King Of Gods Chapter 1576

Chapter 1576 The Greedy Thieving Cat

Chapter 1576 The Greedy Thieving Cat

Southcloud City was the most prosperous city for tens of millions of li. The city was immense and had buildings in all sorts of styles. They were studded with countless pearls and jewels that shone with dazzling light.

Brother Feng, if you like anything, just tell your little brother! Zhao Yuns cheerful voice came from the side.

These little brothers had all reached the Violet Qi Realm of the Three Qi Realm, and the most talented, Zhao Hai, had even reached the initial level of the Star Origin Realm. Meanwhile, they sensed that Zhao Feng was only at the Blue Qi Realm of the Three Qi Realm.

Even so, the group was still completely subservient to Zhao Feng. One could only say that Zhao Feng was an excellent guide.

In Southcloud City, there was no one who did not know of Zhao Fengs name.

Many shop keepers immediately paled upon seeing Zhao Feng and his posse. They hadnt interacted very much with Zhao Feng, but they all knew of his infamous deeds. To outsiders, these young masters were definitely hedonistic good-for-nothings, and what made them even more afraid was that the city lords son was said to be fond of tying up the people who provoked them and taking off their clothes.

Zhao Feng closed his eyes. Within his soul, his Dream Origin was constantly trembling. This trembling was a reaction to his Dream Mark.

Upon arriving at the Alakshana World, Zhao Feng had left Dream Marks on the souls of Liu Qinxin, Zhao Yufei, and the little thieving cat.

It seems to be in Southcloud City! Elated, Zhao Feng continued forward.

With the response from his Dream Origin, Zhao Feng could track down the exact location of the Dream Mark.

As he turned here and there, the reaction from the Dream Mark intensified.

As Zhao Feng passed by an elegantly constructed restaurant, he stopped.

An azure-robed elder missing an arm was eating and drinking at a table by the window. Across from the elder was a little silver-black cat with shining jewel-like eyes.

Little thieving cat! One glance was enough for Zhao Feng to be sure that this was the little thieving cat.


The little thieving cat jumped around on the table and the elder would occasionally smile. He was apparently rather amused by the cats movements.

Does it already have a master? Zhao Feng thought to himself.

But this didnt matter. When he wanted something, he would get it.

Just when Zhao Feng was about to enter the restaurant, the cat jumped out of the window and fled.

Thieving cat! The little thieving cat was fleeing in Zhao Fengs direction, so he moved to stop it.

The other youths saw Zhao Feng moving to stop the cat and immediately moved to surround it.


The little thieving cat raised its head, waved its claws, and meowed. It put on a cute and innocent look that made the other youths let down their guard. A moment later, the little thieving cat found a gap and fled.

However, the little thieving cat realized that, just when it was about to escape the encirclement, a person stood in its way: Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng smiled as he stared at the little thieving cat.

For some reason, the little thieving cat felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity, and also fear, from this staring youth. Meowmeow!

The little thieving cat suddenly shook its head and nervously tried to flee.

At this moment, a powerful energy erupted from the restaurant. The elder with only one arm flew out in an azure flash. Damn cat! The elder glared furiously at the nearby cat.

At this moment, Zhao Feng understood that this man was not the little thieving cats master, and he also understood why the little thieving cat was in such a rush to flee.

The Zhao Clan youths next to Zhao Feng all shivered. This elder possessed a dreadful energy, and even though the elder was intentionally suppressing it, it still made their blood freeze.

The elder instantly rushed up to the little thieving cats side, an invisible energy wrapping around the little thieving cat and rendering it incapable of movement.

Damn thieving cat, you actually dared to steal this old mans things!? This old man will cut your stomach open!

The azure-robed elders face was cold and stern, and the killing intent he exuded alarmed many people in the area. Meowmeow!

The little thieving cats eyes were wide open as it put on a pitiful expression.

But the elder was clearly not some kind person, and the expression on his face did not change.


The elder produced a green jade sword, three feet and two inches long while gleaming with cold light.

The little thieving cat sensed the old mans killing intent and its hairs stood on end. It knew that it had offended someone that it couldnt afford to.


The little thieving cat glared at Zhao Feng and yowled. If not for the interference of Zhao Fengs posse, it would have easily escaped, and Southcloud City was so large that the elder would have never been able to find it.

Good Sir, stop! This is my cat! Zhao Feng suddenly declared.

The little thieving cat froze, and then it put on a grateful expression.

Zhao Feng was inwardly speechless. This cat changed expressions far too quickly, and though it had reincarnated, its avaricious nature had not changed at all. In fact, it had become even bolder.

And what does it matter if its yours? The elder glanced at Zhao Feng and disdainfully spat.

This was nothing more than a child. As they said, newborn calves didnt fear tigers. This boy actually wanted to save a cat from his sword?

Now this will be fun! The city lords son has taken a liking to this cat!

This azure-robed elder has a rather profound cultivation, and he doesnt seem like an easy person to deal with. And I recognize this cat. It came here last year. Is it really the Second Young Masters pet?

The surrounding crowd began to gossip.

From the energy and killing intent exuded by this elder, he was definitely a powerhouse.

But Zhao Fengs status was also extraordinary.

