Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 375

Chapter 375 Spiritual Pool

Chapter 375 Spiritual Pool

It was Soul Tactics!

After fumbling out the general outline, Su Li fell silent, and a shock flashed through her eyes.

The general outline was written in a few words, but the message was clear. This was a secret practicing method for the soul!

As the name implied, one could strengthen his soul and even use soul means to do damage to enemies by practicing this method!

She never heard of it!

Suppressing the thoughts that were churning in her mind, Su Li took a deep breath and calmed down, with her eyes shining.

Other than the chance she got in Chuangxing Path to enhance her soul, she had never heard of any secret methods to improve the soul in her twelve hundred years of cultivation.

"After going back from Chuangxing Path, my soul has been recovered to or even exceeded the level in my previous life. Now, Ive encountered the Soul Tactics"

Holding the small triangle coin, she kept silent. Since her reincarnation, she had so many adventures, and her serendipity was a hundred times better than that of her previous life. Was the experience in her last life the reason that the natural law tried to compensate her?

As soon as this thought appeared, it was directly denied by Su Li, for she still remebered her identity.

The body of evil ghost was envied by nature. The natural law would never give up the hostility towards her, even if it helped those cultivators with the inborn physique of cultivation.

"So, my luck has increased somehow?"

Su Li was thinking, and she suddenly related the mysterious pneuma given to her at the third stage in Chuangxing Path to her better luck.

She didnt figure out anything. Then, Su Li gave up, and her eyes became bright.

Since she got the rare secret practice method of soul, there was no reason not to practice it!

In this way, her body, cultivation, and soul were practiced shoulder to shoulder, so that she would have no weakness!

The only hindrances that stood in her way were time and resources.

"Ding ding "

The bell outside her adytum was gently ringing. This mechanism of Danxia Mount would alert the people in the adytum that something outside was disturbing. Generally speaking, no one would trigger this mechanism, but Su Lis isolated practice lasted too long this time.

"Its time to go out. With the seventeenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm, Im capable of settling some matters in Huajian Sect. After that, I can continue to recover."

Su Lis gaze flickered, and she turned the switch. The moment the stone door of the adytum opened automatically, a black light sprang into her arms at once, coquetting with "meow meow".


Su Li recognized this nightmare beast and smiled. It had been three months since she went to the Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits, and she almost forgot this tiny creature. However, the nightmare beast fed on dreams. It would not starve on Danxia Mount, for there were enough people who could dream a lot.

"Junior Sister Apprentice!"

Jin Ying ran in with a surprised look on her face, took Su Lis arm and said in relief, "Youve been practicing in isolation for three months. I was worried sick!"

"Hehe, for practitioners, it is not long to practice in isolation for several years, let alone three months." Behind Jin Ying, Fan Zisang walked in with a gentle gaze, "How hard the junior sister apprentice has practiced! Second Junior Sister Apprentice, you should practice hard, too, and dont lag too far behind."

"Got it."

Jin Ying made a sad face and didnt think much of it. She knew some of Su Lis secrets, but she didnt see Su Li had ever left Danxia Mount, so she didnt know that Su Li and Fan Zisang returned to Danxia Mount almost at the same time.

After the small talk, they sat down in the inner hall. Jin Ying, a hothead, felt anxious to ask after sitting for a while, "Senior Fellow Apprentice, youve just returned from the Secret Realm today and come to us immediately. Is there anything wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong."

Fan Zisang smiled and said, "There is a rule in the sect. Any disciples who could come out of the Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits alive would be awarded to stay in the spiritual pool on the main peak for three days, and I wrote your names."

After Fan Zisang proposed to the elder on the main peak, there was no objections, and he quickly received a positive answer, because two young girls in Yunti Realm together could absorb less nimbus than one in Zhuji Realm.


Jin Yings eyes shone brightly at once. In the past three months, she had heard and seen quite a few super places for practicing in Huajian Sect. And the most praised place by her senior fellow apprentices was the spiritual pool on the main peak!

According to the legend, it was built by Immortal Hua Yan, the headmaster of Huajian Sect, together with her friend. The nimbus there was very mild and easy to absorb. One in Zhuji Realm could practice hundreds of times faster in the spiritual pool, while a disciple in Yunti Realm might directly re-form his physical body and step into Zhuji Realm!

The excitement didnt last long, and Jin Yings little mouth suddenly flattened, "No, no, if were going, what about you, Senior Fellow Apprentice? You deserve the opportunity by going through fire and water; how could we"

Fan Zisangs gaze was even gentler after hearing the words, and he couldnt help but pat Jin Yings smooth hair. While taking a look at Su Li, who was cold as ever, he didnt dare to touch her finally. He said with a smile,

"No worry. That spiritual pool is useless for me. You are the two girls I feel closest to. If you dont go, I have no other choice but to waste the opportunity."

Fan Zisang said that in a pity tone and expression, and Jin Ying immediately changed her mind and complained, "No, no, no! Well go. Why didnt you tell us earlier, Senior Fellow Apprentice? I have worried for nothing!"

Fan Zisang laughed, and he was obviously very amused by Jin Ying.

Su Li was still silent on the side, but her expression was a bit more relaxed than before.

Fan Zisang had just come back and had a lot of business to attend to, so he left soon.

