Kiss Me Goodnight Mrs. Ceo Chapter 324

Chapter 324 Where Is His House?

However, Zuo Weiyi still refused and said, "It is really not necessary. I will just stay in a hotel."

After that, Zuo Weiyi turned around and looked at Gu Yansheng. "Yansheng, can you please bring me to a hotel?"

Gu Yansheng glanced at Zuo Weiyi before he looked at Zuo Yi again.

Zuo Yi was inevitably feeling a little disappointed when Zuo Weiyi insisted on staying at a hotel instead.

He looked at his granddaughter, whom he was temporarily unable to reunite with, as he asked, "Why dont you just stay here?"

Zuo Weiyi smiled slightly as she looked at Zuo Yi and said, "Your villa is too big. It would be very inconvenient for me if I want to go out. So, it is better for me to just stay at the hotel."

Her purpose in coming here today was because she wanted to look for Shi Yuting and Shi Nuannuan. If she really lived in Zuo Yis villa, it would be too inconvenient for her, and she also preferred to live in a hotel because she felt that she would definitely feel much more comfortable that way.

"If there is anything you need or anywhere you want to go, you can just tell the driver"

"There is really no need for that, Grandpa Zuo. Thank you," Zuo Weiyi replied as she insisted on leaving even before Zuo Yi could finish his sentence.

Zuo Weiyi then turned around and looked at Gu Yansheng before she said, "Lets go."

Zuo Weiyi turned around as she walked straight toward the huge iron gate.

"Grandpa Zuo, we will be leaving first," Gu Yansheng quickly informed Zuo Yi before he turned around to chase after Zuo Weiyi.

Zuo Yi felt very disappointed as he watched the both of them leaving his villa.

When would his granddaughter finally live here with him?


After arriving at the city center, Gu Yansheng brought Zuo Weiyi to one of his hotels that was located in the high-end part of town.

"Will this be okay?" Gu Yansheng asked with a smile on his face as he walked her into the luxurious suite.

Zuo Weiyi looked around the luxurious room before she nodded and said, "Yes. I am not concerned about where I live at all."

Living in a luxurious suite was simply a luxury to her.

She had lived in much simpler places with her mother in the past.

"Thats good then." Gu Yansheng smiled as he looked at Zuo Weiyi and the affection that he felt for her was still very apparent.

Since Zuo Weiyi did not bring any luggage with her, she did not even have any clothes to change into tonight.

Therefore, she turned around to look at Gu Yansheng before she said, "I will be going out to buy some clothes in a short while. Do you do you have anything else that you need to do?"

Zuo Weiyi did not want to bother Gu Yansheng anymore but she could not possibly drive him away just like that. That was the reason why she had beat around the bush, so that he could excuse himself.

Unexpectedly, Gu Yansheng thought that Zuo Weiyi was asking for his help. So, he readily agreed as he said, "No, there is nothing else that I need to do here. I will accompany you!"

The corner of Zuo Weiyis mouth twitched awkwardly when she heard Gu Yanshengs words because she knew that he had misunderstood her intentions.

However, she felt that it would be even more awkward if she tried explaining herself this time.

Therefore, she did not say anything else as she simply took the room card before she left the hotel with Gu Yansheng. After that, they headed to the mall to buy some suitable clothes.

Gu Yansheng insisted on paying the bill but Zuo Weiyi adamantly rejected his offer.

"Where is Shi Yutings house?"

The sky was already getting dark when they stepped out of the mall. When Gu Yansheng looked at the time, he realized that it was almost time for dinner. He quickly found a restaurant before he sat down and ate with Zuo Weiyi.

Zuo Weiyi was in a daze.

She came all the way to this country belonging to Shi Yuting, and he was all that she could think about.

"Its a little far from the city, but" Gu Yansheng stopped talking as he looked at Zuo Weiyi.

Zuo Weiyi raised her eyes as she stared at him with a puzzled expression on her face.

"Not everyone will be able to enter the Shi familys mansion. So"

"Its okay. You just need to tell me where his house is." If Shi Yuting was really under house arrest, Zuo Weiyi knew that it must be very difficult for her to see him.

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