Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 418

Chapter 418 Wu Bins Summary

In the evening

On the 16th floor of Shenhua View, at the HR department of Tengda Corporation

It was time to knock off. The writer from Zhongdian Chinese Network who had come to be educated on the Tengda spirit stood up reluctantly and said goodbye to Wu Bin.

"Thank you very much!

"Ive learned a lot from todays lesson about the Tengda spirit.

"I think you speak exceptionally well. When I get back, Ill try writing slower and adjusting the pace of my story! After that, Ill try writing a few new plotlines to break out of my boundaries!"

Wu Bin smiled subtly. "Dont mention it. Its every Tengda employees responsibility to pass down the Tengda spirit."

At that moment, the setting sun shone through the window and illuminated his body, seeming to give him a multi-colored, Buddha-like glow. After sending that writer off, Wu Bin began to pack up his things and get ready to leave the office.

Tengda was to hold recruitment drives twice a year. Thus, the HR department normally did not have much work to do. Wu Bin had already become the designated trainer of the Tengda spirit. He was in charge of teaching Zhongdian Chinese Networks writers about the Tengda spirit and using it to guide them in their writing process.

While guiding the writers, Wu Bin realized that he had developed a deeper understanding of the Tengda spirit!

This feeling could be likened to what senior monks felt when they taught their disciples about Buddhism. The more they experienced, the deeper their understanding of Buddhas teachings would become.

If he had not been used to teaching the Tengda spirit to Cui Geng before, then he had definitely gotten the hang of it now. He could summarize everything that he had learned in nineteen words:

Make hinting the norm, use inducement as encouragement, teach according to aptitude, and achieve the goal through different routes!

While teaching, Wu Bin had realized that those authors faced vastly different issues.

For instance, Cui Geng mainly lacked direction and motivation.

On the other hand, Ming Yu was filled with motivation, and he was a hard worker. However, he was working hard and not smart.

Todays student faced different problems as well. He had no confidence in himself and wrote very conservatively, not daring to try new content.

Wu Bin had observed all of those problems while chatting with the writers. Of course, the writers also knew their own problems. After all, every writer hoped to become a novel god one day. Often, they reflected a lot on their own flaws and shortcomings. All Wu Bin had had to do was offer some guidance. Then, the writers had gotten a clear picture of where their shortcomings were immediately.

During this process, Wu Bin discovered that all of their problems could be resolved using the Tengda spirit!

Obviously, this was no coincidence.

That was because the Tengda spirit was a methodology. Now that Wu Bin had understood it on a philosophical level, he could apply it almost universally!

The Tengda spirit could teach people how to regulate themselves and achieve the highest level of productivity. Of course, it would be effective for anyone who wanted to establish a successful career!

Make hinting the norm, use inducement as encouragement, teach according to aptitude, and achieve the goal through different routes! That was what Wu Bin had come up with, to sum up how to impart the Tengda spirit to others.

Through hinting and inducement, Wu Bin could point out where others were lacking in terms of creative writing or working. Then, he could treat the root of each problem by using the Tengda spirit to resolve their confusion. Finally, he could direct everyone to the common goal of working in perfect condition!

Wu Bin had also summarized what the perfect working condition was. That mainly consisted of three points: First, maximizing productivity using the limited working hours available and by having sufficient rest and entertainment

Second, maintaining an adequate level of motivation to work by having a clear reward mechanism

Third, learning from the pursuit of ones own interests and establishing a career out of passion!

After summarizing those three points, Wu Bin compared them to all the regulations that Boss Pei had in place at the moment and found that they matched perfectly.

Boss Pei had provided an ideal environment for rest and entertainment, as well as complete welfare benefits for all his employees. That matched Wu Bins first point.

Boss Pei had established TPDb for ratings, thus providing a reward mechanism for employees. That matched Wu Bins second point.

Boss Pei encouraged internal transfers and gave the best employees Dream Funds for them to fulfill their own dreams. That matched Wu Bins third point. All the above showed the perfect working condition that Boss Pei advocated for!

Wu Bin was now helping all the writers reach that perfect working condition. At the moment, he was achieving remarkable results. If this method was proving effective on the writers, then it would probably be equally effective on all the other employees of Tengda!

Wu Bin seemed to have found his mission moving forward.

February 14th, Monday

The weekend had not been good for Pei Qian. He kept feeling like a problem was going to spring up out of nowhere. What made Pei Qian the most fearful was the Top Student, Come Quick applications situation. He was burning more money and keeping advertising up, and the application was becoming more and more popular. However, He Desheng was already beginning to sell shares bit by bit. To Boss Li, that was a clear signal.

Once Boss Li and the others got the signal, Top Student, Come Quick would take a greathit

Then, Pei Qian would have achieved his goal.

Pei Qian had guessed that Boss Li would have made a move over the weekend by trying to dig for more information from him or He Desheng.

Pei Qian had always been honest with Boss Li before, but Boss Li had never believed him.

This time, Pei Qian had decided to lie. He would say that he was trying to back out of the project because he did not see any potential in it!

Boss Li would believe him this time, right?

On top of that, Pei Qian had also been keeping a close eye on Zhongdian Chinese Networks online authors class. To his surprise, he had discovered that the writers were uploading fewer chapters per day. It even looked like they were competing to see who could upload fewer chapters!

Before this, the authors class made use of inhumane methods like a lockdown state to ensure that the writers uploaded about eight thousand words each day. However, after Pei Qian put in some hard work, the writers quickly retreated.

This was undoubtedly exciting news!

