Kiss Me Goodnight Mrs. Ceo Chapter 323

Chapter 323 Arriving In Country C


Shi Le turned around sadly.

Because of this incident, the warmth in his home had already completely disappeared.

In front of power and love for his family, he resolutely chose power and eventually became a villain in front of his own grandchildren.

As he thought about how Shi Nuannuan used to act so pampered with him, Shi Le could not help but feel a little depressed.

Was he really wrong?

Shi Le walked slowly toward the sofa with a cane in his hand.

Everything had been done and he had already announced his grandsons marriage with the Tengtang family to everyone in the country. Why should he even think about what was right or wrong anymore?

He knew that everything that he was doing was for Shi Yutings own good.

After all, Shi Le only had Shi Yuting as his only grandson! Even though Shi Tiannan was also his grandson, the blood flowing in his body was not the Shi familys blood after all. How could he possibly be the one to inherit everything in his family in the future?

Shi Le looked up as he watched Shi Nuannuans figure disappearing on the second floor. Shi Le felt that his heart was very heavy.

Shi Yutings bedroom on the second floor was heavily guarded. Even Shi Nuannuan had no way to get close to her brother at all.

It had already been more than half a month since she came home, and she did not even get to see her brother at all.

After passing by her brothers bedroom and looking at the bodyguards, standing guard outside the room, Shi Nuannuan quickly turned away as she bowed her head.

How could she meet up with her brother and how would she ever be able to contact Zuo Weiyi?

The longer time passed, the more Shi Nuannuan was afraid that Zuo Weiyi would misunderstand them.

Moreover, Shi Nuannuan did not know whether the news of her brothers upcoming wedding with Tengtang Xi had already spread to Country Z.

She was completely isolated from the rest of the world in this mansion, and she had no way to contact anyone outside at all.

As she was in deep thoughts, Shi Nuannuan slowly walked toward her room.


At two oclock in the afternoon, the luxurious private jet finally arrived at the airport in Country C.

After getting off the private jet, both Gu Yansheng and Zuo Weiyi followed Zuo Yi to his mansion.

After getting off the car, Zuo Weiyi followed Zuo Yi and Gu Yansheng as they walked into a gorgeous and huge villa. The courtyard alone was huge enough to build several villas on it!

Moreover, there were many men dressed in black heavily guarding the front and back of the villa. Zuo Weiyi was skeptical!

Who was Grandpa Zuo? Why did he have so many bodyguards?

As soon as they entered the villa, Uncle Yu hurriedly instructed a maid, "Hurry up and prepare a clean room on the third floor immediately!"

"Yes, sir."

Uncle Yu turned around before he spoke to Zuo Weiyi kindly, "Miss Zuo, please wait for a short while. Your room will be ready in a short while."

Zuo Weiyi was completely taken aback when she heard this.


Did Uncle Yu ask the maid to prepare a room for her?

As she thought about this, Zuo Weiyi raised her head, only to see that the maid had already disappeared up the staircase.

Zuo Weiyi turned around and looked at Uncle Yu before she said, "Theres no need for that, Uncle Yu. I will just stay at a hotel."

Even though it would definitely be a little expensive, she did not want to cause any trouble for anyone else.

"Its okay, Miss Zuo. Since you are already here at Country C, then you can just stay here comfortably without any worries at all!" Uncle Yu wanted Zuo Weiyi to stay here even more compared to Zuo Yi.

Gu Yansheng was also very puzzled.

He seemed to have realized that Zuo Yi seemed to have a different kind of attitude and concern toward Zuo Weiyi. After all, he was not very close to Zuo Weiyi, and yet, he had actually brought her to his own residence and was even allowing her to stay here.

Zuo Yi had a very noble identity and it was completely impossible for any ordinary person to enter this villa at all. However, Zuo Yi was actually inviting Zuo Weiyi to stay at his villa while she was in Country C. Was this simply because Grandpa Zuo liked her?

Was that really the reason why?

Gu Yansheng frowned as he was filled with confusion.

Zuo Weiyi was naturally touched in the face of Uncle Yus enthusiasm.

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