In Dark Prince's Love Chapter 21

21 Happy Birthday Sam

Sanjana has been living in Roy's mansion, since he found out that sanjana was pregnant.

Sam easily make out the reason if he kept in touch with Sam, so he decided to avoided sam. Sam was not coming to the hospital, so Sanjana was sure that she could keep her secret safe at hospital.

"You know you shouldn't be working this much." entering in Sanjana's cabin Roy said.

"You should close the door, Roy." sanjana said.

Roy as instructed by Sanjana close the door and said,"you know you should take care of yourself I have been doing some research they say that a vampire child might be lethal to their mum."

"Look at me Roy I am alright and it's almost 6 weeks just 2 more to go and we can go and tell sam about the baby" sanjana said.

"Roy, none of the Vampire child made this far, nor their mothers, they all died in 1 month. I don't know how my pregnancy is taking a different course? May be because Sam is a hybrid!" Sanjana said.

"I am happy that you and the baby are still fine, but if you feel a bit abnormal then promise me that you will say it to me, and we will get rid of the baby as fast as possible, and then don't expect me to lie to sam again, I will be going directly to sam and reveal everything" Roy said.

Roy sensed as if someone was listening to their talk, he went near the door and open but didn't find anyone there.

"What happened Roy?"Sanjana asked.

"Nothing I felt as if someone was listening to our conversation." Roy replied.

"Who can it be?" Sanjana asked.

"I am not sure what all he heard, but we can at least hope our best that he doesn't know about the baby." Roy replied.

At shergill mansion

"How can Roy lie to me? what are the hiding from sam?" Tia thought.

Seeing sam coming to the hall she asked,"why is Sanjana not coming home?"

"It's between us, husband and wife, a little rift aroused between us but we will be fine don't worry." Sam said.

"Brother I was at the hospital today and heard Roy and Sanjana's conversation, they were talking about hiding something from you I am very upset I don't want to lose Roy and Sanjana after so many years we have found our life partners I hope they don't do anything stupid that separates us from them." Tia said.

Tia knew that Roy was initially interested in Sanjana, but when he came to know that his best friend and Sanjana were in relationship, he dropped the thought. afterwards when he came in contact with tia, gradually their relation developed and with Sanjana's encouragement tia also took a step forward and accepted Roy's proposal.

After listening to their conversation today, tia had full doubt on Sanjana and Roy that they were cheating on sam and her. She was not good at trusting others.

Sanjana And roy would have a normal life compared to what Sam and tiA would give them. Sam and tia could never a family. While Sanjana And Roy could have a family together. She was determined to find more proof against them.

"Do you know brother that Sanjana is staying at Roy's house!" Tia said.

"I have no problem with it. it's better that she is staying with Roy, at least by that I am assured that she is safe." Sam sensing jealousy in Tia's tone said.

"Brother, if they double Crossed US then I am going to make them pay, I won't let them break our hearts." Tia said.

"You won't do anything to Sanjana, I warn you." sam said.

But Tia left the hall without having any further conversation. Sam stood their, he was confused what is going on? Sanjana was hiding from him, she was not picking up his call, nor replying to his message, he thought it would be appropriate to give her a personal visit at Roy's house.

Sam knocked the door twice, Roy's Butler open the door," may I help you, sir?" he asked.

"Where is Sanjana? I am here to meet her." sam said entering inside the house.

"I am afraid that madam has went out with some of her friends today. She will be returning late, shall I give her some message, sir?" the butler asked politely.

"No.Where is Roy anyways?" Sam asked.

"Master didn't give any instruction, but said that he will be having dinner outside and will be returning late. do you have any message for him, sir." The butler said.

"Okay perfect, tell both of them that I know that they are still in the house and avoiding me, this is not good." sam said angrily and left. His tone was loud enough so that the whole house can hear his voice.

"I knew that this was not a great idea. I should have gone gone outside and confronted him, now he thinks that we are conspiring against him." Roy said who was hiding in his bedroom with Sanjana.

"It's just two weeks Roy, and then I am going to tell everything to sam till then we have to stay away from him and especially you, he can hear your thoughts and if you had gone down, he could have easily read your mind, and I didn't wanted you to blurt out everything." Sanjana explained Roy.

"I don't know about it but when I saw them coming inside the premises I thought that our secret was out." Roy said.

Roy sensed as if someone was standing at the door, he opened to find Sam standing on the other side.

"I didn't expect this from you both

" saying this sam left in hurry.

"Sam, stop." Roy tried to stop Sam, but Sanjana stopped him saying," don't go behind him, just give me 2 weeks and everything will be fine, I promise, please support me this time." Roy she begged.

"The day he finds out that he is going to be a father, he will forget everything and even forgive us for hiding this, don't worry." Sanjana said.

"I hope you are right and we are saved from his anger after 2 weeks, but if sam has doubt about this, then maybe tia will be having a doubt is well." Roy said.

"Don't worry everything will be fine, when they come to know about the baby." sanjana said.

