Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 378

Chapter 378 Bei Xing? Beixiao Liang?

Chapter 378 Bei Xing? Beixiao Liang?

Hearing the voice, Jin Ying was not angry, but shook with fear, and turned back suddenly.

When she saw Jin Wei coming towards her with an arrogant look, terrible memories about her childhood in Jincheng Palace recalled back to her mind. Her face turned pale.

"Brother, why are you here? Did you"

Jin Ying stammered with fear. She didnt feel peace and retuned to be rational until Su Li held her hand slightly.

Jincheng Royal Family was not belonging to that Empress, and she was not the former stupid girl. What was she afraid of?

Seeing that Jin Ying recovered so quickly, Jin Wei was furious, but he did not show his anger, and just sneered, "My dear sister, did you want to ask why I am not in Waimen Mount?"

When he finished, he shook his whole body, exuding the aura that could only be found in Lianqi Realm.

"Lianqi 1st hurdle?!"

Jin Ying widened her eyes suddenly. She relied on the Hualing Pool to make rapid progress. What did Jin Wei rely on to break through?

Seeing her reaction, Jin Wei felt that his identity and status were recognized again. He could not help laughing loudly, and said in an arrogant way, "Thanks to Master Wang Yu, I have been accepted as a personal disciple by her. As for Fan Zisang, sooner or later I will kill him! You are just an ordinary disciple of master, so you need to call me Senior Fellow Apprentice!"

Su Li was calm. She could see through it at the first glance that Jin Weis power was gotten by force. He could only reach the peak of Lianqi Realm in his life.

If he did not rely on external forces, in terms of his talent, reaching Zhuji Realm was not a problem. His destructing behavior would ruin his future, but he was still proud of it Obviously, he knew nothing.

"Wang Yu"

Su Li glanced around the quiet palace, with her deep eyes. Nobody could know what she was thinking about.

Jin Ying was frightened and angry when she heard Jin Weis words. Her lips were shaking with anger, and she did not know what to say. At last, she kept a straight face, ignoring the old man in a costume of administrator standing behind Jin Wei. She bit her lips and said obstinately, "I have only one senior fellow apprentice, but not you!"

" How dare you!"

Jin Wei stopped smiling, and his anger became more intense. His expression changed a lot. He finally darkened his face and said coldly, "Little bitch! You are as cheap as your mother! Steward Wu, give her a lesson!"

Then his eyes fell onto Su Li, who was young and beautiful. He said in a frivolous manner, "Dont forget this little beauty. Take her to my bedchamber!"

Steward Wu nodded and gave a smile. He stepped forward to slap Jin Yings face violently, and grabbed Su Li with his other hand.

He was the trusted subordinate of Wang Yu, and he would naturally not violate her order of letting Jin Wei do as he pleased, even if what happened now was a serious violation of rules of the sect.

"Dont approach me! Master, help!"

Jin Ying stepped back with fear, and cried. Jin Wei laughed at her, "This all was allowed by master. How can she come to save you?"

His face was full of joy, and showed an obscene smile.

He had thought he would never get Jin Ying. But unexpectedly, just a few months later, he got not only Jin Ying as his plaything, but also someone else.


Just at this critical moment, an angry roar suddenly came from the sky, and at the same time, a flying sword turned into white light and flashed. With a sound of whoosh, the arms of Steward Wu fell onto the ground.


The air froze for a moment. The harsh screams of Steward Wu broke out the sky. Jin Wei, who still obsessed about the two girls in his mind, was so scared that he ran away without saying anything. He did not even care about the situation of Steward Wu.

But before he ran far away, there was a cold snort from the air, "When did such a scum come to Huajian Sect? Let me take a thorough clean-up!"

The sword light came again. Jin Wei was shocked and cried bitterly, "Master, help!!"


A red light came from the palace at the top, blocking the white light. With a "clang" sound, two flying swords were accidentally inserted between Jin Weis legs.

At the next moment, a more tragic voice than Steward Wu resounded through Danxia Mount. Disciples from mounts were attracted to observe curiously, stopping what they were doing.

"Danxia Mount what happened?"

Li Guang, who came from Fujian Mount, put down the half-length sword in his hand irritably, and sighed, "Fine. Its not suitable for studying rune and symbols today I remember Wang Yu should be on the Mount. Is there anything wrong?"

He was puzzled, but he did not entangle himself with it. He just flied to Danxia Mount.

At this moment, on Danxia Mount.

A tall, young man with a solemn expression came from the sky. Seeing Wang Yu came from the palace, there was undisguised hatred in his eyes, "Confusing right and wrong. You selfish, old witch! Youre really still the same as before, making people sick."

Su Li was startled, stood quietly, and a flash of surprise could be found in her eyes.

How could he be here?

In her imagination, it should be the first elder of the first mount to stop this disorder, but now

It seemed that Wang Yu did not hear what the young man said. She did not feel angry, but stared at the young mans familiar face, and frowned.

After a few moments, she finally thought of his identity. She said in a nervous tone, "Are you Bei Xing?!"


