Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Successful Meeting!

In T City.

He Chen looked at the chat group and chuckled.

Morning Bird: [As far as I know, the big boss in charge of the three major "pathways," the water, land, and air, is in Beijing. Believe it or not, the moment you get on your private jet, you'll be shot down without flying over the border.]

He Chen recently came into contact with this matter and found a series of information about the big boss with control over the three pathways as well as his activities in Beijing in recent years.

She was certain that this big boss was from Beijing, but she didn't know who it was.

He was hidden as deep as their Lone Wolf.

Giant Crocodile still prioritized his little life. [I think I'll just invite my big brother to the border someday.]

He Chen glanced at the reply and snorted slightly. Giant Crocodile was almost on two extreme ends in real life and on the Internet. She put down her phone.

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