Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling Chapter 420

Chapter 420: Unearthly creatures

Aria didn't worry too much since the locality was very secure and she could call security in limited time, anyway, she is capable enough to handle a few men easily. She clicked on the security tab button to check who was at the door and was dumbfounded seeing Alan.

'Is he here to pick me up?' Thinking about it, she opened the door to see him glaring. He looked younger and lazy in his leisurewear, messy hairstyle, and grumpy charming face. She started to feel like they have reversed the roles, her husband now behaves like a teenager throwing tantrums just like how she used to make a fuss to get his attention to stop him doing work all the time.

She didn't let him get inside and leaned on the door frame, "President Morgan, what are you doing at the door of President Cooper's pretty single secretary? Uhh, are you cheating behind your wife's back?"

Alan flicked on her forehead and entered the condo, "That is none of your concern President Cooper."

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