The azure-robed elder was listening to the chatter of the crowd and came to understand Zhao Fengs status. Normally, he might have yielded. After all, the Zhao Clan of Southcloud City was the strongest clan in the area, and Zhao Fengs father, Zhao Tianlong, was a peak Imperishable Realm expert.

A peak Imperishable Realm expert was a Mystic Light Realm Sacred King of the Fan Universe.

But this thieving cat had swallowed an extremely important object of the elders, so he could not let the matter go.

Its mine, so youre not allowed to harm a hair on its head, Zhao Feng slowly approached as he calmly declared.

Brother Feng! Zhao Yun, Zhao Hai, and the others called out.

They could tell at a glance that this elder wasnt someone to mess with. Although this was the territory of the Zhao Clan, this cat clearly wasnt Zhao Fengs pet, and Zhao Feng had very little ground to stand on.

The elders eyes gleamed with surprise as he stared at Zhao Feng.

This brat The elder suddenly felt like he couldnt see through this child of weaker cultivation.

But he couldnt just yield like some child, and he could not let this cat go.

I advise Young Master to not involve yourself in this affair. If you want a cat, this old man will give you several, the azure-robed elder coldly said.

With these words, not only did he not back down, he also promised to reward Zhao Feng.

At the same time, the elder released his energy, hoping to intimidate this boy. An oppressive and sharp energy radiated from his body. The crowd, feeling a painful stabbing pressure on their skin, was forced to back away.

This man is at least peak Star Origin Realm, and hes also a Sword Dao expert! someone called out in alarm.

Zhao Feng continued to advance steadily, his expression unperturbed.

It seems like this little energy isnt enough to frighten this city lords son. The elders eyes flashed as he began to exude an even more powerful energy.

Divine Transformation initial level! This was the equivalent of the Fan Universes Void God Realm King.

But Zhao Feng remained unperturbed as if he was completely unaffected.

The elder clenched his teeth and released even more energy.

Divine Transformation middle level!

Divine Transformation peak!

Complete Divine Transformation!

Only one step from the Imperishable Realm!

If the elder reached the Imperishable Realm, he would be considered a regional expert that not even the Zhao Clan could look down on.

At this moment, the pressure of a complete Divine Transformation expert radiated from the elders body. And the elder was controlling this energy very well; he killed no one, only intimidated them.


The spectators hastily retreated. A complete Divine Transformation expert of the Sword Dao was so powerful that even their souls ached.

The nearby little thieving cat shuddered, completely struck dumb by fear.

But the closer Zhao Feng was completely unaffected.

Is this kid wearing some supreme-quality defensive divine artifact? the azure-robed elder pondered, and he released his Spiritual Sense so that he might inspect Zhao Feng.

At this moment, Zhao Feng spoke; You want to scare me?

The azure-robed elder stared in shock at Zhao Fengs eyes. A moment later, his body froze and his soul shivered.

The elder suddenly sensed an indescribable bearing from Zhao Feng, like that of a king looking down upon the world, a being that could not be defied. When he looked into Zhao Fengs eyes, he felt his mind going blank. Now that he looked again, the elder felt like he was looking up at the youth.

Without realizing it, the elder began to withdraw his energy.

The crowd was stunned. The elder seemed to grow afraid after looking at Zhao Fengs eyes, and his pressure had completely vanished.

At this moment, the elders eyes flashed. As he looked at this boy, he felt an inexplicable unease.

Damn it! I dont believe the Zhao Clan will start a problem with me over a single cat! the elder cursed. How embarrassing was it to be frightened by a mere child?

But before the elder could strike, Zhao Feng spoke, If you kill this cat, no one in Southcloud City will help you refine a Soul Origin Purging Pill.

It was basically a whisper, but someone of the elders profound cultivation could hear it loud and clear.

His mind exploded.

How did he know that I was looking for a pill refiner? And how did he know that I needed a Soul Origin Purging Pill? The azure-robed elder did not voice his shocked questions.

In addition, without the Soul Origin Purging Pill, your wounds will never completely heal, and your cultivation will stop at the Imperishable Realm, Zhao Feng added before the elder could say anything else.

This time, the azure-robed elders mind simply went blank from the complete shock. This child had actually realized his true cultivation level.

Yes, this azure-robed elder was at the Imperishable Realm, but a perilous battle had led his cultivation to fall to the Divine Transformation Realm. However, he could still exude the powerful energy of his original cultivation level.

Moreover, to avoid the pursuit of his enemies, he had changed his appearance and concealed his aura, even sealing his cultivation to the Star Origin Realm. This was the only reason the thieving cat was able to steal his pill ingredients.

I was just joking with Young Master. I didnt think that Young Master would possess such divine courage and be so resolved before danger. This old man must express his sincere admiration!

The elders sword vanished, as did the seal on the little thieving cat.

The crowd was flabbergasted. No one had expected this abrupt turn.

The little thieving cats mouth was agape. This elders cultivation was simply too terrifying. Even though it had been released, it still did not dare to run.


It immediately went up to Zhao Feng and began to act like his pet.

Behind Zhao Feng, Zhao Yun, Zhao Hai, and the others were slack-jawed and wide-eyed. Although they didnt know what happened, they now regarded Zhao Feng with absolute admiration.

This one almost injured Young Masters cat! Please, allow me to repent by treating you to a meal! The azure-robed elder gestured at the restaurant and offered.

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