Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 381

Chapter 381 The Game Began

"Li, Wang Yu is making a move!"

A transmission sounded without warning.

In the side hall of Danxia Mount, Su Li was watching that Jin Ying, who had already broken through Lianqi Realm, was happily putting on the clothes for formal disciples of Huajian Sect. There was a faint smile on Su Lis face, but her eyes suddenly flashed with a burst of light.

"Lv You!"

"Yes, master!"

Lv You, who was hiding and practicing in the forest, immediately stood up and flew in the direction that Su Li instructed him. With the cover of the All Spirits Tactics, he disappeared from the monitor of Star-stacked Matrix at once.

Hua Yan couldnt help but be shocked to sense the oddness.

"Lis newly recruited servant really does have some special skills."

Having followed Wang Yus pneuma for a while, Hua Yan suddenly sensed that Wang Yu was surrounded by something. Although she knew she was there, she couldnt penetrate the shroud to monitor what exactly Wang Yu was doing.


Su Li put on the clothes for formal disciples and the Heavy Soul Robe. Her body paused slightly and she then turned back to normal immediately. She could behave at ease now, and the difficulties she had a half-month ago was gone.

"Thats fine. Lv You will keep an eye on it."

She was confident that even with the first level of the All Spirits Tactics, Lv You would not be discovered by someone in Jindan or Yuanying Realm, not to mention that Lv You was one step away from stepping into the second level after she had inspired him.

At this moment, Wang Yu received a responded carrier rune. She sneaked into the dense forest at the foot of Danxia Mount, without knowing that she was being watched.

At the usual meeting place, Wang Yu worriedly entered a tactical matrix and found a man dressed as a scholar standing still and staring at the sky with his hands clasped behind his back. She couldnt help but feel relieved. Then she stepped forward and saluted hurriedly.

"Greetings, Immortal Bingshu!"

The man turned back, and his sallow face was indifferent. It was the headmaster of Yuling Sect, Immortal Bingshu!

Wang Yu had already known Immortal Bingshu long before!

Lv You, who was hiding in the dark, was shocked, but he didnt make a single sound and kept on watching.


Bingshu covered his chest and coughed twice, saying slowly and expressionlessly, "Junior, the meeting today was not included in our deal."

Wang Yu felt stiff subconsciously at the words. She calmed down her fear and said quickly, "Senior, cease to be angry, please! If there was not an accident, I wouldnt dare to disturb you!"

"Well whats the accident? Tell me about it."

Bingshu waved his wide sleeve and responded. It was hard to tell whether he was happy or angry.

Wang Yu looked even more embarrassed and hesitated for a moment before saying with difficulty, "A sacrifice is required to open that cave, and I had found a suitable candidate, but he was unexpectedly crippled and became useless."

When Bingshu heard Wang Yu out, instead of getting angry, he laughed, "Wang Yu, if Im not mistaken, that ancient cave will open in just a few days, right?"


Wang Yu had to respond, with her head lowered. She was too scared to look up into the sharp eyes of Bingshu.

"You didnt mention that a sacrifice was needed to open the cave. Are you going to blackmail me by hiding this from me?"

"I wouldnt dare!"

Wang Yu could feel cold sweat, "I just felt that I could handle this small thing, so there was no need to bother you, senior. So"

"Put your tricks away."

Bingshu snorted lightly. This sound became a shock like thunder in Wang Yus ears. She was shocked, and blood flowed from her mouth.

While vomiting blood, Wang Yu felt safe instead, for she knew that she had passed this hurdle. No matter what purpose she had before, Immortal Bingshu would not go after it for the time being.

With great profits in sight, Immortal Bingshu wasnt so unreasonable, for he would not give up the treasure in the ancient cave.

"Well, tell me what kind of sacrifice is needed"

The voice of Immortal Bingshu was heard after a long while, and Wang Yu was delighted, saying at once, "It must be someone who is not older than sixteen and has just stepped into Lianqi Realm. Gender is not specified! This kind of person has not yet lost his inborn power, and the spiritual power is acquired freshly, which makes him a perfect sacrifice! Moreover, he shouldnt have any resentment towards me. Because the more he trusts me, the better will the spell effect!"

The more Bingshu heard, the more anxious he felt, especially when he heard the last sentence.

How could he find such a person in a short time?

Wang Yu found it tricky, either, and said, "I had found two candidates who were trained well by me. But that ungrateful person, Fan Zisang misguided them after he escaped. They were difficult to cheat now. Thats why I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel and selected a brainless guy."

Speaking of this, Wang Yu thought of the day when Beixiao Liang appeared, Li Guang questioned, and Jin Ying and Su Li wavered. She couldnt help but hate them more.

She had complete faith in Fan Zisang so that she didnt even notice the changes of these two girls. What a blunder!

"I see."

Immortal Bingshus eyebrows were relaxed, "Its a snap! Since those two girls were not long in the sect and their memories to others are not so deep, Ill impart you an enchanting method."

