Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 419

Chapter 419 Boss Lis Plan

Chapter 419 Boss Lis Plan

February 15th Thriller Hostel

Pei Qian had yet to recover from being stabbed on the back by his beloved employees on Valentines Day. He had even thought of arranging a Thriller Hostel experience for all his staff.

However, he dismissed the idea since the project was not yet completed.

Let them go for the time being and settle the records with them once and for all after the Thriller Hostel was completed! Revenge was a dish best served cold.

When the time comes, he would arrange for all his employees to feel the love Boss Pei harbored for them!

At this time, Chen Kangtuo was telling Pei Qian about the completion of the second major project of Thriller Hostel.

"Boss Pei, the six small projects planned at the initial stages had been completed. The pulleys under the container can be randomly combined and moved, so that the players cannot guess which project they were going to enter next.

"The second big project is moderately difficult. It is mainly used to test a players psychological endurance. You must fully memorize the requirements of the project before entering. You must then accurately complete all the requirements even if the order of the small projects is disrupted. Only then will you pass it and qualify for the third major project challenge.

"Of course, the players will be able to experience the entire project even if they fail the requirements unless they give up themselves.

"The fee for the second large project is set at 30 yuan according to Boss Peis requirement. It is equivalent to only five yuan for each small project. I personally think this price may be a little too low.

"Plans for the first and third projects are being worked out quickly. It is expected that the construction will start this week. However, we optimistically estimate that it would be ready only in May or June next year since the construction period of these two projects would be longer. "There is a possibility of further delay if the quality of the project at that time cannot meet the requirements."

Pei Qian nodded. "En, not bad.

"Also, there is no need to worry about the price. Thriller Hostel is generally going to profit from the third project.

"Well officially start business once all three projects are completed. Dont worry, well give priority in ensuring the quality and safety of the project."

It seemed like the haunted house project would not be able to be completed within this settlement cycle. It could only be pushed backward.

Fortunately, this settlement cycle allowed one unfinished project. If not, it would affect the settlement.

This way, Pei Qian could put his excess funds into the Thriller Hostel project which could greatly ease the pressure of excess funds before the settlement.

Of course, it might seem to be limitless on the surface, but there was actually still a limit.

The delayed project had to be done before the next settlement which meant that the project should not be too massive.

Take this Thriller Hostel for example. Pei Qian could well spend all the excess system funds on it, but the more money he spent, the greater the amount of work and a correspondingly longer time for completion.

If the next settlement cycle was in three months, the delayed project would be settled even if it had not started operations by then.

Therefore, Pei Qian had to consider the invisible restrictions when he would spend money at the Thriller Hostel. He could not just look at the present and ignore the long term effects.

In addition, since the Thriller Hostel had been selected as a project not to be completed in his cycle, all other projects including the cell phone, games, etc. must be completed.

Pei Qian looked at the time. The lab rat should be here soon.

As expected, Boss Lis car arrived outside the Thriller Hostel not long after.

"Boss Pei." Li Shi came over and shook hands with Pei Qian with happiness.

Pei Qian invited him to visit Thriller Hostel yesterday. Li Shi agreed without saying a second word.

His visit was mainly for two purposes. One was to examine the investment environment around the haunted house, and the other was to test Boss Peis tone and the attitude of Dream Realization Ventures towards Top Student, Come Quick. Were they really going to exit?

Pei Qian smiled and waved at Boss Li. "Boss Li, have some tea. Youve come a long way."

Chen Kangtuo and Hao Qiong had been supervising the progress of the project here so a small office was built in advance. There were naturally snacks, drinks, tea, etc. It was very in line with the Tengda spirit.

Boss Li sat down on the sofa for one and sipped his tea while exclaiming. "I remember Boss Pei mentioned that you wanted me to be the first customer of the haunted house. I did not expect the progress of the haunted house to be so fast. Its very in line with the Tengda efficiency."

Hmmm strictly speaking, you are not the first customer of Thriller Hostel since Ruan Guangjian had already experienced three small projects within it. Pei Qian thought silently.

However, Boss Li, you will be the first to experience the second big project in its entirety. There is no problem in saying you are the first customer.

Pei Qian drank his tea and corrected Li Shis phrasing. "This is only the second big project of the Thriller Hostel. More than half of the work has just started so it cannot be formally operational just yet. "Moreover, this is not Tengda efficiency. Tengda never seeks speed but strives for constant improvement within a limited time."

"Constant improvement" Li Shi pondered for a moment before asking very seriously. "So, is this project scary?" "Ahem, ahem." Pei Qian coughed lightly and glanced at Chen Kangtuo who was standing at the side. "How do you say this? It varies from person to person. Youll only know after experiencing it."

