Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 380

Chapter 380 Too Young

After several days, Wang Yu was unaware that every move she took was under Hua Yans surveillance. However, she seemed to be accustomed to being cautious and hadnt made any unusual moves.

In a few days, the news that Beixiao Liang returned to Huajian Sect had spread in the sect. The fame of acquired physique of sword fabricated by Wang Yu made him famous to all disciples in the sect after a very short time. Many disciples paid him a visit, but were refused.

As he hadnt revenged yet, Beixiao Liang was in no mood for other things.

In a side hall on Danxia Mount.

In the dim, quiet room, Su Li suddenly opened her eyes, revealing a pair of deep pupils. But when she looked at the thick stone powder piled up around her, she sighed.

In just a few days, she had consumed all the top-grade spiritual stones from the universe rings of Su Zini and the elder. But the spiritual power in her pubic region was accumulated only from one percent to two.

Just to be clear, those were all top-grade spiritual stones!

One top-grade spiritual stone was equivalent to ten thousand low-grade stones. Moreover, the spiritual power in a top-grade spiritual stone was purer than that in a low-grade one, and there was no need to remove the impurities.

"Thirty thousand spiritual stones brought me only one percent of progress. In other words, I will need at least nine million top-grade spiritual stones to reach the eighteenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm!"

Su Li mumbled to herself and sighed out of shock.

She had been in Yuxu Sect and knew the inventory of the spiritual stones in the twenty-five sects. She was afraid that all the inventories of the twenty-five sects were not enough for her!

"Little girl, you have underestimated the eighteenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm."

Seemingly sensing Su Lis depression, Black Lotus tried to say in a mature tone but really a childish voice, and the black ring appeared on the ring finger at the same time. After a period of recovery, the rings surface was significantly smoother than before, but it still looked ugly.

"What do you mean?"

Su Li frowned. Nine million top-grade spiritual stones had already gone too far. However, Black Lotus seemed to imply that it was far from enough.

"Of course!"

Black Lotus grunted for granted, "Did you think that the eighteenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm is worthless like cabbage on the street? Even in the cultivation circle back then, you couldnt find a person of the eighteenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm in ten thousand years. So, its really difficult!"

Su Lis face was pale, and she had to admit it.

"But dont worry. I was once the holy treasure for my clan, and I happened to possess the method to break through the eighteenth hurdle. As for the lack of spiritual power If we cannot find enough in one region, we can go to other great regions!"

Listening to Black Lotus foul tone, Su Li got angry. She said suddenly in a cold manner, "You really have faith in me, thinking that I can deal with those old monsters of Huashen Realm who guard those grand sects?"


Black Lotus was speechless in an awkward manner, for he had forgotten that these ancient existences had the support of their sects. Even if they went to plunder other sects, they were not alone. With Su Lis current strength, when she took action against those great sects, she just brought about herself to destruction

Thinking of this, Black Lotus suddenly shouted in a serious manner, "The smell on you is strange!"


Su Lis heart sank, and she spread her psychic awareness to check throughout her body, but she didnt sense any clinging pneuma.

"Are you sure? I felt nothing."

Su Li told the truth, which surprised Black Lotus to scream, "No feeling? How could it be possible?! You didnt feel uncomfortable, did you?"

Su Li became more and more confused as she listened. So, she said in a deep voice, "I havent encountered any danger lately. Why should I feel uncomfortable?"

Black Lotus was speechless immediately.

As if the weltanschauung he had accumulated over countless years had collapsed suddenly, whether the experience from Chuangxing Path or something else, these experiences he knew didnt work for Su Li.

With a deep sigh, Black Lotus was helpless and said, "I can clearly smell a hint of Divine Thunder of the Five Elements from you. Divine Thunder is extremely harmful to Ghost Clan. How come you couldnt feel it?"

Divine Thunder of the Five Elements?

Su Li tilted her head. It was another unknown term.


Black Lotus responded, and drove a wisp of pneuma around Su Li which then came back to the ring. His tone was more certain, "Divine Thunder of the Five Elements can be divided into five different types: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. The pneuma on your body comes undoubtedly from Divine Thunder of Earth!"

Divine Thunder of Earth!

Su Li narrowed her eyes and recalled the items she had recently touched. Suddenly, her eyes gleamed. Then she reached out to wipe the universe ring, which used to belong to Su Zini. The rune that had a light yellow halo reappeared.

As soon as it appeared, Black Lotus shrieked immediately, and the ring whooshed into Su Lis body. A voice sounding slightly panicky came into Su Lis awareness sea.

"Put it away! The pneuma of Divine Thunder of Earth on this object is so strong that I could not bear it due to my weak condition now!"

Su Li put it away immediately and frowned. She had a body of evil ghost, which was known as a taboo. According to Black Lotus words, she should be even more afraid of the object with the pneuma of Divine Thunder.

But she didnt even feel uncomfortable when she held it in her hands?


"Su Li, maybe you"

As the rune disappeared, Black Lotus Ring reappeared. There was a hint of fear that had never occurred in Black Lotus voice.

"A human race that possesses the body of evil ghost, perfectly avoids the flaws of the two races. How could this be possible?"

