Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 374

Chapter 374 An Arrangement

In the spiritual boat, the strong elder of Leiyu Sect looked with a surprised expression at the people who had come back safely from the Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits, where few people could survive though they had the token which could protect them from dangers. While in many cases, they would die quickly for they had no time to crush the token. Those who came from some small sects such as Huajian Sect could hardly survive from it. The death rate was extremely high. At least nine of them would die when ten people entered the place.

This time a group of twenty people went in, however, three were alive!

No. Four!

The strong elder looked towards the spiritual boat of Yuxu Sect. At the same time, a mixed feeling arose from his mind. He was told that Qi Chen, a casual practitioner, was chosen by Beixiao Liang to join Yuxu Sect, which was the largest sect in Jiuzhou Region. Qi Chen had a bright future!

"Fine. Such a chance is rare. My cultivation is relatively limited. Its useless to think too much."

With a slight sigh, the strong elder drew his attention to the spiritual boat. He looked at Fan Zisang, and said with a smile, "My fellow practitioner, now you can stand with me since you have been promoted. I am Mo Xu. Huajian Sect is too small for you. Have you ever considered joining another one to show your ability?"

People in Jindan Realm was a famous group in Jiuzhou Region, every one of which was talented. So, the strong elder, Mo Xu, wanted to recruit Fan Zisang. If he succeeded, he could get a lot of rewards.

Fan Zisang hesitated after hearing this. Since he knew Wang Yus true self, he had lost sense of belonging to Danxia Mount.

He had fulfilled his promise when he entered the Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits at the risk of losing his life. He would have died if the unknown female practitioner didnt help. So he did not owe Wang Yu anything. He could leave Huajian Sect to seek a better way out.

But he still cared about two people.

"Elder, can I bring my two junior sister apprentices if I join Leiyu Sect?"

Su Li, who was on the side, raised her brow when she heard the words.

Elder Mo Xu was startled first, and then he was overjoyed, and said, "Of course! If you are willing to join my sect, let alone bring two, even if you bring ten, there will be no problem! Your two junior sister apprentices can definitely join your faction and practice as disciples of Neimen Branch with peace of mind!"

Obviously, Fan Zisang had not realized how great and famous a person in Jindan Realm was. Hearing what Mo Xu said, he suddenly felt relieved, but one could not find any joy in his face.

He had to ask his junior sister apprentices opinions, and it was not easy for Wang Yu to let them go.

After thinking for a moment, Fan Zisang looked up and said, "Elder Mo, thank you for giving me the olive branch, but I cant give you a specific answer for the time being. How about contacting you after I return to Huajian Sect and finish dealing with the matter?"

"Very good. This is my carrier rune." Mo Xu handed it to Fan Zisang, and flattered, "We welcome all young talents like you. If you join us, well never let you down!"

Fan Zisang was reluctant to reply something. Mo Xu was mature and cunning. He knew Fan Zisang was absent-minded, so he stopped asking more. He turned to Su Li, and his smile was a little frozen, "Little girl, I have told you to join us. Now can you give me an answer?"

Su Li shook her head and said nothing.

"What a pity."

Mo Xu did not say anymore. Leiyu Sect was a top-ranking sect in the twenty-five sects. It was unnecessary for him to beg a martial arts practitioner in Zhuji Realm. Since Su Li was unwilling to join, he would not force her.

The last one was the eldest disciple of Yuling Sect. He also refused Mo Xu politely, "Elder, please dont blame me. I have joined Immortal Bingshu."

Mo Xu nodded. He knew that it was difficult for him to leave after joining the headmaster. And he also heard of Immortal Bingshu. It was smart to avoid offending such a strange and fierce person.

Then the spiritual boat fell into silence, except for Fan Zisang, no one had the mood to chat.

Fan Zisang was in a place not far from Su Li, and transmitted sound to her for several times, but did not receive any response. He wanted to stand up and approach, but was stopped by Su Lis indifferent eyes.

"It seems that you dont want to show your real identity."

Fan Zisang sighed secretly, and finally gave up on the idea of communicating with Su Li there. The power of the snake acacia in Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits still frightened him. After he reached Jindan Realm, he could truly feel the monsters awesomeness.

Even Elder Mo Xu could not come back alive when encountering the snake acacia, let alone him, who just reached Jindan Realm. But Su Li killed it with no difficulty!

What a powerful casual practitioner in Yuanying Realm!

Fan Zisang could not help sneering when thinking of Mo Xu recruiting Su Li arrogantly. Su Li was powerful enough to be the Grand Elder of Leiyu Sect. How could she be content to be just a small disciple?

Su Li closed her eyes slowly when seeing Fan Zisang stopping approaching, indulging herself in endless peace and silence.

Till now she finally had enough time to make a study of the complete version of Suiyu Tactics. As for that piece of strange coin, it was not the right time to study it. She had to delay it until she came back to Huajian Sect.

Few days were just a short moment when comparing with the long life of cultivating.

