good about Beijing University? Why won’t she continue taking the violin assessment? Master Wei actually wanted her to go to Beijing University”

The director team had been absolutely defensive and guarded against the Beijing University school tyrants and never expected people from the Beijing Association to come


On Qin Ran’s side, they had already obtained a high-level clue.

Jing Wen’s cousin took it. He admired Tian Xiaoxiao a little now and kept following her like a fanboy. “You play the violin so well?”

“How did you know the old master?”


Of course, because of the escape room yesterday, he wasn’t as repulsive towards Qin Ran as before

Qin Ran walked to the back, dug her earholes, and then stopped abruptly.

Tian Xiaoxiao and Yan Xi paused.

“Great God, have you discovered something?” Yan Xi put on the mask that he had just taken from the ghost.

Qin Ran looked to the left blankly. “There’s a mission point. Let’s go in.”

Jing Wen’s cousin was full of curiosity now. Seeing the mission point, he immediately rushed in. There was only one computer, but the data on the wall was full of symbols.

He asked the quest point’s non-character player, a young man. “Brother, has Film Emperor Qin been here?”

“No” The young man took a long time to avert his eyes from Yan Xi Did he see wrongly??

“That’s great!” After reading the task card, Jing Wen’s cousin walked excitedly to the wall of data and started looking for what he needed.

Yan Xi and Tian Xiaoxiao went out while he was searching.

Ten minutes later, they came back with a pot of barbecue.

They handed Qin Ran a can, and Tian Xiaoxiao patted Jing Wen’s cousin, who was immersed in the data. “Brother, let’s eat. Aren’t you hungry?”

He blankly looked at them. “Where did you have the money to buy barbecue?”

“We don’t have money.” Tian Xiaoxiao glanced back and lazily replied, “The owner of that barbecue restaurant is Yan Xi’s fan. Yan Xi gave him an autograph, and he gave us two pots of barbecue for free.”

The director wanted to make them go through task challenges for lunch and was speechless. Yan Xi was also a computer bug

“Great God, let’s eat later.” Seeing how Jing Wen’s brother wasn’t eating, Yan Xi glanced at Qin Ran with a cold and serious expression.

Qin Ran had just picked up a piece of barbecue when she heard him. She looked up, her beautiful eyebrows full of a murderous aura.

Yan Xi took a step back and then whispered, thinking that others couldn’t hear him, “What if the program group edits maliciously and says you ate a free meal without working?”

He didn’t know that he was wearing a headset and that the program crew could clearly hear his words.

The director was speechless.No, they won’t! Don’t talk nonsense!!

Why is Emperor Yan saying this?!

Qin Ran reacted and nodded. “You’re right.”

She put the barbecue back, then walked over to Jing Wen’s cousin, and started flipping through the data he found.

The cousin was taken aback. “Wait, what are you doing?”

“I’m completing the task.” She picked out a few pieces of paper.

Seeing her messing up the content he had just sorted out, he stuffed the barbecue in Tian Xiaoxiao’s hand and tried to stop her. “Don’t look for it. Let’s find Film Emperor Qin later. This requires technical skills, it’s best to let someone skilled do this kind of thing. Since we found the mission point first, we’ll form an alliance with them and share this clue”

“No way.”

He was shocked. “Why?”

Pulling out two pieces of paper, Qin Ran read it and walked over to the display screen. Facing the two pieces of paper, she inputted a bunch of messy letters and numbers and said matter-of-factly without even looking up, “The barbecue will get cold.”

In about a few minutes, the screen full of garbled characters disappeared, replaced with the main page, as well as a pop-up window

[High-level clue]

Qin Ran took a look, then took out the program crew’s phone. After taking a picture of the clue, she directly closed the page and quickly finished her job.

She put the phone into her pocket, kicked the chair, and told Yan Xi to put down the barbecue.

The three of them ate and chatted, and Tian Xiaoxiao even suggested that they go back to find the “ghosts.”

The program crew had set up many rooms and mission points. If they found the right one, it would be a mission point, but otherwise, a “ghost” would suddenly pop up and scare them.

Tian Xiaoxiao very warmly called Jing Wen’s cousin. “Aren’t you eating? The barbecue will get cold soon.”

Jing Wen’s cousin stood rooted to the ground. Tian Xiaoxiao regretfully turned around and asked them, “How is Emperor Yan’s fan’s barbecue? I think it’s delicious, more so than that Internet-popular shop in Beijing.”

Qin Ran crossed her legs. “It’s not bad, but barbecue is all about having the talent for it.”

Qin Ran ate without burden, completely unaware that the director team couldn’t even stomach their lunch boxes.

“Wasn’t this designed for Bai Tiantian?” The assistant director held his chopsticks in one hand and the headset in the other and said loudly to the director. “Isn’t Qin Ran a school tyrant of Beijing University? Is Bai Tiantian transparent this season?”

They had managed to invite so many actors and so many well-known “non-player characters,” all because of the sponsor’s investments and face.

The crew had easily hired these people.

The director team was at their wit’s end.

The chief director was also very tired. “There’s no use in her coming over anymore. Bai Tiantian is talking about her cards now. We’ve already given the opportunity, but she didn’t grasp it herself”

He turned off the headset and stared at Qin Ran’s group through the split-screen.

Film Emperor Qin’s group was wonderful, but compared to Qin Ran’s group, they really weren’t worth watching. Qin Ran’s group was a total computer bug. Whichever mission point they went, they received the high-level clues. If this continued, they would call it a day in advance


Qin Ran and the others finally finished the barbecue.

Tian Xiaoxiao had left half a pot for Jing Wen’s cousin.

Previously naggy and talkative, he didn’t say a single word after this mission.

“Brother, are you okay?” Tian Xiaoxiao lazily patted his shoulder.

She didn’t know what was wrong with Qin Ran’s operation just now and didn’t even know what the mission point was about. She only followed Qin Ran and managed to meet Master Wei, Qin Xiuchen, and even called Yan Xi her brother now.

Her current psychological endurance was incomparable.

Jing Wen’s cousin raised his head and opened his mouth, but still failed to utter a single word.

He just stared at Qin Ran’s back with complicated eyes.

The four quickly reached another mission point. This time, Yan Xi obtained a high-level clue, and they had a total of three cards.

Qin Ran put them together and realized they lacked one more card.

They continued moving forward, preparing to stop at a mission point when they bumped into Qin Xiuchen and the others at the hotel.

Qin Xiuchen and the others had yet to eat. They followed the rules very obediently and went to the lunch task point.

But Jing Wen was still bargaining with the boss there.

“You guys haven’t eaten yet?” Qin Ran and the others slowly walked over and glanced at the restaurant.

The restaurant wrote their discounts

10% off for the Master-level on the Kyushu Tour.

30% off for the Guru-level.

50% off for the Supreme-level.

Free for full stars.

After eating, you need to wash the dishes to make up the balance.

Jing Wen was bargaining to wash fewer plates with the boss.

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