Kiss Me Goodnight Mrs. Ceo Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Give Shi Yuting A Call

He immediately said, "Wei Yi, you must save me. If I cant get eighty million dollars today, not only would my company be gone, I might also lose my life!"

Zuo Weiyi frowned in surprise hearing his words. "What do you mean?"

"I I havent been able to find you these days. So, I have borrowed a huge sum of money. Today is the deadline for the repayment."

"How much did you borrow?"

"Its eighty million including the interests."

Zuo Weiyis eyes widened.

Eighty million?! That was such a huge amount!

"Eighty million? How much does it cost to buy your company?" Zuo Weiyi asked in disbelief.

Eighty million was not a small amount. How did it turn out to be this much?!

Jiang Huaiyuans face sagged. "Its this much including the interests."

"Interests?" She still could not believe it.

Although the interests were added to the principal amount, still, how could it be this much?

Jiang Huaiyuan nodded. "I got the loan by illegal means, so the interest rate was a little higher." After he finished, he lifted his eyes to her entreatingly. "Wei Yi, no matter what, Im still your father. Even if you hate me, you cant deny the fact. Can you really stand by and watch me hacked to death by those people?!"

He had said it out. Although Zuo Weiyi was shocked, she sneered after thinking about it. "Why cant I bear it? Didnt you also leave when you saw my mother lying in a pool of blood?"

Jiang Huaiyuan was stunned listening to that. He got angry. "Wei Yi, you promised me that you will surely ask Mr. Shi to help me as long as I did it according to your requirements."

Zuo Weiyi did not pity him even though he was begging eagerly.

However, she could not go back on her words since she had promised him.

She turned around and took out the phone that Shi Yuting had bought for her after glancing at him.

She then dialed Shi Yutings number with little confidence.

She was not sure whether Shi Yuting would pay eighty million to help her abide by her promise.

After all, eighty million was not a small amount.

But the phone was turned off at the moment.

She paused and stared at the phone.

Shi Yuting did not seem to have a habit of turning off his phone. What was going on?

Jiang Huaiyuan could not help but feel more anxious seeing her pick up the phone and put it down again. "Whats wrong?"

Zuo Weiyi turned and looked at Jiang Huaiyuan. "Hes not in China now. His mobile phone cant be reached too."

Zuo Weiyis words completely irritated Jiang Huaiyuan. "Wei Yi, did you do it on purpose? You hated me for not saving your mother. So, you want me to die!"

Zuo Weiyi only felt tickled when faced with his irascible temper.

"Oh! Youre right. I hate you. If it werent for you, my mother wouldnt have died!"

"I knew it. I knew you didnt plan to help me since the beginning. You just wanted me to drive away Qiu Yun and Ting Mei. You want to see us live miserably!"

"Yes! I just want to see you live your lives miserably. Who asked you to bully my mother?!" Zuo Weiyi was completely agitated by him. Hence, she just answered him casually using his words.

"You!" Jiang Huaiyuans eyes were bloodshot from anger at this moment.

Those people had given him the last warning this morning. If he could not pay them by midnight tonight, his life would be gone!

Jiang Huaiyuan was very angry that she was such a capricious person. He suddenly raised his hand and grabbed her by the neck. "So you want me dead. Lets die together then!"

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