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  • Loving With A Heavy Heart

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Loving With A Heavy Heart summary:

Elle is a shell of a person; she has no passion for anything except her writing. Under a pen name she pours all her emotion into her story and seems to be left with none in the real world. Adam is the CEO of MK, a powerful company at the top of the industry. He is a man that can do anything perfectly, but is known to be cold and unforgiving. By chance the two cross paths and touch each others hea...

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Loving With A Heavy Heart Chapters

Time uploaded
173 Tes3 weeks ago
170 A New Game3 weeks ago
158 Work Dinner3 weeks ago
149 A Night Ou3 weeks ago
148 Discovery3 weeks ago
143 Good To You3 weeks ago
142 A New World3 weeks ago
136 Secrets3 weeks ago
128 Second Star3 weeks ago
126 Allies3 weeks ago
125 This Is Fun3 weeks ago
123 Im Sorry3 weeks ago
120 Old Friends3 weeks ago
117 Favours3 weeks ago
116 Day Three3 weeks ago
115 Day Two3 weeks ago
110 Thank You3 weeks ago
102 Mistakes3 weeks ago
99 Round Two3 weeks ago
96 Proposal3 weeks ago
94 Confession 23 weeks ago
93 Confession 13 weeks ago
92 Results3 weeks ago
88 Comparisons3 weeks ago
85 First Date3 weeks ago
82 Inspection3 weeks ago
81 A New Year3 weeks ago
78 First Date3 weeks ago
77 Surrender3 weeks ago
75 Ill Prove I3 weeks ago
60 A Starry Sky3 weeks ago
57 He Loved Her3 weeks ago
56 Scandal3 weeks ago
54 Celebrations3 weeks ago
51 Drifting3 weeks ago
50 Secrets3 weeks ago
40 The Big Nigh3 weeks ago
39 Sweet Dreams3 weeks ago
38 Trust In Me3 weeks ago
27 Meeting3 weeks ago
23 Conflicted3 weeks ago
12 Serendipity3 weeks ago
2 Elle Shaw3 weeks ago
1 Adam Hayes3 weeks ago
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