Monday was Valentines Day. In the spirit of being humanitarian, Pei Qian thought about giving his employees half a day off, so that they did not need to work in the afternoon.

Furthermore, he wanted to give each employee a rose. There wouldnt be any special meaning to the rose, other than that they were more expensive on Valentines Day.

Roses were cheap on most days, and Pei Qian wouldnt be bothered with them.

After lazing around in bed for a while, Pei Qian reluctantly got up. He planned to walk around the office and then head to Thriller Hostel to take a look.

He had received a message from Chen Kangtuo in the morning, saying that the last three mini-projects for the Thriller Hostel had been completed. That meant that the second major project was done.

Pei Qian thought about finding a lab rat to try out the effectiveness of the mousetrap.

Ruan Guangjian had been the best candidate, but he had already returned to Shanghai. Thus, Pei Qian had no choice but to look for an alternative.

Boss Li, who was always creating trouble for him, seemed like a good option.

Pei Qian arrived at the office and realized that the roses had been delivered. Everyone had a bunch of fresh, colorful roses on their table, which made the entire office area look like springtime. A subtle flowery fragrance filled the air as well.

Pei Qian had conducted secret checks earlier and confirmed that no one in the office was allergic to flowers. That was why he could relax and send them to everyone.

As he walked into his own office, Ma Yiqun sprung up from the side and stopped him. Then, he held out a huge bouquet of roses towards Boss Pei.

"Boss Pei, this is for you!"

Behind Ma Yiqun were Li Yada, Bao Xu, Lin Wan, Tang Yishu, Huang Sibo, and the others. Assistant Xin was standing by the side, smiling subtly.

Pei Qian was stunned. This bouquet of flowers was obviously two times bigger than the ones he had given to his employees. They must have especially custom-made it.

Pei Qians expression was strange. "Whats the meaning of this?"

Ma Yiqun smiled and explained, "Boss Pei, this represents all your employees love for you!"

The corners of Pei Qians mouth twitched. "I dont have anything against all of your love, but why must you be the one giving this to me?"

Ma Yiqun laughed. "We wanted to get a girl to give it to you, but they were fighting too much. Nobody wanted to give in. Since we couldnt find a suitable candidate in the end, I had to be the one."

Pei Qians mind was filled with question marks.

It was rare that Pei Qian got gifted flowers on Valentines Day, but a man was the one giving it to him now!

Speechless, Pei Qian took the bouquet. Then, he said, "Thank you all"

Just as he started to walk away, Li Yada jumped in front of him to stop him.

"Boss Pei, thank you for the surprise you prepared for all of us this Valentines Day. We have a special surprise for you, too! "All of Tengdas and Shang Yang Games games have been updated with a Valentines Day event at the same time. Its proving to be very popular among gamers, and this follows straight after the Chinese New Year event!

"Todays income alone would probably exceed last weeks total income!"

Lin Wan stood by the side with a proud grin on her face.

Shang Yang Games Bloody Battle Song had also organized a Valentines Day event. Just like Ocean Stronghold, it would be one of the main reasons for the increase in revenue. Of course, it was worth being proud of.

Pei Qian, "?"

What the f*ck! That was the surprise that you so carefully planned for me?! Thats returning my kindness with evil!

Pei Qian felt like the thorns of this huge bouquet of roses had pricked him in the heart.

However, seeing how passionate everyone was, Pei Qian had no choice but to force a smile and act like he did not care.

"Hehe, not bad. Thank you all!"

At Dream Realization Ventures

"Boss Li, come, have some tea."

He Desheng served Li Shi a cup of tea and smiled as he sat down across from him. Before this, he had worked at Fu Hui Investments for some time as Li Shis assistant.

However, as the saying went, life was full of ups and downs. Now, whenever He Desheng saw Li Shi, he could stop being overbearing or servile.

That was because now that He Desheng was learning about investing from Boss Pei and picking up things as he went along, he felt of a higher status than Li Shi. Naturally, he viewed Li Shihis previous superior and an elder in the investment industry-as more of an equal.

Li Shi sipped the tea and said, "Desheng, can you tell me more about why Dream Realization Ventures is beginning to sell Top Student, Come Quicks shares? What are all of you thinking?"

He Desheng grinned and asked, "What do you think?"

Li Shi set his teacup down, feeling melancholic. "If others did this, I would think theyre trying to run away, but "Since Boss Pei is the one doing this, I cant figure it out."

He Desheng sincerely answered, "Boss Li, if you cant figure it out, I all-the-more wouldnt be able to either

"Honestly, Im just obediently following Boss Peis instructions. I cant seem to figure out what hes thinking.

"Boss Li, if you really want to know, you should just ask Boss Pei yourself." Of course, He Desheng could guess what Boss Pei was thinking. However, he could not explain this to Boss Li. After all, these were business secrets. He had to put Dream Realization Ventures profits on top.

Everyone was only guessing Dream Realization Ventures plans for now, but none of them could be sure because it was not selling a lot of shares. It was difficult for observers to tell if Dream Realization Ventures was trying to run or if Tengda Corporation was moving funds around.

If it was the latter, there would be nothing worth freaking out about. Instead, the others should continue investing more money into the project.

However, if it was the former, they should be cautious.

Thus, Li Shi specially made a trip down to try and find out what was happening. Yet, since He Desheng was loyal towards Boss Pei, he naturally kept his lips sealed.

Knowing that Boss Li wouldnt give up, He Desheng decided to direct him to Boss Pei. Boss Pei was a genius. He would definitely be able to manage the entire situation perfectly.

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