Journey To Become A True God Chapter 195

195 Punish Fairy Mu Lanyin

Qing Cheng began to crawl out of bed, she had difficulty standing up, her legs still felt very soft.

with considerable effort, finally Qing Cheng was able to return to the room she had.

"Sister !! "Four women who were doing cultivation saw Qing Cheng's arrival, they were surprised to see Qing Cheng crawling into the window.

Without outsiders, the four women called Qing Cheng a sister.

These four women have beautiful facial features, they are all even more beautiful than the artists on television, if these four women register with the entertainment company they will surely be quickly accepted and have many sponsors.

The relationship between Qing Cheng and the four women was almost like a sister, the five of them had gone through a lot together.

four women immediately approached Qing Cheng and helped her up.

"Sister, what is happening to you, is there someone who attacked you?" One of the four people immediately asked Qing Cheng what really happened.

They all looked very worried about Qing Cheng's situation.

"I'm fine, let me go," Qing Cheng tried to break away from his 4 sisters, when touched by these four women, Qing Cheng's body returned to being excited again, it seemed like her body was still very sensitive because of the massage done by Ye Chen do it.

The four women did not dare to help Qing Cheng.

Qing Cheng started to sit and leaned her body on the wooden wall, she had no idea that teasing Ye Chen would be like this.

If she told the other sisters, Qing Cheng would definitely be a mockery.

"Sister. What exactly is happening?" "One of the four women asked Qing Cheng again.

"Nothing happened, I just feel tired because of the trip we took earlier" Qing Cheng tried to find an excuse to deceive these four women.

four women were not fools, when Qing Cheng came out earlier she was fine, after 30 minutes Qing Cheng returned with this condition, there must be something that was hidden by Qing Cheng.

Too bad these four women didn't dare to ask further, however Qing Cheng was the leader of the sect, they still had to give face to Qing Cheng.

Seeing that Qing Cheng's condition had improved, four beautiful women resumed their cultivation.

"I will try again to recruit Ye Chen to the sect, such talents would be very unfortunate if they did not join our sect" After seeing Ye Chen's technique, Qing Cheng was sure to recruit Ye Chen into the sect.

Qing Cheng took a medicine to restore her body's fatigue.

The five women cultivated in the room, the room returned to silence.

Inside the lake, Ye Chen currently held Mu Lanyin's cold and gentle body, perhaps because cultivating the Ice technique made Mu Lanyin's body feel very cold like Ice.

Mu Lanyin's sword had been thrown away by Ye Chen somewhere.

" pervert man, quickly let go of me" Mu Lanyin tried to rebel, her voice was so cold that it could stab into someone's bones.

"You keep calling me a pervert for no reason, therefore I will really be a pervert for you." Ye Chen held his hand to Mu Lanyin's big rabbit, Ye Chen began to feel the softness of Mu Lanyin's object.

Mu Lanyin's size might be an E Cup. This is not bad at all. What's more, it has a very perfect shape.

Mu Lanyin's body shivered, this was the first time she had been harassed by a man, she felt very humiliated by what Ye Chen was doing.

Mu Lanyin used the full power she had to break away from Ye Chen.

Mu Lanyin had released the full power she had, unfortunately she still could not escape the grasp of Ye Chen's evil ways.

"Do whatever you want, the results will remain the same" Ye Chen whispered in Mu Lanyin's ear, Ye Chen began to squeeze the two soft rabbits that belonged to Mu Lanyin.

"Emmm. . . . . "Mu Lanyin tried to hold back Ye Chen's hand, she still tried to rebel in Ye Chen's arms.

Seeing Mu Lanyin being stubborn, Ye Chen used the king's heart technique on Mu Lanyin's body "ah. . . . . . . "Finally, Mu Lanyin's sassy moan came out.

Mu Lanyin felt something strange about her body, her body felt stung by the flow of electricity, the strength she had also became weak.

When Ye Chen started rubbing the two objects belonging to Mu Lanyin, Mu Lanyin felt her body itchy and uncomfortable.

Mu Lanyin no longer thought like that, now she was like a caterpillar wriggling in Ye Chen's arms.

"Ah. . . . . ., ah. . . . . ., ah. . . . . , don't squeeze it, you pervert, quickly let go of me ", Mu Lanyin felt that she had to get away from Ye Chen as soon as possible, the discomfort in her body began to turn into an obstacle that Mu Lanyin could not say.

Mu Lanyin, who has been a holy woman for 7 decades, first tasted pleasure between men and women.

Mu Lanyin's mind was still trying to fight Ye Chen, but his body betrayed Mu Lanyin's mind.

"Ah. . . . . . . ah . . . . ., ah. . . . . Under Ye Chen's hand skills, virgin Mu Lanyin continued to moan.

Mu Lanyin could not believe that she made such sassy voice, she sounded like a very passionate woman.

"Stop it. . . stop it. . . , "Mu Lanyin tried to tell Ye Chen to stop rubbing her body.

"Hehehe, what's up, didn't you just say you want to castrate my younger brother, now he's demanding revenge" Ye Chen's younger brother below was very hard, this was because of the stimulation Ye Chen received from Qing Cheng.

Ye Chen rubbed his younger brother on Mu Lanyin's hips, Mu Lanyin felt something very hard poking her hips, this was very hot and as hard as steel.

Without having to turn around Mu Lanyin of course knew what this thing was, her body shivered with fear "will I lose purity in a place like this" Mu Lanyin had no hope of fighting the evil hands of Ye Chen.

Seeing Mu Lanyin who had lost her fighting spirit, Ye Chen put one of his hands into Mu Lanyin's shirt, now Ye Chen could directly touch this soft object .

Ye Chen began rubbing, squeezing and pinching your Lanyin's cherry, one other hand of Ye Chen slapped Mu Lanyin's plump ass.

" Pah. . . . . . , pah. . . . . . , pah. . . . . . , pah. . . . . . " Ye Chen slapped Mu Lanyin's ass, the sound of a loud slap resounding around the lake.

"Ah. . . . . . "Mu Lanyin can no longer endure harassment like this, she feels something will come out of her secret place.

"Ye Chen, please stop, something will come out from inside" for the first time Mu Lanyin the cold woman begged Ye Chen in a very soft voice.

Ye Chen paid no heed to Mu Lanyin's plea, he squeezed the two big rabbits and slapped Mu Lanyin's butt very roughly.

" Ah. . . . . . . "The virgin woman of Mu Lanyin for the first time felt klimax, in this Life Mu Lanyin finally had unparalleled pleasure.

Mu Lanyin had no strength, she was unconscious in Ye Chen's arms, "ehh!" Ye Chen didn't think that Mu Lanyin would faint.

even though Ye Chen only played a little with Mu Lanyin's body for a while.

seeing this woman faint, Ye Chen brought her to the edge of the lake, he laid Mu Lanyin's body on the ground.

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