Ma'am You Have Been Uncovered Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Secret Researcher

Most people didn't realize that Professor Chen referred to Chen Shulan.

The two of them looked rather elegant and presentable, and the car they came in was no ordinary car. The license plate was even more eye-catching.

Qin Ran watched Wei Zihang and Pan Mingyue head in before turning to the two strangers coldly. "You're here for my grandma?"

"If you're Professor Chen Shulan's niece, then yes, we're here for that." The older man was looking around while the middle-aged man answered her.

That was when Ning Qing and the rest understood. This "Professor Chen" whom the two extraordinary people were talking about was none other than Chen Shulan. Old Master Lin was shocked as he whispered to Lin Qi, "That Chen Shulan was a professor?"

Lin Qi was confused too. He shook his head and said, "I checked on her before. There was nothing that mentioned that Yu'er's grandmother was a professor."

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