After saying this, Immortal Bingshu didnt wait for Wang Yus reaction and put a finger between her eyebrows.

Wang Yu sensed a profound secret method flooding into her mind, and her attention was immediately drawn over to comprehend the method.

Meanwhile, she didnt notice that she had absorbed some unremarkable green flash, which penetrated into her awareness sea and disappeared.

As Lv You saw this, he got a few scruples and left quietly.

He was a very experienced practitioner, and his insight was extraordinary compared to those common practitioners. He had already seen some clues from the movement of Immortal Bingshu and did not dare to stay any longer.

The All Spirits Tactics was indeed a very precious secret method, even Immortal Bingshu had not discovered Lv You.

Lv You reported immediately what he had seen to Su Li in detail right after he returned.

Su Li sat at the table and heard the report, propping her chin up thoughtfully.

It was Immortal Bingshu who always hid his secrets?

During the tryout of the Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits last time, she had planned to get a picture of his true features. However, he didnt show up on the second day, so she hadnt the chance to see him with her own eyes and couldnt make a judgment about him.

"It seems that Wang Yu has targeted the children with immortal latency long ago. She chooses us solely because we have the chance to step into Lianqi Realm in a short period, and Fan Zisang has also helped Wang Yu without even knowing it."

After figuring out the reason, Su Li couldnt help but reveal a meaningful smile, saying to Jin Ying, who was looking at her curiously, "Jin Ying, how about we play a game?"

"A game?"

Jin Ying blinked her eyes and had no idea.

The following morning came.

Wang Yu came to the side hall with a soft and gentle smile on her face. Then, she pushed open the door and walked in.

With the help of Immortal Bingshu, she had completely mastered the enchanting method overnight. The opening of the cave was imminent, so it was time to take action.

"Ying, Yue, I come to see you."

As the gentle voice came out, Jin Ying and Su Li ran out of their rooms almost at the same time, and they bowed in unison, "Greetings, Master!"

Seeing that they were dressed in blue, Wang Yu was stunned, and then she became ecstatic.

Both of the two girls had already broken through to Lianqi Realm. What a godsend!

She took a deep breath and showed the most kind and amiable smile she could on her face. Then, she slowly walked over to the two young girls and squatted down, "Let me check the progress of your cultivation"

As she spoke, she put a dot between Jin Ying and Su Lis eyebrows, conjuring a spell in her heart.

She was using the enchanting method!

Then she saw that the two young girls became dazed and confused, just like puppets who had lost the ability to think on their own.

"Its working!"

Wang Yu was brightened, so she wasted no time manipulating their memories. She was going to change all their memories of Fan Zisang to herself so that she could set up the closest relationship with them!

At the same time, as she did so, Immortal Bingshu in Yuling Sect coughed once with delight appearing in his eyes.

Meanwhile, in a scenically beautiful and blessed place, which was extremely far away from Huajian Sect, came a roar suddenly out from an exquisite dwelling, which stood amidst picturesque scenery.

"What happened?"

A dignified elder in black with a gloomy face looked at the servants kneeling all over the ground and spoke in a grim tone, "A bunch of garbage! You even have no ideas of your masters whereabouts! No use to leave you alive?!"

"Elder, have mercy!"

The mammy kneeling foremost saw the broken soul tablet in the hand of the elder in black, being miserable.

According to the rule of Su family, if the master died, all his servants must be buried with him. They had no way but die!

In the next moment, the elder in black looked solemn, "Since the Seventh Miss have died mysteriously, how can you as her servants have the cheek to live on?"

He ignored the crowds pleas for mercy and stretched out a smack, and the wind brought by the strike turned into a terrifying pressure that crushed all the servants to death in the blink of an eye. The blood splattered all over the ground

The elders eyes were still gloomy after he killed dozens of people.

The seven misses of Su Family, like the holy girls in sects, were all valuable assets to Su Family. Even it was the last one of the seven who died, the loss was still incalculable.

"Guards! Find out where on earth the Seventh Miss went on her last trip!"

Right after the elder in black gave an order, the entire house began to operate in full swing.

Cultivation meant fighting against nature, so it was very common that the house lost some talented genius. The elder in black was not angry for Su Zinis death, but for not knowing where and how Su Zini died.

If he couldnt tell something when Su Zinis close elders asked, he would definitely be punished fiercely!

"Damned Su Zini, you make so much troubles even after your death!"

With a hateful curse in his mind, the elder in black left the house, for it was better for him not to stay at home until he found something.

At the same time, in the courtyard where the elder of Waimen Branch of Zihan Sect lived, came a sound of breaking something.

"Yue Lin, my granddaughter"

In the adytum, Yue Wutao looked ferocious, his heart aching as he gripped his chest with one hand.

He had a rough life as a practitioner and had only one offspring left, Yue Lin. Since Yue Lin couldnt stand out in Zihan Sect, he arranged her to join Huajian Sect so that she could get more benefits. He never expected that Yue Lin would die in Huajian Sect!

"Wang Yu, when I finish my practice in isolation, you must give me an explanation!"

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