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  • Love Amidst The Chaos

  • Genres : Romantic
  • Status : Ongoing
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Love Amidst The Chaos summary:

Yna isn't someone you would call normal. Somehow death seems to follow her everywhere, taking the only people she knows along the way. She's being hunted and no one seems to talk about her parents or why she's different.\r\n \r\n Nyx is a boy raised in a notorious group called 'the hybrids' led by his father. What happens when he falls in love with the one person he can't be with, their prey.\r\n...

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Love Amidst The Chaos Chapters

Time uploaded
1 Epilogue3 weeks ago
8 Chapter Ten3 weeks ago
9 Chapter Nine3 weeks ago
10 Chapter Eigh3 weeks ago
12 Chapter Six3 weeks ago
13 Chapter Five3 weeks ago
14 Chapter Four3 weeks ago
16 Chapter Two3 weeks ago
17 Chapter One3 weeks ago
18 Prologue3 weeks ago
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