Chen Kangtuo handed the list with the content of the project to Boss Li. "This is an action to be completed in the project. Please go through it and memorize it."

Li Shi took this piece of paper. His eyes scanned the content on it, and his eyebrows could not help but be raised.

There are a few simple explanatory texts on it:

Guests can ask to terminate the challenge at any time when they feel unwell.

Keep in mind the various steps and execute them accurately during the challenge. You will be eligible for the third project of the Thriller Hostel when you successfully clear the process.

You can continue to experience the entire process even if you took the wrong steps.

There is no time limit for items you have to memorize.

Special note: The order of the following six items will be randomly disrupted during the challenge. Please do not memorize them mechanically.

Next were the names of the six projects and the challenge items that needed to be achieved in each project.

There were basically five to seven challenge items each and had certain relevance to each other so it was not difficult to remember.

Take the bathroom project for example. It went like this:

Lock the bathroom door.
Pick up the red candle on the ground and light it.
Put the candle in front of the mirror and shut your eyes for three seconds before looking into the mirror.
Turn on the tap and wash your hands.
Lie in the bathtub and press the timer; blindfold your eyes until the timer stops.
The challenge items basically focused on the entrance, the bathroom mirror, and the bathtub. The order was from outside to the inside. It would take only two to three minutes to remember it with a clear mind.

Of course, it would take at least half an hour to learn all the items considering that the order of the small projects would be disrupted.

Li Shi quickly browsed through the requirements of all the small projects and fell silent.

It seemed like it would not be as scary as he thought.

Li Shi came with the mentality of rushing to his death. That was because he knew Boss Pei strived to be perfect in everything he did. The haunted house project would definitely be terrifying!

However, it was slightly different from what he expected after seeing the list.

At present, the scariest haunted house had two characteristics. One was a long process; the other was having numerous staff interact with the guests.

However, this Thriller Hostel project was exactly the opposite.

Moreover, it could be seen from the paper that each of these challenge items were not too long. They might end in five to eight minutes so the total time taken would be about half an hour to 40 minutes.

Moreover, it seemed as though there would not be any staff pretending to be ghosts. That gave Boss Li some relief.

It seemed as though this project was mainly used to qualify for the third project so the level of terror was moderate.

Li Shi had some expectations after thinking about it.

He originally thought that if this project was too scary, then he would not experience it. He would then think of another way to get an answer from Boss Pei.

He could make an issue out of it now since it did not seem to be too scary.

"Boss Pei, can I have another reward if I stick to the complete process? The qualification for the third project is meaningless to me," Li Shi asked.

Pei Qian nodded. "Sure, what kind of reward would Boss Li want? Shall I give you a lifetime VIP for Thriller Hostel for you to come and experience it for free?"

Li Shis face turned black. "What do I want that for?! Do you think I dont cherish my


"Ahem, ahem, how about this? Boss Pei, if I can persist in this project by chance, would you tell me the truth about Top Student, Come Quick? Is Dream Realization Ventures going to cash out?"

Pei Qian laughed in his heart. Boss Lis request was exactly what he was looking for. Pei Qian was about to give him some advice even if he did not take the initiative to ask.

"No problem," Pei Qian agreed.

Li Shi raised his thumb. "Good! Boss Pei is indeed straightforward! Ill go and experience it. Boss Pei, dont break your promise."

Both of them had an ax to grind. Li Shi carefully recited the requirements written on the paper. After about a quarter of an hour, he recited them out loud again. He remembered them all.

"Im ready." Li Shi stood up. Pei Qian nodded. "Boss Li, please go ahead."

Li Shi walked to the entrance of the second project with full confidence.

"He said he was afraid, but his pace is rather firm. Is Boss Li the same as Ruan Guangjian, pretending to be weak?"

Pei Qian suddenly felt a little uncertain about the Thriller Hostel project. However, he heard a tragic screen from within as soon as he walked to the front of the surveillance cameras.


Boss Li, who had entered for less than a minute, fell to the ground with his hands wiping the back of his head frantically.

Boss Pei noticed that the first project that Boss Li entered randomly was the ceiling.

The guest had to bend down to pick up a broken notebook under the table when he entered the room. A drop of water would drip from the ceiling onto the back of the guests neck.

The guest would subconsciously raise their heads at this point in time to see that a board had been removed. A head with a pair of wide eyes shedding bloody tears would be looking down at the guest.

Obviously, Boss Li raised his head only to see this head. He was so scared that he screamed and retreated. He subconsciously wanted to wipe away the bloodstain at the back of his neck after he fell to the ground.

Pei Qian was relieved upon seeing that.

"It seemed like there was no problem with the level of horror at Thriller Hostel. The one with the problem is actually Ruan Guangjian"

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