Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 473

Chapter 473: Bow Down To Reality Game: Struggle

April 4th, Monday

Pei Qian adjusted his targets at work for the next two days when he woke up.

First, he would make arrangements for the profitable Tengda Games and Shang Yang Games gaming departments!

Shang Yang Games would be pushing for the IOI domestic server with all their might.

Pei Qian would also find something for Tengda Games to work on. Otherwise, IOI might really not be able to beat GOG if Hu Xianbin continuously updated GOG, created new heroes, and increased their publicity efforts.

GOG had been working well on the domestic server after all. IOI had to think of a way to snatch all the players from GOG.

As to what kind of jobs should he give to Hu Xianbin

Pei Qian decided to learn from his experiences to create a standalone game that no one would like!

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