Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 382

Chapter 382 His Surname Was Dongfang

Chapter 382 His Surname Was Dongfang
Dusk was falling. The setting sun was like blood.

Sitting in the quiet room, Wang Yu spitted out a sullen air and opened her eyes. Her pale face turned ruddy.

"I didnt expect the secret method consumed so dramatically. With my cultivation base, I almost failed to persist"

A trace of fear flashed in Wang Yus eyes, and then she raised her head to see Su Li and Jin Ying standing by the side cleverly. Their expressions were full of closeness and reverence. She couldnt help feeling that all this was worthwhile.

"Bingshu, no matter how calculating you are, you absolutely cant think of how important these two sacrifices are!"

Wang Yu sneered, and a giant umbrella and a broken porcelain doll appeared in her hands. The two little girls had been bewitched so much that they took out these things without any hesitation and fear.

Anyway, neither of these girls would come back alive from the cave!

Su Li, who was standing on the side, had guessed everything when seeing these things.

"Wang Yu is so clever that she has found a way out "

The umbrella was a middle-grade hidden magic weapon which could search for something within tactical matrix. It was a rare thing. The broken porcelain doll was more precious, called scapegoat porcelain.

Although the name was exaggerated, it also made sense. Just by injecting a trace of spiritual power into it, the breath of the caster could be radiated for a long time, and thus the enemys exploration could be confused.

It was easy for Wang Yu to escape from Huajian Sect with the help of these two magic weapons.

But Wang Yu ignored a fatal flaw which was caused by herself.

"Its time to set off."

After setting up everything with great efforts, Wang Yu took a deep breath, opened the giant umbrella and enveloped Su Li and Jin Ying with herself under it, and then she cast a spell with her finger.

A sound of rumble came across the air

Under the ground of the quiet room, there was a downward stone staircase, and a bloody smell mixed with strange aura rushed toward their faces.

Jin Yings face turned fearful, but when she thought of Su Lis words, she immediately hid her fear, tightly grasped Wang Yus hand, and followed her down to the ground.

Su Li also pretended that she was anxious and nervous.

Wang Yu smiled secretly when she sensed the strength from her hands. She was confident of succeeding.

"Either scapegoat porcelain or the identity of the Mount Head of Huajian Sect, this move would be a great loss to me. Please, the ancient cave, dont let me down"

The three figures gradually disappeared under the stone staircase, and the mechanism closed again.

On the gloomy stone road, Su Li staggered, seemingly unable to see the road, but her psychic awareness quietly floated out, searching Wang Yus secret residence completely.

"The bloody smell is thick. More than thousands of people have died here over the past century, and most of them were martial arts practitioners in Zhuji Realm. And I think this is the place where Beixiao Liang escaped"

Su Li frowned at the place which was dirty as a slaughter house. Thinking of the "torture" that Beixiao Liang mentioned before, she associated it with a kind of martial arts practitioners who were very despicable.

Wang Yu obviously just wanted to take a shortcut. It took her less than five minutes to take the two girls out of the secret room, and she then drove a flying sword from a hidden exit on the mountainside.

Su Li and Jin Ying sat on the end of the sword, around which was the protective tactical matrix prepared by Wang Yu to protect them from being blown down by the strong wind.

Su Li observed the changing scenery around the flying sword, and the memory of long time ago was gradually drawn back into her brain. Jiuzhou Region which was the place that she could not know well anymore.

Jin Ying looked at the unfamiliar scenery below the flying sword, being puzzled. She was too young to be knowledgeable like Su Li, but she was clever. She had entrusted her life to Su Li.

"Su Li will never hurt me"

Jin Ying encouraged herself as she held back tears of fear. She had no choice but to trust Su Li at the moment.

One day and a half later, they were approaching to the destination. Su Li noticed that Wang Yu was excited.

Under the flying sword, there was a forest of stone, which seemed gloomy and dark. Su Li pressed together her lips.

The ancient cave was inside the Black Stone Forests.

Black Stone Forests was named by the martial arts practitioner of Jiuzhou Region. As its name suggested, the forests were completely dark and stones were black as ink.

Although the name was simple, it was one of the most dangerous places in Jiuzhou Region. There were very special stone ghosts wandering, with low intelligence but not low strength.

At this moment, Su Li felt a sense of tremor. The flying sword was shaking, and then dived into the Black Stone Forests, turning into a red light.

