Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 377

Chapter 377 Ungrateful Person

Chapter 377 Ungrateful Person

The vital energy surged, slapped the water, and made noise. Su Li gazed fixedly, and saw a round golden elixir was spat out from Hua Yans mouth. The elixir broke apart suddenly and began to recombine into a tiny infant, who sat cross-legged. She was suddenly relieved.

The transformation from an elixir to an infant was extremely dangerous, for the elixir could explode if one had not accumulated enough energy. Hua Yan had laid a solid foundation so that the procedure completed quickly and cleanly, without any accidents. The next phase would be the forming of the infant. The clearer the face became, the more powerful the strength would be.

It would take some time for Hua Yan to form the infant. Su Li sat down on the bank. She touched the universe ring and took out the Tactical Matrix Plate for Camouflage she had looted from Chen Xianghan. After scrutinizing it for a while, she put her fingertip on the circular pattern at the center of the plate and pressed it gently.


The mechanism was triggered, and circular arcs popped up from the round plate immediately, which turned into a regular sphere.

Su Lis eyes narrowed in shock.

This was a usual technique in the methodology of the tactical matrix, which could only be applied by matrix masters.

A matrix plate produced by a matrix master was not a whole complete entity but consisted of multiple matrix rings. The number of rings determined the difficulty of the production and the grade of the big tactical matrix released by the matrix plate.

"This is a matrix plate with nine rings. Its only one ring short to be a grandmaster! No wonder even the rules of Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits could be cheated. As soon as I take this tactical matrix, I will not have to worry that my identity may be exposed for a short time."

Su Li took a sigh of relief because more than half of her nervousness coming with her breakthrough to the seventeenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm faded away. It was her luck. Even if she couldnt find fragments of Reincarnation Mirror to improve her shielding power, for the time being, that was okay.

After all, this matrix plate of nine rings was one ring short to be a grandmasters matrix plate, so the power to shield the natures mystery was limited. It would inevitably fail when she reached a specific realm, so it should not be ignored to find the fragments to restore Reincarnation Mirror.

As Su Li was muttering to herself, she also wondered who had made this object. There was no matrix master even close to a grandmaster at all in Jiuzhou Region. Could it be that someone had managed to take a big step forward from a common master to a grandmaster over the past thousand years?

Su Li thought for a while and then put away her thoughts. If such a person did exist, she was sure to meet him in the future. In her previous life, she had already reached the middle stage of a matrix master and was not far away from the late stage. Now, she had experienced and learned more, and with the help of the matrix plate of nine rings, it wouldnt take her long to reach the late stage. She just didnt have the time and energy to make a matrix plate of nine rings.

After spending half a quarter of an hour to get familiar with the matrix plate, Su Li closed the mechanism and put the plate back as it was, and then took out the triangular copper coin and continued to sense the characters

Time went by gradually.

One day and one night later

Hua Yan, who had been sitting in the Hualing Pool, trembled and exhaled a foul breath that resembled a white dragon, which stayed in the nothingness for a moment and disappeared.

And then, she opened her eyes, sensing the radically different power of Yuanying in her body, and she could not help showing her joy.

After more than two thousand years of practicing, she finally stepped into Yuanying Realm!

Su Li seemed to sense something, and raised her head, looking at the scene with a smile.

"Hua Yan, congratulations."

The tone was bland but sincere.

Hua Yan smiled slightly and said, "I wont thank you, because Ive helped you manage the sect for so many years. I deserve your reciprocation."

Su Li helplessly rolled her eyes. When she established the sect back then, due to her sensitive identity, she had clearly said that Hua Yan was the only headmaster of Huajian Sect. But now, based on Hua Yans words, she obviously didnt want to admit it.

However, she was no longer Holy Girl Su now, and her identity was even more dangerous than before, but it was hidden deeply, and no one knew it. She didnt bother to argue who was the real headmaster of Huajian Sect.

Seeing that Su Li didnt give a stern rebuff this time, Hua Yan was excited with light in her eyes. After over a thousand years, Su Li was finally enlightened!

Holy Girl Su might look glorious, but she was bound by Yuxu Sect. Although Huajian Sect was small, it was hers totally!

Surely, she understood why Su Li did that back then. It was not for the sake of fame. For Su Li, the only person worth paying for was Elder Mo Qin.

"Li, since you decided to show up, whats your plan next?"

Hearing Hua Yan ask about this, Su Li smiled indifferently, but the information revealed in her eyes made Hua Yan feel discouraged.

"If I die, all will be over. But since Im still alive, I do get a bone to pick with those old enemies!"

Su Lis eyes flashed with scary intent after she said this, and Hua Yan quietly swallowed and felt frightened.

She stared at her best friend, whom she hadnt seen for many years. Finally, she realized that the gentle, virtuous, and naive female practitioner, Holy Girl Su, who could even barely say a harsh word, had completely changed into another different person.

At this time, Su Li suddenly turned back and asked with a sweet smile, "Am I scaring you?"


Hua Yan was startled for a moment and then shook her head immediately. Her eyes glistened with tears as she bit her lips and choked, "Im just glad that our Holy Girl Su can protect herself finally."