Hearing that Black Lotus scared himself on the side, Su Li stayed calm. That was just Black Lotus speculation. Even if it was reasonable, she couldnt verify it until she became stronger.

"Black Lotus, lets talk about my physique later. Dont forget the method of breaking through to the eighteenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm you mentioned!"

Being pulled back to reality by Su Li, Black Lotus took a deep breath and calmed down temporarily. After a moment of silence, something with black light was thrown out of Black Lotus Ring.

Su Li caught it, stumbled and almost fell to the ground.


She was shocked and stared at the thin black gauze in her hand, which was so heavy. Although her arm was able to afford at least fifty thousand kilograms, comparable to that of a demon beast of Yuanying Realm, it was still difficult for her to hold it.

"This is a treasure I hide deeply in my inventory with the name of Heavy Soul Robe. Try it on!"

Black Lotus smiled and encouraged Su Li to wear it.

Su Li knew that Black Lotus wouldnt do any harm to her, so she put the robe on without hesitation. The originally large robe shrank in size immediately and stuck to the surface of Su Lis clothes. Then it became inconspicuous.

However, when the robe adjusted itself to fit Su Li, she felt an indescribable weight on her.

The weight repressed not only her body but also her soul. Even her soul, which had been strengthened in Chuangxing Path, felt dizzy at the moment.

After only a small step, Su Li began to gasp and said with an effort, "Whats the use of this cloth?"

Black Lotus, however, didnt give an explanation, only smiling, "Youll know it later. Although its toilsome, if you want to break through to the eighteenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm, you couldnt remove it until you break through."

Su Li had to put her hands on the wall to sit down. She closed her eyes and eventually just nodded, without other words.

"By the way, little girl. Since youre not afraid of Divine Thunder of the Five Elements, you can explore the cave where the rune is found. If you are lucky to find some Tianjing Spiritual Stones which always accompany Divine Thunders, these stones will definitely help you take a big step forward on the path to the eighteenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm!"

A breathtaking light flashed in Su Lis eyes immediately.

"I see."

For the next few days, Su Li didnt leave the room. The good news was that Wang Yu seemed to have given up on her and Jin Ying so that no one disturbed her during this time.

Four days later, the stone door of the room opened.

Su Li walked out calmly. However, she was extremely slow, with fatigue in her eyes.

The Heavy Soul Robe limited her seriously. She was very tired even when she moved her hands or feet, not to mention practicing.

However, since she could get to Jindan Realm on her own in her previous life, her determination was supernormal. After four days of sleepless adaptation, she was finally able to engage in her daily activities.

As for practice she had to forget about it for now. Black Lotus didnt tell her that as soon as she tried to practice, the pressure of Heavy Soul Robe increased. Therefore, she once was almost seriously injured at one attempt.

"Hey, Junior Sister Apprentice, you have finished your practice!"

Jin Ying couldnt help but be surprised when she saw Su Li. Although she noticed that Su Li walked a bit slowly, she didnt care much about it. After all, in her memory, Su Li always kept calm.

Su Li smiled at the sight of Jin Ying and asked, "How are you doing recently?"

"Nothing. I am just a little bored. Master seems to forbid us to leave the main hall. I dont know her idea."

Jin Ying jumped to sit on the edge of a bench, swung her legs, and said casually. But her expression couldnt cover her concern in her eyes.

She could feel that something was wrong with Wang Yu.

"Forbid to leave?"

Su Lis eyes flickered. She was communicating with Hua Yan via the ancient rune, and the latter responded at once, "Li, Wang Yu is still hiding in the palace and always stays there. However, just two days ago, she transmitted a carrier rune. I tracked it down for 100,000 miles but lost it."

Su Li thought for a moment and responded, "It doesnt matter. We just wait for the person she contacted, and everything will come out."

"OK! Ill keep an eye out."

Then, Hua Yans voice faded away. Su Li instructed Lv You, who was hiding in Danxia Mount, to monitor Wang Yu together. Then she came back to overcome the hardship that the Heavy Soul Robe brought to her.

Half a month passed quickly.

Beixiao Liang did not leave and lived alone in the hall of the eldest disciple of Fujian Mount.

The previous eldest disciple had died in the Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits long ago, and a new one hadnt been selected yet. Therefore, there was few troubles.

"Your Holiness, the headmaster granted your leave for a month, but half a month passed. So"

In the palace, Beixiao Liang sat cross-legged on a futon with a small and exquisite flying sword lying horizontally in front of his chest and rotating slowly.

A plain-looking elder, whose cultivation had reached Yuanying Realm, stood beside him. Although the elder just reached the same early stage of Yuanying Realm as Hua Yan did, he should not be underestimated.

To protect the holy boys safety, Yuxu Sect had spared no effort.

Hearing the elders question, Beixiao Liang opened his eyes, and his gaze was deep. He said slowly, "Wait for a while. If the headmaster doesnt action, Ill do it myself!"

The elder shook his head helplessly and retreated respectfully. But in his heart, he sniffed at Huajian Sect, for he didnt sense one more of Yuanying Realm besides Hua Yan in the sect. In his opinion, what Hua Yan said half a month ago was just perfunctory.

"Your Holiness, youre still too young"

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