Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Grand Elder?

Chapter 379 Grand Elder?

"I Im not sure how Master treats me Senior Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin bullied me!"

Thinking for a moment, Su Li seemed to have just reacted. She was frightened and stuttered.

Wang Yu was furious when she heard this, cursing Su Li for being unworthy of cultivation. A scene like this had already scared her.


Li Guang sighed. He would rather investigate by himself than expect a clear statement of a teenaged girl.

"Master, you mentioned that they are Wang Yus disciples. Even if they could tell us something, we should not believe it. For now, the only way is to ask the headmaster to come out and do justice to the matter. Then well see who told the truth!"

Beixiao Liang temporarily put aside his quest for Su Li, stared at and spoke to his own master squarely.


Li Guang was speechless. It was the top-secret of Huajian Sect that the headmaster hadnt shown up for a long time, which must not be exposed on such an occasion.

Wang Yu sneered secretly. If Hua Yan was still alive, she would have no guts to be so blatant. Because Su Zinis means were powerful.

Beixiao Liang sensed Li Guangs embarrassment and he frowned.

Everything seemed to go back to square one, and no one could tell who exactly was the evil.

Su Li held Jin Ying and stood silently like an outsider, for she was not silly enough to expose her identity in such a crowded environment.

After a moment of stalemate, Li Guang sighed and said warmly, "Liang, you have just come back and must be very tired. How about coming with me to our mount and having a rest? Ill send a message to the headmaster. Whatever the outcome is, Ill give you an explanation!"

Beixiao Liang stood stiffly and stared at Wang Yu who was fearless. Eventually, he couldnt withstand the hidden plea in Li Guangs tone, so he nodded and agreed. After gazing at Su Li for an instant, he flew away with Li Guang.

When they disappeared in Fujian Mount, Wang Yu turned to be gloomy. She was annoyed to see the fainted Jin Wei and the two trembling female disciples, so she left in anger.

Although she desperately wanted to punish Jin Ying and Su Li for not standing by her side at the crucial moment, Beixiao Liang was still on Fujian Mount, and she wasnt stupid enough to do that at this time. If she was caught, even the headmaster still practiced, the first elder of the first mount had the right to deal with her. That wasnt what she wanted!

"Just one more sacrifice was needed, but something went wrong at this time!"

Wang Yu returned to the main hall, with a hint of anxiety in her eyes, "Its not long to the appointed date"

Meanwhile, Jin Ying and Su Li were brought back to their bedrooms by maids and were under strict supervision immediately, which made Jin Ying feel bad. But, implied by Su Li, she didnt even try to resist and went back to her room to practice obediently.

Su Li also returned to her room and sat in a lotus position. She took out two universe rings from her pocket, which she had looted from Su Zini and the elder of reaching the intersection to Yuanying Realm.

"Su Family is still as rich as before."

She checked the number of spiritual stones in the universe rings with her psychic awareness and exclaimed. If she had practiced regularly, these resources would be enough for her to practice to the late stage of Jindan Realm.

But it was just a drop in the bucket for the seventeenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm.

With that in mind, she quickly turned her attention away and focused on an area Su Zini had carefully kept.

Suddenly, she gazed at it and pulled it with her mind, and a rune that emitted a yellow halo fell accordingly. It felt slightly heavy in her hand.

"It seems to be a key to a cave but its not complete"

Su Li checked it for a moment, suddenly thinking of the Star-stacked Defensive Matrix that Su Zini had asked for from Hua Yan before. Could it be related to this object?

Star-stacked Defensive Matrix could be used not only to protect a sect but also to crack some restrictions of caves. When Su Li had been the holy girl, she had done this to win a huge amount of resources for Yuxu Sect.

"If thats the case, it will make sense"

Su Li was almost sure about her guess. As for Su Zinis background, she didnt have to stick to the extremely troublesome Star-stacked Defensive Matrix. It would be much easier to get resources through turning one of masters from the twenty-five sects.

"However, since she needed to crack the restrictions, all the keys should appeare. Su Zini must be in contact with others who have other keys"

With this in mind, Su Li checked the other universe ring of the elder, but she didnt find a similar key in it.

"Had I known, I would have kept her alive and made a soul search"

Su Li felt a little pity, but she didnt dwell on it. If Su Zini was really connected to other keys owners, and she didnt appear, the trace would lead to Huajian Sect sooner or later.

"I wonder if the resources of a cultivation cave could help me step into the eighteenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm so that I could finally begin to reach Zhuji Realm"

Su Li put away the two rings and gazed leisurely.

Although she was one step away from the eighteenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm, it was a giant chasm between them when she began to practice. The energy needed was immeasurable.

She had already prepared over one hundred Zhuji Elixirs for herself before. With the addition of those from the two universe rings, she had three hundred Zhuji Elixirs now. It would take three elixirs at most for an ordinary practitioner to transform the genuine energy of Zhuji Realm. Three hundred elixirs no matter how deep the foundation was, should definitely be enough!

