Lady Su’s Revenge Chapter 373

Chapter 373 Close Of The Secret Realm

Su Li looked at the ruins of her old cabin and came to realize the truth. Perhaps only the "Star Lord" that appeared in Chuangxing Path could obtain the real eternity.

It was still too early to think about it.

Su Li shook her head to shake off the distractions and waved her hand to sweep away the traces of the cabin. A white pond in the size of a washbasin appeared. After thousands of years of recovery, this white pond seemed to get a little bigger than the one she remembered, but it was useless for someone with the seventeenth hurdle of Lianqi Realm like her.

"Is this a convergent place of nimbus?!"

Beixiao Liang shouted out of shock, and his heart was trembling, for the Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits was extremely famous in Jiuzhou Region, precisely because of the existence of the convergent places of nimbus. Thousands of practitioners could enter the Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits, but only a few could ever encounter a convergent place of nimbus!

The woman in front of him knew a convergent place of nimbus and brought them to the site!


With his mind lost, Beixiao Liang addressed her with the word "senior" again. Su Li didnt correct him this time. She waved her hand to sweep away the surrounding dust and put three futons in front of the white pond.


She spoke only one word, but Beixiao Liang and Qi Chen did not dare to hesitate and sat down quickly.

Su Li sat in front of the two of them, fell silent for a while, and spoke out, "Which faction are you from?"

Beixiao Liang was stunned for a moment and then realized that Su Li could only be asking him, for Qi Chen was a casual practitioner. He didnt hesitate and lowered his head immediately, "Senior I am Beixiao Liang, the eldest disciple of Elder Mo Qin of Yundan Mount!"

Elder Mo Qin of Yundan Mount!

Su Li shuddered subtly, and the ease on her face was completely frozen.

"Li, when I break through to Jindan Realm, I can establish my own faction on Yundan Mount. And youll be my eldest disciple. How about it?"

"Li, leave now! Leave me alone! Only if you leave Yuxu Sect, I will be relieved!"

"Li, why did you take the trouble Never forget to come back alive!"


With a complicated murmur in her heart, Su Li closed her eyes, and the past flew through her memories.

After the reincarnation, her temperament changed a lot. She became selfish, scheming, and had no bottom line. She was no longer the naive Holy Girl Su who would sacrifice herself for the sect. However no matter how she had changed, she was still softhearted to her master Mo Qin.

In Su Lis previous life, that woman had always been on her side no matter how things changed. And after Su Li recognized the Reincarnation Mirror as her master, Mo Qins first reaction was to get Su Li out of Yuxu Sect, without any regard for her own situation.

After a thousand years, this memory hadnt faded away but had become even more durable over time. In Su Lis heart, Mo Qin was not only her master but also a family member.

After a long time, Su Li opened her eyes. Her gaze was cold as ever, but there was a hint of slight softness mixed in her eyes.

"After my death, Master was alone, and she should take somebody as her disciple. Beixiao Liang has a good temperament, and after today, she will get Qi Chen additionally. Even without me by her side"

Her heart was overflowing with bitterness, for she only felt deep guilty to her master. Although she reincarnated, how could she just show up with her body of evil ghost? There were, as she knew, three elders in Huashen Realm in Yuxu Sect, where was just like a dragons pond or a tigers cave for her. So, she had to carry this guilt for a long time

"There are seven days left to the close of the Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits."

There was light flowing in Su Lis eyes, and she suddenly spoke out, "The time is limited, so you can ask me what you may not understand during your practice."

She was once a holy girl of Yuxu Sect. If she had not tried to lay a solid foundation, she would have already broken through to Yuanying Realm. Now with two lifelong experiences in the Reincarnation Mirror, she was more qualified to instruct those two in Zhuji Realm.

Beixiao Liang and Qi Chen were surprised to hear that, and they were caught unprepared by the sudden change of Su Lis attitude.

Finding them quiet, Su Li frowned. Beixiao Liang came back to his senses and said slowly, "Senior, I have been practicing Yuxu Tactics. However, I could not fulfill the perfect state. Since there has been a slight flaw in it, I dont dare to risk breaking through. My master cannot find the reason either, so I have been stuck at the peak of Zhuji Realm for three hundred years. I wonder if you have a solution?"

Beixiao Liang said helplessly. Although his master treated him very well, fighting skills were not her expertise. She was an alchemist of Yundan Mount and did not practice Yuxu Tactics to a perfect state, either. Beixiao Liang had no one to guide him, so he had to fumble on his own, which definitely became incomparably difficult.

Su Li pondered for a moment and said, "Demonstrate your mental method so that I can take a look."

Beixiao Liang immediately practiced his mental method and revealed the operating route, but he did not hold much hope for Su Lis solution in his heart. After all, Yuxu Tactics was the biggest secret of Yuxu Sect, which was not allowed to be taught outside of the sect. Even if he demonstrated all of the mehtod, it would be impossible for others to understand and improve his practicing method in just seven days.

A moment later, Beixiao Liang finished practicing the complete Yuxu Tactics and was about to run it for a second time from the beginning. However, Su Li stopped him, "Alright, thats enough."

"Enough?" Beixiao Liang was startled. Without waiting for him to ask a question, Su Li began to carve in the nothingness, and in the blink of an eye, she finished carving the complete operating route of Yuxu Tactics.

"Perhaps you are used to taking a pause for an instant when these three vessels operate." Su Li explained patiently. After practicing this mental method to the perfect state, she had explicitly studied it for decades and even improved it, so she was familiar with the method.

