Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 297

Chapter 297: Five Core Members!

Hearing this, Cheng Wenru lowered her head and glanced at her briefcase.

She folded her arms and raised an eyebrow. "Where?"

She didn't sound particularly interested.

This was a briefcase issued by the Yunguang Consortium. Large and small businesses had been attracted to the Yunguang Consortium's bid today. Although it was their first time taking part in the electronic product's business, no one was worried about whether the project would bite the dust.

The logo had only just been registered by them and had not been released on the market.

Cheng Juan walked slowly down the stairs.

Cheng Mu caught a glimpse of him and was so frightened he shut up immediately. He no longer said a word and didn't want to play around anymore, so he walked upstairs with the flowerpot to find Qin Ran.

He moved quickly like a gust of wind.

Cheng Jin was stunned. This speed wasn't normal.

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