Su Li turned to look at Wang Yu. Wasnt he Beixiao Liang?

Beixiao Liang sneered, and his white teeth reflected a flash of cold light, "It has been several hundred years since we met last time. Master Hong Yu, you still remember me. Its really my great honor."

Wang Yu was totally upset. Beixiao Liang would never lose such a good chance. He made a gesture with his fingertips, and then the sword turned into a flash of white light, stabbing at Wang Yus throat.

Su Li raised her brows, and did not stop him.

But people did not always get what they want.

"My second son!"

A loud and clear voice which was full of excitement and enthusiasm arose from the back of Beixiao Liang. He almost succeeded, but was shocked by the voice, dropping his sword onto the ground.

Wang Yu was still in a shock. She became more nervous when she saw Li Guang, who was behind Beixiao Liang. But the nervousness disappeared quickly. She was angry.

"Brother Li, your disciple is really outstanding after he joined the twenty-five sects. He wanted to kill me just now!"

Seeing what had happened, Li Guang had to hide his joy, and frowned at Beixiao Liang.

"Is it true? My second son."

Facing masters reproach, Beixiao Liang sighed inside, and turned around to stare at Wang Yu coldly. He said slowly, "Master, if I tell you that the incident that the so-called genius of acquired physique of sword was received by the twenty-five sects was just a lie of Wang Yu, will you believe it?"


Li Guangs eyes widened, and he felt shocked.

"Youre talking nonsense!"

Wang Yu looked agitated, as if Beixiao Liang really deceived everyone, "Its in vain that I spoke for you in front of seniors and made you improve quickly. Now you have become a Jindan martial arts practitioner, so you came back to slander me. This is how you repay your benefactor?"


Beixiao Liang felt sick when hearing what Wang Yu said. He replied coldly, "You imprisoned and tortured me for ten years. I would rather die! Now you said youre my benefactor?"

"Mind your words!"

Wang Yus eyes widened and she shouted sharply, "When did I imprison you? I have worked hard to contribute to the sect over the years and have never left. If you want to slander me, you have to find a suitable explanation, right?"

Li Guang stood aside, and the more he listened, the more confused he became. On the one hand, Beixiao Liang was his disciple whom he treated as his own son, and on the other hand, Wang Yu was the junior sister apprentice who had been with him for nearly a thousand years. Which side would he choose to believe?

Su Li was interested in this conversation with a surge of flash in her eyes. It seemed that Wang Yu was more mysterious than she thought.

"Li, Wang Yu was taken to the sect by me. She was talented, with an innocent background. But"

Hua Yans voice was transmitted through the ancient rune to Su Lis ears, and she sounded upset. Hua Yan could also sense that Wang Yu was a little eccentric.

"Never mind. People always make mistakes. Ill deal with this all. But who is Bei Xing? Im confused."

Su Li interrupted her. Hua Yan felt relieved, "I have an impression of Bei Xing. About four hundred years ago, he was talented and made a striking figure. Although he did not have heaven-typed spiritual root, he was outstanding and improved so fast. After breaking through Zhuji Realm, he travelled with Wang Yu, and then was accepted as a disciple by the twenty-five sects. From then on, he had never come back. Now it seems that"

"The so-called twenty-five sects"

Su Li picked up the conversation, "Its just an excuse."

Hua Yan kept silence, but she was very angry. If Su Li had not been there, she would have rushed to ask Wang Yu what had happened before.

"You dont need to worry too much. Although he was imprisoned for ten years, he lived well after escaping."

"How did you know?" Hua Yan was curious.

"Ive met him before."


Something was happening at the top of Danxia Mount when they were chatting.

"Master, dont you trust me?"

"Senior Fellow Apprentice, Ive been with you for more than a thousand year. Do you really choose to trust this little guy who has just followed you for just three hundred years?"

Both Beixiao Liang and Wang Yu stared at Li Guang who felt bitter. Finally, he had to look at Jin Ying and Su Li. Jin Wei had fallen down to the ground because of insufferable pain.

"You two must be Jin Ying and Su Yue. Tell me why they fought just now?"

Seeing this, Wang Yus eyes immediately brightened, and transmitting the sound in silence to Jin Ying and Su Li, "I have treated you well. You should tell the truth. Just now, when Jin Wei made the disorder, I was cultivating. So, I came too late. Forgive me."

Jin Ying felt stressed. It was true that Wang Yu treated them well, and she didnt doubt her so much. But just now, she turned up to save Jin Wei Jin Ying felt very uncomfortable.

So, she looked at Su Li naturally, hoping she could give an appropriate answer.

Li Guang thus said directly, "Little girl, tell me the truth."

Everyone including Beixiao Liang cast their eyes on Su Li.

Su Li raised her brows. It was difficult to tell whether she was nervous or not.

Beixiao Liang looked at her, and was nervous gradually. The little girl felt a little familiar to him, as if he had seen her in certain place. But Yuxu Sect was so far away from Huajian Sect, and this girl was just in Yunti Realm. It was impossible

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