Beixiao Liang was astonished and tried to rerun it. He noticed the pause under the deliberate observation. He was getting even more shocked.

She could find the problem just by watching the demonstration for once, so he might solve his problems once and for all with her help!

With that in mind, he swept away his absence of mind with his eyes lighting and listened to her attentively like a good pupil.

Qi Chen also watched her attentively. Since he hadnt joined the sect officially, he couldnt practice Yuxu Tactics. But if he heard Su Lis explanation now, it would be even easier for him to practice in the future.

"What is the perfect state?"

Su Li didnt care about the change of them and continued, "A perfect state means to be rounded and flawless. Every passage must be error-free when operating Yuxu Tactics so that you can break through to the perfect state, purify the vital energy in your body, and bring your foundation to the next level"

Beixiao Liang was utterly immersed in Su Lis explanation and listened raptly.

He had never seen anyone who could explain Yuxu Tactics so thoroughly, not even the grand elders who had lectured and preached on the altar. His power of understanding was inherently excellent. Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to become the holy son all by groping alone.

With Su Lis selfless explanation, he understood Yuxu Tactics rapidly, just like taking a rocket.

One day later, Su Li finished going through the structure of Yuxu Tactics and then began to talk about the improvements she had made. Since she possessed several ancient top practicing methods, she could continue improving Yuxu Tactics. The new ideas were told to Beixiao Liang.

The more Beixiao Liang heard, the more shocked he became. Later, he even took out a jade journal and nervously recorded every word Su Li said for fear that he might miss something.

Three days later, after Su Li uttered her last suggestion, the light in her eyes became dim. She said in a faint voice,

"The Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits will close three days later. Beixiao Liang, since you have taken notes about what Ive said, it is no rush to try it now. Why dont you take the chance of the convergent place of nimbus to break through to Jindan Realm? Many of those ideas can only be tried by people in Jindan Realm. You should know that more preparation may quicken the speed in doing work."

"Yes, senior!"

Beixiao Liang solemnly echoed. His respect was different from that before. It was a respect for the elders, not respect from fear.

The help Su Li gave was so great that she was like a second master to him. If he hadnt already had a master, he would definitely beg Su Li to take him as her disciple!

Although Su Li had mentioned that she was younger than him in age, it didnt matter, for not the age but the strength mattered in the cultivation circle.

"Qi Chen, practice with him. You can digest those inspirations when you go out. Since you have some distance to the peak of Zhuji Realm, take the rest three days to break through with the help of the convergent place of nimbus."

Su Li looked serious, just like a master. Qi Chen got up and paid a profound obeisance respectfully, and then sat down on the opposite side of the white pond to settle down.

The last three days flew by in the blink of an eye, and Beixiao Liangs talent was even above Su Lis imagination. On the second day, there was the pneuma of Jindan Realm emitting from his body, which meant he successfully stepped into Jindan Realm.

After consolidating the state, Beixiao Liang stopped practicing and got up. He could not hide the excitement in his eyes. Looking at Su Li who was sitting not far away and guarding them, he felt indebted.

After another day, Qi Chen awoke with a shock, and his energy kept rising and then stagnated for a moment as if he broke through a membrane. His entire pneuma became rounded and restrained.

He was now in the peak of Zhuji Realm!

Qi Chen sighed, for he had just broken through to the late stage of Zhuji Realm less than three years ago, and he did not expect to step onto the peak of Zhuji Realm so quickly. Moreover, his foundation was not affected in the slightest.

"The convergent place of nimbus is truly a wonder for practitioners!"

After calming himself down, Qi Chen got up and walked to Beixiao Liang, staring at Su Lis back with reverence. Both he and Beixiao Liang understood that the serendipity in the Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits was all due to the rewards from this mysterious female practitioner.


Suddenly, space fluctuated, and a repulsive force emerged around the area.

The time of three months was up.

Beixiao Liang, who was still hesitating, didnt care anymore and asked urgently, "Senior, although I cant repay your great kindness, I sincerely please you to tell me your name, so that I can bear it in mind."

"There is no need to know my name, and you will know it when the time comes."

Su Li disappeared and left her light laughter echoing in the nothingness.

At the same time, the circle at the entrance to the Secret Realm of Shattered Spirits fluctuated violently, and countless figures were repelled out.

Su Li didnt look at anything after she came out and flew straight onto the spiritual boat going back to Huajian Sect. As she just landed on the spiritual boat, the circle at the entrance fluctuated again, and Beixiao Liang and Qi Chen appeared.

The pneuma of Jindan Realm suffused the area, and the noises ceased immediately, but an even more heated uproar erupted after that.

"Thats Beixiao Liang!"

"Beixiao Liang has broken through to Jindan Realm!"

"Hiss! In this way, he will be a true holy son of Yuxu Sect!"

Those disciples of Yuxu Sect, who came out alive, were thrilled to see Beixiao Liang who had been even more unfathomable. They came to surround him.

"Our eldest senior fellow apprentice has broken through!"

"He is a true prodigy!"

"Our Yundan Mount will flourish and grow!"


Beixiao Liang, who was in the center of public attention, used his psychic awareness to search the area, but, to his regret, he didnt find Su Li.

In his opinion, the last sentence Su Li left was just a polite remark. He couldnt encounter a prodigy at her level for the rest of his life. So in the future there would be no chance to meet her again.

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