With the seventeenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm, she could choose to break through to Zhuji Realm at any time. But she was not willing to do that when she could get the legendary realm.

But if she took a long time, or couldnt make a breakthrough, Su Li wouldnt be so stubborn like the ancient practitioner Black Lotus had mentioned before. She was still young and could afford the result.

After sorting out her thoughts, she took out a top-grade spiritual stone, held it in her hand, and became quiet.

Meanwhile, on Fujian Mount.

"Master, seriously? Its been over one hundred years since the headmaster practiced?"

Beixiao Liangs expression changed slightly. To Huajian Sect, Hua Yan was a pillar. If anything happened to her, Huajian Sect would definitely take an unprecedented hit.

Li Guang nodded with worry, "Otherwise, why didnt the headmaster appear after the conflict on Danxia Mount? I didnt dare to disturb her, in case other sects noticed the strangeness"

Beixiao Liangs heart sank, and after a moment of silence, he said, "Master, do you know who I had seen when I was imprisoned by Wang Yu?"

"Liang, she is your uncle after all"

Li Guangs face changed, for he was really unwilling to hear Beixiao Liangs slander for Wang Yu.

Beixiao Liang felt bitter, and he hissed painfully with a deep tone, "Master! I saw eldest senior fellow apprentice there!"

Li Guang shook violently, with eyes running and lips trembling uncontrollably.

"What, what are you talking about?"

Guilt and deep hatred could be seen on Beixiao Liangs face, "Eldest senior fellow apprentice was killed by Wang Yu for saving me!"

With a flip of his hand, a quaint universe bag embroidered with the character Heng appeared in his hand.

Li Guang was startled as he saw the universe bag, with tears in his eyes.

The eldest disciple of Fujian Mount, Li Heng, was his son!

Li Heng had been missing for years, and Li Guang had expected he could come back. Unexpectedly he was killed by Wang Yu!

"Master, Ive reached the first hurdle of Jindan Realm! Wang Yu is definitely no match for me. Im going to kill her!"

Beixiao Liang gritted his teeth, took his sword, and went out, but was stopped by Li Guang, whose eyes were already red.


Beixiao Liang was frustrated, for he had proven that he was telling the truth. Could it be that his master still didnt trust him?

Li Guang took a deep breath, and his voice was hoarse, "Wang Yu is complex, and I cant rest assured if you go alone."

Beixiao Liang was startled, and then his heart was filled with warmth and guilt.

As he was stunned, an unprecedented coldness appeared on Li Guangs face. He stretched out a hand and a small black sword placed on the sword rack buzzed and then became a ray of black light that flew into Li Guangs body.

"I will go with you and kill her with my own hands!"

Beixiao Liangs expression changed. He nodded firmly and was about to leave the palace together with his master.

But at this moment, a slightly languid female voice sounded.

"You guys, dont go anywhere."

At the same time, the main hall of Fujian Mount was immediately shrouded by a transparent veil, which was incomparably hard and unbreakable for someone of Jindan Realm.

This change almost made Li Guang and Beixiao Liang lose their minds. Then, they seemed to think of something and turned back.

A woman in a violet-golden robe stood quietly in the center of the hall. Her face was exquisite and cold, with a hint of undisguised anger in her eyes.


Li Guang was shocked, and he sensed Hua Yans pneuma that had become as unpredictable as the ocean. His sadness and anger slightly faded away, and he asked in surprise, "Did you break through it, Headmaster?"

Hua Yan nodded slightly.

"Congratulations, Headmaster!"

Beixiao Liang saluted hurriedly. Although he had to leave Huajian Sect back then, in his heart, he still considered himself to be a disciple of Huajian Sect.

"Save the formalities. I will personally investigate the matter of Wang Yu! If she has committed the unforgivable sin as Bei Xing said"

At this point, Hua Yans eyes narrowed and she was very angry, "My anger is not easy to bear!"

Hua Yans promise calmed Beixiao Liang down finally. Then, he said after a moment of hesitation, "Headmaster, I narrowly survived and escaped from Wang Yu back then! Her strength is definitely not as simple as it looks, and she also possesses many weird secret methods. You should be careful!"

Hua Yan listened with a slight smile, "Rest assured. Grand elder of our sect will personally attend to this matter. No matter how many means Wang Yu has, she is incomparable to grand elder, and she couldnt even escape from Huajian Sect now!"

"Grand elder?! Ive left for hundreds of years. When did the sect get a new grand elder?"

Beixiao Liang looked at his master with confusion, but he found the same expression on Li Guangs face.

Hua Yan was the most powerful person in Huajian Sect. Where did such a person come from?

Moreover, since Hua Yan had broken through to Yuanying Realm, what about the strength of grand elder?

Hua Yan knew that they were full of questions, but she didnt explain but instructed, "Dont make people know anything such as my appearance and the existence of grand elder. You must not speak of this to anyone. Do you understand?"

Li Guang and Beixiao Liang could only suppress their thoughts for the time being and helplessly saluted in unison as they heard the words.

"Yes, Headmaster!"

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