The spiritual boat had arrived at Wuyang County before Su Li could finish reading Suiyu Tactics. Mo Xu chatted with Fan Zisang for a little while, and then left.

"Im going back to the Sect, my fellows."

The young man from Yuling Sect said peacefully. He took a glance at Fan Zisang, without any fear, slightly saluted with his hands folded and then turned to leave. Just like Su Li, he had never told his name.

Fan Zisang was happy to see him leave without saying anything. He did not notice his weird attitude, just turning his head and looking respectfully at Su Li to say something, but Su Li stretched out her hand to stop him, "Change a place."

Fan Zisang reacted immediately and smiled awkwardly. This place was so crowded. It was indeed not a safe place to chat.

A few moments later, they arrived at a private room of Wuyang Inn.

Fan Zisang stood up to pour a cup of wine for Su Li, and said gratefully, "For I cant repay your kindness, I just use the wine to show my respect for you."

Then he drank it up.

Su Li was a little reluctant. She would have left early if she had not something important to say.

The atmosphere was frozen. She raised her cup, taking a little sip of wine. Fan Zisang felt relieved. The person sitting in front of him was the one who was more powerful than the lord of Huajian Sect. No wonder he would feel so nervous.

Fortunately, this senior seemed to have a good impression of him and have some connections with him, though he did not know where the connections came from.

Just when Fan Zisang wanted to ask questions, Su Li put down her wine cup and said quietly, "You will be squeezed out by Wang Yu when you go back to the sect, and your reputation will be damaged, but people like you and me dont need to care about others gossip. Those who are innocent are innocent. You dont need to regret anything."

"What you said is truly right!"

Something was flickering in Fan Zisangs eyes, and then it turned to be gratefulness. He could imagine that if he left Danxia Mount, he would definitely be framed as an ungrateful person. He was in a panic when just thinking of being misunderstood by everyone and being hopeless and helpless.

But after hearing Su Lis words, he was in a peace.

Even if all the people in Huajian Sect deemed him as a betrayer, he would not care about it, for the senior understood him!

At this moment, Su Li said again, "Its impossible for you to bring your two junior sister apprentices to Leiyu Sect, but you dont need to worry. Ill arrange it for you. You just stay in Leiyu Sect to practice yourself with peace of mind."

Fan Zisang was pleasantly surprised, "Really?"

Su Li glanced at him, calmly saying, "Why should I deceive you?"

Fan Zisang immediately apologized.

"Now you can leave. Dont tell anyone about my existence."

Su Li just disappeared immediately after she finished her last words. Fan Zisang was too shallow to see how she disappeared. He felt more respect for her.

At the same time, he felt more puzzled.

"It seems that this senior just lives in Huajian Sect, but there is no old ancestor in Yuanying Realm in Huajian Sect. Its too strange."

Actually, Su Li did not leave Wuyang Inn, but appeared outside the No. Tianzi private room on the top of the Inn. Inside the room, Lv You felt her existence, then waved his hand to open the door, and said with surprise,

"You are coming back!"

Su Li replied, waving her hand to throw a bottle of elixirs.

Lv You held it, and opened it curiously. His face was tinged with astonishment, "Third-grade elixirs!"

Third-grade elixirs, great elixirs used by people in Jindan Realm, could speed up the process of cultivating, faster hundred times than by refining spiritual stones. It was extremely precious even in those big sects such as the twenty-five sects and the price of it was calculated by number!

But now, his master threw a bottle of the elixirs to him!

"Youre so lucky. I encountered in Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits with some people who were too stupid to recognize it. This bottle of elixirs is helpful for you, even though it cant be comparable with Wuxia Elixir."

Su Lis completely indifferent tone made Lv You surprised. He hesitated, "This elixir is clearly used by those in Jindan Realm. You just give it to me"

In his impression, Su Li was more powerful than he, but she was at most in the late Jindan Realm.

"Just like what you said, it is useless for me."

Su Li said in a careless tone. Since she had the power of seventeen stage of Lianqi Realm, even fourth-grade elixirs meant nothing to her, let alone third-grade elixirs.

"I had promised you that Id repay you if I took something from you."

Waving her hand, Su Li stood up to leave. Lv You calmed down and followed her in a hurry.

Four hours later, Su Li came back to Danxia Mount. She went all the way to the quiet room where she was before, without attracting anyones attention.

Sensing that no one had touched the tactical matrix she set before, she felt rested and settled. She spent several days in studying Suiyu Tactics, and then took out the coin to ponder over it.

"Its so strange. Why cant I sense the characters carved in the coin? Why can I only touch it by my hands?"

Treasures were always mysterious. Thinking of that, Su Li did not overthink anymore. She used her fingers to touch and sense the slender characters on it. It was countless times slower than spiritual scanning.

Not for a long time, the first character was recognized by her. She was surprised because the character was not carved on the modern type used universally, but on the ancient type.

"Is it soul?"

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