The brightest streams of light became gloomy suddenly, and disappeared in the black forests when it hit the ground.


Jin Yings voice shook with fear, and she could not help but ask for help.

Wang Yu snickered, and did not find anything wrong. She thought that Su Li was too numb to scream.


A stone spiritual lamp was lit, dispersing the darkness. Jin Ying rested her mind when she saw Su Li.

"Follow me. Although this stone forest is not that dangerous, it is difficult for you to deal with."

Wang Yu reminded. She recognized the direction and immediately turned to go to the sparse forest on the right. Obviously, it was not the first time that she had come here.

Su Li followed her quietly, and suddenly, she felt Jin Ying hold her arm. She gently patted her hand to comfort her.

Jin Ying felt relieved, and cheered herself on to continue the journey.

An hour later, an old mans laughter suddenly came from the forest, "Immortal Hong Yu, I have been waiting for a long time."

Su Li stepped across the last slope, and the scenery ahead of her became clear.

Within the protective cover, there was a campsite, and more than ten people were moving around. The old man who laughed just now was standing in front of a tent, looking at Wang Yu smilingly.

Wang Yu was a little scared, but she did not put it on face. She was modest, saying smilingly, "I was occupied with trifles. Dont blame me."

"Haha, never mind. The cave hasnt opened yet. You can come at any time if you dont miss it."

The old man responded very kindly, his muddy eyes suddenly turned, and he looked at Su Li and Jin Ying aggressively. Jin Ying could not help hiding behind Su Li. And he realized and then smiled in disguise.

"These two girls are very beautiful. What a pity"

Wang Yus laughter interrupted his words. She said politely, "Senior Yuan, could you please let us in if there is nothing else for us to do?"

"Ah, Im so stupid. Come in, please. Dont disturb the stone ghosts."

The old man patted on his head, and then stood aside, looking Wang Yu take the two girls to the camp, then his smile gradually froze, and he sighed again.

"What a pity"

He did not complete his words.

Wang Yu took up a tent. After arranging two berths for Su Li and Jin Ying to rest, she thought of the smile of the old man. A gloomy color flashed in her eyes.

"The cave is opening. I hope that old madman would not make trouble for me"

Two days later, everything went well. Wang Yu was relieved. She allowed Su Li and Jin Ying to go out for a walk. As sacrifice, they should keep in a good mood.

"Junior Sister Apprentice, where are we now?"

Walking on the mud road in the middle of the camp, Jin Ying looked around, seeing some martial arts practitioners who looked like evil people, and could not help asking in a low voice.

Su Li took a glance at her, and said nothing.

"Think of what I have said to you before."

Hearing the transmitting sound, Jin Ying startled and then fell in silence.

Su Li had told Jin Ying to stay with her for her safety.

After comforting Jin Ying, Su Li glanced over the tents. Based on her psychic awareness, she could feel there were at least three people in Yuanying Realm.

"Wang Yu is just in Jindan Realm. Why does she have the confidence to cooperate with these people?"

She was confused, but just kept going until to the end of the protective cover. Suddenly she paused, resting her eyes on a young man who was resting in front of a tent, holding a sword and closing his eyes.

Jin Ying was following Su Li, and she just lost her control, knocking into the back of Su Li when Su Li suddenly stopped. She could not help screaming, and petted her forehead, looking towards the same direction.

It seemed that the young man sensed someone was looking him. He opened his eyes, finding two little girls. He was a little surprised. After some hesitation, he finally decided not to be officious.

He could not even protect himself, let alone others business.

Seeing the change in the young mans expression, Su Li turned her eyes and walked directly towards him.

An old woman in red inside the tent noticed someones approaching, but when she saw it was two girls who were just in Lianqi Realm, she immediately realized something. She smiled, and then closed her eyes again.

"Senior Fellow Apprentice, you look like one of my friends. Can I ask your name?"

Su Li approached, asking in a timid manner.

The young man held a cold look. He was reluctant to answer, but seeing the two girls pitiful expressions, he could not help replying, "My surname is Dongfang. My given name is Yi."

Dongfang As she expected!

Su Li pondered on it for a little while. She looked disappointed, and whispered, "Youre not Brother Wuxue"

Hearing this, the young man was surprised, and suddenly stood up. He asked, "Do you know Dongfang Wuxue?"

His voice was louder, and even the old woman in the tent opened her eyes again, looking to Su Li.

A great pressure came to her mind.

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