Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling Chapter 331

Chapter 331: Arrogant Princess

Drama queens got into action, "I am imagining my sweetheart. What with your reaction?"

"Why will I look at you like this? I imagined my hottie shirtless on the desk."

Noah: "..."

Norah: "..." 'Shirtless on the desk?'

Aria patted Eva, "Stop freaking out the little girl."

Noah: "Norah, they are shameless. Don't take them seriously."

Aria and Eva started wailing by hugging each other, "Huu Huu, we lost our sweetie..."

"Such a heartless man tossed us away after getting a wife."

Norah gave a suspicious look at Noah and actually felt bad for the girls seeing them cry while Noah was speechless.

"Guys, it's too much."

Eva wailed louder saying, "My goddess, he is saying too much to us."

Luna who brought juice to the two girls, rushed in, "What happened?"

Two girls quickly jumped to her, "Your president is telling his wife that we are shameless."

"He also said not to take us seriously."

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