Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Remedy

Pei Qian lay in his bed directly after he returned home from the movie theater.

What? The movie was very well-received?

What? The premiere was well-received?

Illusions, these are all illusions! Pei Qian kept telling himself that everything would be fine after he woke up from a good sleep!

Pei Qian opened his eyes unwillingly at noon the next day. He took out his cell phone to look at the time. As expected, there were many unread messages.

Huang Sibo, Zhu Xiaoce, Lin Chang all sorts of people sent in their greetings. He did not need to guess what they would say.

Pei Qian did not dare watch it. He carefully ignored these messages for fear that one would pop up accidentally. Pei Qian then ordered a Fish-Catching Take-Out. He felt absolutely melancholy sitting in front of the computer as if life had become tasteless.

Pei Qian picked up his cell phone after a long period of internal conflict. He opened the Gou Yan application with a complex expression.

He opened Todays Divination, and Tomorrow is Beautiful was in the first place.

Box office today: 7.84 million yuan; estimated box office: 210 million yuan!

"What the f*ck?"

Pei Qian felt everything go dark in front of his eyes. He nearly smashed his cell phone on the spot.

Despair. This is total despair!

It was released for only half a day, and its box office had hit 8 million yuan!

Pei Qian originally thought that the box office had to exceed 100 million yuan for the investment of 30 million yuan to break even. How could such a movies box office hit 100 million yuan?

Yet the prediction from Gou Yan application estimated the box office to be 210 million yuan!

The film party was expected to share 73.347 million yuan!

This prediction was comprehensively inferred based on the film schedule, attendance rate, box office trend, etc. While there would be certain fluctuations due to uncertain factors which would make it not completely accurate, there would not be a big difference in general!

The box office for the other three films was hovering about one to two million yuan that day.

Pei Qian was so angry he could die.

Trash! All these trash!

All of you seem to be great contenders. There were romance movies, western action movies, and domestic big IPs; why did they suddenly wither?

Give me some strength! Take away all the schedule for Tomorrow is Beautiful!

Yes, spend some money on fake reviewers for Tomorrow is Beautiful! Indeed, spending more would definitely not be enough! Pei Qian could not wait to find the funder of these three movies and urge them to take on the battle.

Finally, he clicked open the ratings of Tomorrow is Beautiful.

8.8 points!

Pei Qian threw his cell phone aside.

Illusions, these are all illusions!

No, he had to take a breather. His small heart could not bear such stimulation

This 8.8 points was not a particularly high score. Many classic movies that had explosive box office results had high scores between 9.5 to 9.6 points.

However, the problem was Tomorrow is Beautiful was not a cool popcorn blockbuster. There were no exciting scenes. The plot did have some connotations, but many ordinary audiences would probably not understand it.

It was normal for audiences to give low ratings for movies they did not understand. This high rating was abnormal!

The 8.8 points rating showed that the movie was not boring to ordinary audiences. It could still arouse emotions and remain a strong attraction to the audiences even though some of these contents were hard to understand!

Pei Qian felt melancholic. Bad news really came one after another, constantly impacting on his psychological defense. Moreover, according to the current situation, it was unrealistic to expect the theaters to reduce the number of slots for Tomorrow is Beautiful.

Tomorrow is Beautiful triumphed over the other current movies being screened without much of a fight. Moreover, it seemed as though those that were going to be released would not prove much of a threat either.

In this case, the theater would be able to make more money if they could screen more of Tomorrow is Beautiful.

Pei Qian choked silently.

The Fish-Catching Take-Out arrived in no time. Pei Qian took two mouthfuls of the takeout and regained some vitality.

"The stronger the adversity, the calmer I have to remain. The situation has probably yet to reach a stage of no return"

Pei Qian began thinking of a solution as he gobbled down his food.

"The audience seemed to be mesmerized by Zhu Xiaoces technique from the current situation.

"This special editing technique allowed the audience to temporarily be ignorant of the toxicity of the film. Its like a pill coated in sugar, tricking the audience into swallowing this poisonous core without realizing its bitter taste.

"So, I have to find a way to debunk the essence of this movie. Its not a complicated movie at all; its just filled with poison!

"So who should debunk this fact?

"And how should it be done?"

He found the direction, but he was lost when thinking about who should do it.

Fake reviewers?

Hu Xiaos fake reviewers were pretty good, but Pei Qian could only give them hints if he wanted to use system funds.

Pei Qian could not be sure if there would be any deviations from the process of information transmission. It would be very embarrassing if it became a big huha

Moreover, fake reviewers would not take leads; they would follow the trend. Pei Qian felt that he had to find a more influential film critic to hack the movie to pieces, pierce the truth, and let the fake reviewers join in.

Of course, it was definitely impossible to turn the whole tide around.

But persuading one audience at a time was okay as well, right?

The specific operations were also a problem. Pei Qian had learned from the lesson of fake reviewers from Repent and be Saved. He would no longer let them express their creativity.

He had to give them a clear direction.

However, it was impossible for him to tell them to criticize Tomorrow is Beautiful directly. On one hand, the system would not allow him to report the expense; on the other hand, it might stimulate reverse psychology if he did it too intensively.

Also, it was difficult to find a point to criticize in this film.

"Wait, stimulate reverse psychology? Yes, spend money to find people to brag about this movie to its death!

"Brag about the far-fetched points of the movie. It would create an impression on netizens that the good reviews were all written by fake reviewers!

"At the same time, such brainless bragging would cause some peoples disgust. They would naturally devalue the movie into nothing.

"Wouldnt it allow me to achieve the effect I want this way?

"Yes, lets do it this way!"

Pei Qian made up his mind and started looking for some well-known film critics on the internet, especially those who had already published a low rating on Tomorrow is Beautiful.

He would pay them some money to change his ratings!

Wouldnt everyone be able to clearly see that he had received money and immediately associate Tomorrow is Beautiful with fake reviewers?

"Let me see Lady Luck is smiling upon which reviewer"

Pei Qian was a lot more excited now. He began patiently searching for his prey on Weibo and various film and television websites.

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