"I hope so, i love Tia very much and I don't want to lose her." Roy said.

1 week and 5 days passed, Sanjana shifted back to Shergill mansion, but Sam and tia showed a cold behaviour towards her. They wouldn't talk with her or have dinner with her like normally they used to do.

She felt as if she was an outsider to them, they didn't share anything with her, sam even shifted to the guest room when Sanjana arrived and started living in their bedroom. But she thought that this was only for 2 days after 2 days it was Sam's birthday and she will tell him about the baby as his surprise gift, and then everything will fall in line. Atleast this was what she was hoping for. But Tia working on finding proof against sanjana and Roy, and some of the people who were jealous of them gave her that.

Rachel told Tia that sanjana and Roy often locked Sanjana's cabin and would come out of it after 2-3 hours, everyone came up with the stories that Roy And sanjana were having an affair.

Tia conveyed the same to Sam and fuelled his rage against Roy and Sanjana. They were both going mad at sanjana behaving all causal and natural again. When sanjana cooked a dinner for both of them, on the previous night of Sam's birthday, they both called out, saying that they were tired. But this didn't out Sanjana's spirit down. She was pregnant with sam's child, her dream of having a family with Sam was coming true.

At 12 midnight sanjana went to guest room where Sam was sleeping and whispered in his ears,"happy birthday, my love."

Sam woke up,"it's late just go to sleep." He said uninterested.

"No, first you have to see your gift, then you can go to sleep." Sanjana pulled Sam from his bed. Sam was in no mood to see the gift, but still sanjana dragged him to another room, it was dark, she switched on the lights and their was big gift placed at the centre of the room.

"What is this childishness SAnjana? I am feeling sleepy, let me go and have some sleep, this can wait." sam said.

"No, please, just open this gift will definitely be overjoyed. please." she pulled sam towards the gift box.

Sam getting angry pulled his hand from her grip,"leave my hand sanjana, don't you understand what I am saying I want to sleep."

Sanjana was almost in tears when she saw sam so angry," just open the gift please, it will solve everything." She said.

"What do you think this stupid gift will solve everything? everything that I have suffered, my sister has suffered, because of you, what was so important that you were hiding from me and Tia, I don't want to hear anything from your mouth you have hurt me and my sister." Sam said, Sanjana was coming near sam to hold his hand, but before she could come any closer, sam pushed her towards the gift, she fell on the floor striking with the gift, she quickly turned towards Sam, who had left the room without looking back.

The next morning Sanjana woke up got ready for hospital, she had cried all night after that incident. She came for the breakfast, Sam and Tia got up from the table saying they were in hurry.

"Where are you going sam? it your birthday, have you seen the gift?" Sanjana asked.

Tia and sam made face how fixated Sanjana was about the gift." I have many other important things to do, I have a meeting with the board of directors of Shergill Group of Company in the City. I don't have any time for your stupid gifts." Sam said.

"You have the breakfast, I will go and attend the meeting, people will be coming here to get you for your birthday." Sanjana said and without having breakfast, she left her eyes were swelled due to crying from last night, and a small bandage on her forehead due to her fall and tears filled in her eyes due to Sam's cold behaviour.

"Why do we always suffer brother?" they asked.

"I don't think that Sanjana can do anything like that, but she is clearly hiding something from me and that is the reason for my anger. I have no doubt on her character, but I am angry on her that she feels that she could share her secret with roy but not me." Sam explained.

Within few minutes, Roy entered all joyous,"Happy Birthday, Sam." saying this he hugged sam.

He smiled at Tia, but Tia made a face at him. "What is wrong with you two, still not happy?"

"What should I be celebrating?" sam pushed Roy away.

"You are still angry, Sam? Where is sanjana?" Roy asked.

Sam bursted immediately,"what do you need from Sanjana?"

Sam's reaction made it clear that he didn't knew about the pregnancy yet.

"Have you open your gifts, Sam?" Roy asked.

"What is in that stupid gift box that is so important?" Sam asked frustrated at same gift box talks.

"Master there has been bomb blast in the building, where the board of directors meeting was held, they are showing it on TV." A servant came to inform Sam.

"You were supposed to be there, don't you sam?" Roy asked.

"Yes, but sanjana took my place and went there for the meeting." Sam answered with a little panic in his voice.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, this cannot happen, sanjana cannot be in that building, it is not good for her, nor for the baby." Roy almost broke down on the floor.

"What do you mean by baby?" Sam asked his worries doubled at hearing the word baby.

Sam rushed to the room where the gift box was placed, tia followed him, aS he Opened it, there was a baby crib inside with a card in it saying "congratulations you are going to be a father."

Tears fell from Sam's Eyes, the only thing came to his mind was sanjana and the baby's safety, he rushed to the car followed by Tia and Roy.

Driving rashly he remembered how I'll he behaved with sanjana last night, and promised himself that he will make it up to sanjana, when he finds her.
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