Livid Guardian's Endless Coddling Chapter 329

Chapter 329: I have a dummy

In Hanes Mansion

After talking with Curtis Morgan, Jude Hanes was calm. He knew exactly how his father and grandfather ordered him around and he followed the same thing.

He felt Geoff was bolder and stronger than himself that he was able to speak out even though he always terrorized them.

After a good night's sleep, he finished his morning exercise of walking and met everyone at the dining table.

He knew nobody could believe him even if he changes overnight so he ordered but not fiercely, "Find an eligible vice president for the company..."

Geoff frowned thinking his father was permanently shutting him from the company.

Moran didn't expect his grandfather to be the same after a day before.

Jude Hanes continued, "I'm transferring everything to you. I'll not work anymore. You, father and son, take care of everything."

Everyone froze in shock. They couldn't believe they heard him right.

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