She had kept telling Su Li more than once in the old times that a practitioner should not have a pure and passionate heart, but all she got in return was an indifferent smile. She didnt know how many times she had sighed inwardly.

Meanwhile, she also secretly helped Su Li block countless overt and covert attacks, which she never told Su Li.

However, when she met Su Li again, there were things she could not hide, which were revealed as time went by.

Su Li pursed her lips and smiled. As Hua Yan mentioned it, her keen sense made her understand that she could never repay Hua Yan just by saying "thank you".

"From now on, you dont have to take the responsibility of Huajian Sect alone."

Su Li said and nodded slightly. Hua Yan covered her mouth and wept for joy. She could not help but come forward and hug Su Li tightly, "Thats great! If we stick together, regardless of the twenty-five sects, Huajian Sect will stand forever."

Although Su Lis eyes were not wet, she became tender and soft as water, and she said in her heart,

"What I want is more than just survival"

Shortly after they revealed their feelings, Su Li and Hua Yan cleared up the emotions and adjusted their clothes. Then, they sat opposite each other.

After all, they were both over two thousand years old. It was easy for them to control their emotions, unlike those common women.

"By the way, this is for you."

Hua Yan smiled and took out an ancient rune from her universe ring. Su Li accepted it and smiled, too.

This was a sect rune Su Li made. As long as it was within the range of Star-stacked Tactical Matrix, one could hear all the messages of the entire sect and speak with all the elders directly.

Of course, it wouldnt work if one encountered something like Tactical Matrix for Camouflage.

"I asked you to make two of these back then, and you wouldnt like to. Now it became useful."

Hua Yan spoke and returned to their usual ways of speaking. They didnt look like two respected practitioners of Yuanying Realm.

Su Li didnt know whether to laugh or cry. After so many years, Hua Yan stayed the same as when they met for the first time.

Its nice!

Holding the rune for a moment, Hua Yan was immediately informed of the situation from the first elder and couldnt help but frown, "Li, Fan Zisang quitted the sect, you"

Su Li shook her head, "I wont interfere with his decision. Let him leave. Im in a sensitive position, and anyone who has anything to do with me would be in danger. Even you should be careful as well."

Hua Yan was in awe of Su Li. Although Su Li didnt say it clear, she didnt doubt her at all.

The fact that she practiced again at the age of thirteen and then she almost entered the Yuanying Realm was a piece of extremely horrifying news.

"In the future, Ill continue my practice at Danxia Mount. You should send someone to keep an eye on Wang Yu. As long as she doesnt get in my way, theres no need to take her down."

Hua Yan echoed and said nothing more. If it had been in the past, Su Li wouldve been furious about Wang Yu for her cruelness, punished her, and made justice for Fan Zisang. But what Su Li did now made her a little confused.

She could clearly feel that Su Li took much care of the junior, Fan Zisang.

"Well, the time of three days is up. Jin Ying should be awake soon. Feel free to contact me if you need anything."

Su Li waved the rune in her hand and disappeared.

Hua Yan was stunned, laughing bitterly as she lamented that her old friends character had become odd and profound, while she was happy for her rebirth.

Only she might understand the complicated feelings.

Su Li sneaked into the upper spiritual pool and found that Jin Ying kept trying to absorb the spiritual power and limited her cultivation at the peak of Yunti Realm at the same time. She was relieved to see this and sat down to continue studying the triangular copper coin.

Several hours later, the time of three days was up.

The first elder Hua Bei appeared in front of the cave entrance on time. He took a deep breath and said in a grave tone, "Your time is up! Su Yue, Jin Ying, come out now!"

Jin Ying was awakened and climbed out of the spiritual pool at once. She evaporated her clothes, and her large, innocent eyes were filled with excitement.

The Hualing Pool was a really great thing!

Three days saved her several years of hard practice, and she directly reached the peak of Yunti Realm. After some time to consolidate the foundation, she could break through to Lianti Realm.


The sound behind her drew Jin Yings attention. Su Li was calm and relaxed, stepping out of the spiritual pool in faith and whispering, "Lets get out."

Jin Ying was so happy that her eyes changed to two little crescent moons, "Yeah!"

The first elder didnt wait long at the entrance until the two little girls came out. He pretended to be spontaneous and nodded, saying, "The peak of Yunti Realm, well done! Go back to Danxia Mount now."

"Yes, First Elder."

Jin Ying and Su Li both responded politely and followed an administrator away.

Looking at them leaving away, the first elder put his gaze on Su Li, wondering, "Why did the headmaster instruct us not to interfere with any actions of this little girl? Could it be her talent? But theres nothing brilliant about a spiritual root at seven-tenths"

"Even if the headmaster has an interest in her talent, why does she leave the little girl alone and allow her to stay at Danxia Mount? Its hard to understand"

The first elder shook his head and didnt care anymore, for it was difficult to fathom the headmaster, and they just needed to follow orders.

At this moment, on Danxia Mount.

Jin Ying walked from the peak to the mountainside and back but couldnt find Fan Zisang. She looked disappointed, murmuring, "What the first elder said cant be true. Did the senior fellow apprentice really"

Just then, a snort of sneering came from behind.

"That ungrateful person has gone to other sects. How dare you still address him as senior fellow apprentice? Its a shame for Danxia Mount!"

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