Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling Chapter 330

Chapter 330: Shirtless on the desk

At Woods' headquarters.

Noah had just alighted the car when a guard opened the door, he saw black Bently stopping behind his car.

He didn't expect Norah to reach at exactly five minutes to nine.

She skipped over to him, "Good morning President Wood."

Noah hummed and led her inside as he instructed the security head who was there to receive him, "Call all the security personnel here in five minutes."

He got into work while Norah checked out the magnificent interior. "I thought you were simple and sleek. It's opulent... This chandelier is so big, is this custom made?"

Noah hummed, "Rian designed it when we were in school. I am thinking of changing it."

Norah shook her head, "This is beautiful. Just change the corner pendants if you want a new look."

Noah didn't know Norah knew about such details. Since it was a Hanes family, she was trained in household chores too.

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