Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161 Yi Yun In Danger

The one who was crying the most was the girl who had just been defiled.

"I said dont cry!" Yin Zun yelled at that girl, and a force soared forth.


That girl vomited a mouthful of blood. Her facial features started to bleed. Her eyes opened wide. She fell to the side in disbelief and lost her life.

"If either of you all keeps crying, you will end up like her!" Yin Zun threatened.

The girls that had been crying were frightened dumb. They forgot about crying and didnt dare to cry again.

"Hmph! Thats good." Yin Zun touched the face of the nearest girl. Then he went to the innermost cave and sat down and began meditating.

Although he was interrupted just now, he gained some more strength. He had to go refine it.

Sima Yu Yun and Sima Qi Qi were next to each other. They both had cried.

"Yi Yun, what should we do?" Sima Qi Qi glanced at the girls corpse and leaned on Sima Yi Yun in shock.

"Dont be afraid. Well be fine." Sima Yi Yun patted her hand. She herself didnt even believe it.

Being caught by such a person, even if they contacted Uncle Liu Feng, they might not be saved on time.

He was very strong. Sima family didnt even have paragon to send out

Why did such a powerful expert like him come here? If he wanted to find girls, he should have looked for them outside. After all, there were more girls outside.

"Sigh, Yi Yun, what did you think that was? Could it be someone who came to save us?" Sima Qi Qi asked.

"Probably not?" Sima Yi Yun glanced outside.

"I think its very likely. Otherwise who would provoke such a person?" Sima Qi Qi said. "Even if it wasnt to save us, they may be trying to save one of these people. It would be nice it was to save us by the way! When I think of the fate of those people before, I feel"

Sima Yi Yun felt her body trembling. She stretched out her arm to hold her. "Dont be afraid, lets face it together."

"Being controlled by him, wecant even suicide. This is the gap in our strength." Sima Qi Qi whispered.

If they could, they would rather commit suicide before being defiled, rather than end up like that.

Sima Yi Yun wanted to comfort her by saying that there was hope. But even her own heart only held despair.

One day later, Yin Zun woke up. The girls in the cave began to tremble.

Everytime he woke up after absorbing a girls essence, he would repeat his previous actions. Everyone shrank themselve, afraid that that danger would fall on them!

Yin Zun looked around. Finally his gaze landed on Sima Yi Yun.

Sima Yi Yuns body froze when she felt his gaze.

Was it her turn now? She still hadnt waited for someone to rescue them yet?

"You, come here!" Yin Zun beckoned Sima Yi Yun with his finger.

Sima Yi Yun closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It really was her.

Want her to come over? Was it possible?

She stood up slowly. Sima Qi Qi grabbed her on the side.

"Yi Yun, dont!" Sima Qi Qi shouted.

Yin Zun swept his gaze over Sima Qi Qi. "I havent tried it with two girls. Since you two have a good relationship. Then go together!"

Sima Qi Qis body stiffened. Together?

She wanted to say no. but Yin Zun found they were troublesome. With a wave of his hand, a gust of strong wind brought them over.

The moment Sima Yi Yun approached close, she suddenly shot a burst of spirit power towards Yin Zuns chest.

Even if she couldnt hurt him, if she could irritate him and make him kill her. It would be better than being defiled

Unfortunately, her power was too weak in front of him. Her attack dissipated before getting close to him.


Yin Zun grabbed her neck. She couldnt breathe for a moment.

"Hahaha, I like fierce girls like you. Quite satisfying!" Yin Zun cackled.

"Kill me if you have the ability!" Sima Yi Yun said with difficulty.

"Want to irritate me so I can kill you?" Yin Zun laughed. "Little girl, you are a bit too tender for this trick. Dont worry, I will give pleasure in a while!"

He threw Sima Qi Qi aside. Then he freed his hands to tear Sima Yi Yuns clothes.


The sound of tearing closed shattered Sima Yi Yuns last hopes.

If there was a second life, she must become stronger and not let anyone bully her!

"No!" Sima Qi Qi screamed. She tried to jump over, but was thrown against the stone wall by Yin Zuns casual hand. She spit out a mouthful of blood and felt pain on her back.

"No!" She watched Sima Yi Yuns clothes were torn to pieces, revealing jade-like skin. She couldnt do anything. Tears kept streaming down. She cried on the ground.

"Little beauty, dont worry. This paragon would give you pleasure soon." Yin Zun smiled. "To be honest, I am a bit reluctant to kill a beauty like you. If youre obedient, this paragon will make an exception and spare you. Ill allow you to follow me."

Sima Yi Yun looked at him with deep hatred and said slowly. "You better kill me, or else I will kill you!"

"Hahaha" Yin Zun laughed. "The more you keep saying, the more reluctant this paragon is to kill you. This paragon decided to keep your life. This paragon wants to see how you will kill me."

"I will, I definitely will!" Sima Yi Yun enunciated each word.

"This paragon is waiting. Now, little beauty, please make this paragon feel comfortable first!"

Perhaps, he was attracted to her, he took out a bed for the first time, instead of doing it on the spot before.

He put Sima Yi Yun on the bed. When he was about to proceed, the explosion sounded at the entrance of the cave again. He got a shock and his mood had flown away.

If it happened several more times, he didnt know if he would be scared to impotence!

"You again. This time, I must catch you! Little beauty, wait, I will come back and make you comfortable." Yin Zun got up. He put on his pants and went out.

"Yi Yun!"

Sima Qi Qi got up from the ground and took her clothes to wrap around Sima Yi Yun.

"Dont be afraid. Someone is here to save us! Listen, there is the sound of fighting outside."

Sima Yi Yuns eyes rolled. Her eyes brightened.

"Will someone come save us?"

"Yes, they must be here to save us." Sima Qi Qi hugged her.

"Haha, there is a spirit barrier here. Its time for this baby to use his powers!" Little Roars voice suddenly transmitted from the entrance of the cave. The faces of the people in the cave became happy.

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