Jin Ying watched his back, full of gratitude. With the help of the spiritual pool, she would definitely practice faster than those disciples of the same batch. Although she was still incomparable to Su Li, she would be among the best.

"Su Li, are you going to the spiritual pool tomorrow?"

After the excitement, Jin Ying suddenly remembered something and asked cautiously after looking around.

Su Li didnt answer the question but said in a gentle voice, "You will greatly benefit from the spiritual pool, but you have to keep in mind that you should not break through to Zhuji Realm. Otherwise, you will ruin your path of cultivation and stop at Zhuji Realm forever."

Jin Ying broke out in a cold sweat and nodded repeatedly. What Su Li said was just what she was planning, namely, using the opportunity to break through directly, but she didnt expect such a consequence.

Su Li did not stay long after she reminded Jin Ying but returned to the adytum to finish her rubbing of Soul Tactics. And this time, she didnt hang up the "Do Not Disturb" sign. After all, nothing significant by practicing in isolation could be achieved in one day.

In the next morning, right after the golden hours for practice, Fan Zisang showed up in front of the palace and asked warmly, "Are you both ready, Junior Sister Apprentices?"

"Senior Fellow Apprentice!"

Jin Ying, wearing her pink robe for disciples, ran to Fan Zisang joyfully, and Su Li followed slowly, with her expression indifferent as ever.

Seeing the two girls, Fan Zisang hid his bitterness in his eyes and pulled a flying cloud down, "Its getting late; lets go to the main peak."

"Aye aye!"

Jin Ying responded. With a hint of confusion in her eyes, she couldnt help but ask, "By the way, Senior Fellow Apprentice, how come I havent seen our master lately?"

A hint of unnaturalness flashed over Fan Zisangs face, and he made a pathetic attempt to smile, "She is a bit busy. You may see her when you come back from the spiritual pool."

Jin Ying had no doubts and nodded. Soon, she forgot her confusion and looked in the direction of the main peak, full of anticipation.

Fan Zisang sighed inwardly when he saw this scene, "What the senior said is hopefully true."

He did not expect too much due to Wang Yus mean and cold temperament.

Su Lis gaze swept over Fan Zisangs implicitly worried look, and with no words, she turned her gaze to the main peak as well. A trace of hesitation flickered in her mind, but it was replaced by determination soon.

When the time came, why should she escape?

The flying cloud ascended straight upwards, and after passing by the sea of clouds, they finally arrived at the square of the main peak hall on the top of the sea of clouds!

The main peak hall was heavily guarded at this time, and the reason might lie in the upcoming opening of the spiritual pool. The air was filled with pneuma, which made Fan Zisang nervous.

This was the second time he had come to the main peak hall. The first tour happened when he was very young, ignorant, and had no sense of awe. It was not until now that he realized that there were far more practitioners in Jindan Realm on the main peak than those on any other peak.

Even so, he remained calm. After all, he had stepped into Jindan Realm, so the difference was there but not significant.

An elder in the dark couldnt help but nod when he saw Fan Zisangs performance, and said to himself with a regretful expression, "Fan Zisangs temperament is not bad. What on earth happened on Danxia Mount? Now he would quit the sect, and even the spiritual pool for people in Jindan Realm could be no attraction for him. Well, fine. As long as Wang Yu agrees with this, its none of my business"

A few moments later, Fan Zisang had brought Su Li and Jin Ying to the door of the main peak hall, and a dignified elder in white robe stepped out from the hall and asked solemnly,

"Fan Zisang, have you really made up your mind?"

Fan Zisang bowed and answered in a deep voice, "First Elder, I have made up my mind!"

"You! Alas"

The first elder shook his head and sighed. A man was ambitious by nature. He couldnt force him to stay, but as the first elder of Huajian Sect, he naturally wished Fan Zisang could stay and contribute his part to Huajian Sect.

Fan Zisang seemed to know what was on the first elders mind, so he bowed again, saying, "Even I will be in one of the twenty-five sects, I will never forget the kindness Huajian Sect gave to me. I will do my best to learn from that senior fellow apprentice from Fujian Mount, and strive to become an inherited disciple in the twenty-five sects so that the influence of Huajian Sect will expand!"

Since Fan Zisang said so, the first elder couldnt blame him anymore and waved his hand, speaking slowly, "In that case, you may leave."

"Yes, First Elder!"

Fan Zisang didnt care about the repelling meaning in the first elders words. He gave an encouraging gaze to Jin Ying and Su Li and turned away without hesitation.

He was sure that Su Li and Jin Ying would not be in any danger at the main peak.

"Senior Fellow Apprentice"

Jin Ying was startled by Fan Zisangs departure. Finally, she sensed something wrong, but before she was about to say something to Su Li, the first elder suddenly waved his hand and took them into his sleeve, taking them away from the place.

A few moments later, the white cloth in front of Su Lis eyes vanished, and the entrance to a cave came into view. Nothing was visible in the dark cave. The entrance looked like a giant mouth waiting for people to devour.

"Here is the forbidden area of Huajian Sect, and the spiritual pool is here. Youd better follow me closely and dont fall behind."

The first elder explained and went inside directly.

Su Li walked behind as she was wondering. Jin Ying was scared so that she pulled Su Lis sleeve and followed in shock.

The three people disappeared in the darkness of the cave soon.

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